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amac book publishing program 2021

The amac-buch publishing house I have known for years because he has a lot of good books in the program that are interesting for users of macOS or iOS on Mac, iPad or iPhone. Of course, there is also literature on Apple TV and the Apple Watch in the publishing program.

The 2021 publishing program from amac-buch Verlag.
The 2021 publishing program from amac-buch Verlag.

For a long time I haven't read or even had all of the publisher's books in hand, but the ones that I've been allowed to read so far were really written by competent authors and also presented in a very attractive way. Reason enough to dedicate a small subpage to the publisher here in my blog, on which I present the books that should be of interest to us Apple users.

Update: Premium video books

A year ago the amac-buch Verlag launched the premium video books, with these you not only buy a book, but also get several hours of video material. QR codes are used to link certain content in the book to a video that can be viewed simply by scanning the code with an iPhone or iPad.

This is particularly useful when complex controls or gestures are difficult to describe using words. The linked videos mean that they are very easy to understand, even for laypeople.

If you click through to the corresponding books, you will usually also get an offer for a cheaper Kindle book.

Books on iPhone, iPad, iCloud and Apple TV

iCloud & Apple ID - More security for your data on the Internet: Suitable for iPhone, iPad, Mac and ...
23 reviews

Video books for Mac software (partly also iPhone and iPad)


These two books have nothing to do with Apple hardware, but they are still two recommendable books about personal protection and about the opportunities and risks of digitization.


Amac Book Publisher 2021
I have taken the books linked above from this flyer. The voucher code listed below on the right only works once ... if you hurry, it may still be valid! ;-)

I took the compilation of the books from a flyer for the publisher's program. Of course the books are all being updated one by one and my list is certainly not always up to date. But I will try to keep the relevant books up to date.

I have the book "macOS Mojave - The standard work on Apple's operating system" by Anton Ochsenkühn here already reviewed. Take a look at the article! Mr. Ochsenkühn has already sent me a few more books, which will be presented here shortly with a review.

Thanks to the publisher

Incidentally, the post here is not a booked advertisement - even if it might look like it. Rather, it should be a small thank you for the books you sent me. And for you it might be a helpful overview if you are looking for a specific book about your Apple device.

Amac-Buch Verlag is a good starting point if you are looking for iOS and macOS literature.
Amac-Buch Verlag is a good starting point if you are looking for iOS and macOS literature.

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