Mac: Luminar AI crashes every time it starts

Luminar AI crash after start

I'm currently testing the Luminar AI software from Skylum and I'm looking forward to writing the review because the Mac app has exceeded all my expectations and offers impressive ways to spruce up even the most boring photos.

If you haven't tried Luminar AI yet, you should check it out load the trial version. The operation is intuitive and you get results really quickly that look much better than the original. The app review will be one of the next to come ...

If Luminar AI crashes and closes immediately after starting, you will find the solution to the problem.
If Luminar AI crashes and closes immediately after starting it, you will find the solution to the problem here.

Luminar IA keeps crashing after a few seconds

What drove me a little crazy yesterday, however, is a mistake that apparently does not only occur with me: You start Luminar AI. Then the message appears "Update picture gallery 0%" and after approx. 10 to 20 seconds, Luminar AI closes without further notification.

I closed all other apps thinking it might be due to lack of RAM but that didn't help. Restarting the Mac didn't do anything either. The error stayed the same over and over again, very reliably.

I only got the message "Update picture gallery" and after about 10 to 20 seconds Luminar AI ended.
I only got the message “Update picture gallery” and after about 10 to 20 seconds Luminar AI ended.

Quick tip: Renaming the catalog folder

Before I bother you with the long instructions that Luminar AI Support sent me, I'll give you my solution, which led to success for me within a few seconds:

To do this, rename the Luminar AI catalog folder and then restart the program.

The solution to the problem was very easy for me: You just rename the folder of the Luminar catalog.
The solution to the problem was very easy for me: You just rename the folder of the Luminar catalog.

You can find the folder this way:

Your user folder> Pictures> Luminar AI Catalog

I got him from "Luminar AI Catalog" in "Luminar AI Catalog-old“And then the app could be started again without any problems.

The funny thing: At first I thought that the folder might have a flaw and renaming Luminar would make you create a new folder. But no: Luminar will also find the new folder and continue to use it. The advantage: no images or processing steps are lost and you can basically pick up where you left off.

The long solution: completely reinstall Luminar AI

The support of Skylum Luminar AI answered my request less than 10 hours later and sent the following instructions (I translated it from English):

  • Remove Luminar AI with the tool AppCleaner:
  • To do this, move the Luminar AI icon from the Applications folder to the AppCleaner window.
  • Now mark all files and folders for removal, with the exception of:
  • Go to User folder> Pictures and name the folder there “Luminar AI Catalog" around. If you saved the catalog somewhere else on disk, rename it there.
  • Open the folder "Luminar AI Catalog"And search for the file"LuminarAI Catalog.luminarai". Rename this file as well.
  • Now go to the folder "Application Support"And delete the folder"Luminarai". (in the Finder "Go to" and copy this path into it: / Library / Application Support / Skylum Software).
  • Go to Port (in Utilities) and run this command:
    Defaults Delete Com.skylum.luminarai
    (execute with return!)
  • Then you can Reload and install Luminar AI

As I said, renaming the catalog folder helped me, but if you still have problems, there is still the long version to solve the problem.

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11 Responses to “Mac: Luminar AI crashes on every launch”

  1. Beatrice Willius

    I am always happy when I read reports about such incompetent support:
    – Where is the uninstaller?
    - Why use extra software for uninstalling when everything has to be removed by hand?
    - Why didn't Luminar's company just fix the bug?

    1. The response from Skylum has just arrived:

      Hi Jens,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      We recommend doing a full uninstall with AppCleaner. AppCleaner is a free app that automatically removes not only applications but also the related files, making 'clean' uninstall easy.

      Please also note that in order to fix the bug we need to properly investigate it, find what is causing it, and confirm whether it is actually a bug. Each crash can have a different cause and each and every case can be different as well. Therefore the solution of reinstalling the software may be helpful in one case and not fix things in another. The same goes for renaming the catalogue.

      In your particular case, if renaming the catalog and creating a new one helped, the core of the problem is inside the catalog itself - something may have been corrupted.

      When this happens, you can also try restoring from backup. This will allow you not to lose all the previous edits - just the most recent ones (that may have caused the issue).

      To restore from backup:

      Hold down Option key on your keyboard and start Luminar. Keep holding option until you see a window with a list of available backups appear.
      Select a backup that has been created prior to when you encountered the issue with the library and click Restore from Backup.
      Feel free to reach us if any other questions arise.
      Kind regards,

      Now you know. : D
      I would say the questions were cleverly bypassed.

  2. I am using Skylum 3 on a MacBook 13 pro (2016) with Mac OS 11. I also crash when I try to access the catalog folder (e.g. when saving a picture). Obviously, the bug occurs throughout the Skylum series of programs.

  3. Great! It also worked for me, except that I also had to give the DB folder the identical new name. Only then did it work.

    Many Thanks!!!!

  4. I tried the Appcleaner procedure. By the way, this is not free. You need to buy the app for it to run the cleaning function. This was a complete waste of time because after reinstalling Luminar Neo it keeps crashing every time I try to load it. I also tried renaming the catalog as per your advice and have the exact same problem.

    Skylum Support is no longer responding to my requests for help. Very frustrating

    1. Hello Phil! Well I've never paid anything for Appcleaner and I can use it to uninstall apps. Unfortunately, my solution is also a bit older, so I can imagine that something in Luminar has changed here in the file structure or elsewhere. It's a shame that the support doesn't answer anymore. I can understand why it's not great. LG, Jens

  5. Hi Jens,
    thank you, that was a life saver :)
    Same for me, but with version 4 of Luminar.

    Due to the “quality” of the so-called support, which can also be read here, I have not actively used this software for a few years, only every now and then you have a customer project where it is needed - but really only in exceptional cases.

    The range of functions was always great.
    The support… less so.
    And when all the AI ​​crap came along, that was it for me.

    But since I just “had” to use Luminar 4 again and the thing kept freezing up when starting up, your tip was the one that ripped it out.

    Thanks for that.

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