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Icon tips and tricksNo question: copy & paste is one of my favorite functions on the computer. But unfortunately I often have the problem that I copy text from a website and then paste it into an email. This always results in formatting nonsense, because when copying and pasting from OS X, the formatting is taken from the website (font color, font style and font). In order to save yourself the subsequent removal of font, style and color, you can, for example, use the “Paste and adjust style” command in TextEdit. This will paste the plain text and use the formatting currently set in TextEdit.

Insert unformatted text
With TextEdit you can insert formatted text via menu or with the keyboard command CMD + ALT + SHIFT + V and the formatting is not adopted.

The whole thing also works with a keyboard shortcut: CMD key + ALT key + SHIFT key + V is the solution. I have this one shortcut I just tried it in the Wordpress Editor and the text was used there without formatting. Cheers to copy and paste! :)


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    1. Haha, yes ... good question. :)
      I changed the spelling mistake slightly ... I think now the Windows user understands what is meant ... ;-)

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