Access podcast transcripts on your Mac: Here's how!

After it became possible to read podcast transcripts on the iPhone and iPad, it is now also possible on the Mac thanks to the update to macOS 14.4. In this guide, I have summarized how you can access and use the texts that are automatically created or set by the show's producers in Apple's own Podcasts app. Instructions for iPhones with iOS 17.4 or newer can be found here: View transcripts of shows in the Podcasts app. In the article you will also find links to Apple's press release on the topic and to the Podcasters page at, where there is information for podcast creators.

If you have updated your Mac to macOS 14.4, the Podcasts app will inform you the first time you open it that transcripts are now offered.
If you have updated your Mac to macOS 14.4, the Podcasts app will inform you the first time you open it that transcripts are now offered.

Access transcripts in the Mac Podcasts app: Here's how!

As with the iPhone and iPad, there are several ways to access the transcript of a podcast episode on the Mac. For podcasts that are not currently playing, you have to go to the subpage of the corresponding episode. For current playback, there is a way to access the text from anywhere. That's why below you'll find not just one, but two instructions for accessing transcripts in the Mac Podcasts app.

Option 1: View the podcast transcript on the episodes page

If you want to access the podcast text via the subpage of a specific episode, you can do it like this:

  1. Goes to the subpage of the individual episode
  2. Click on the three dots on the right to open your menu
  3. Now select “Show transcript”.

Option 2: Call up the text of the current podcast playback

If you want to display the podcast transcript of the currently playing episode, it's quicker. And like this:

  1. Moves the mouse cursor to the playback indicator at the top of the window
  2. Click on the three menu items in the playback display
  3. From there, select “Show Transcript”.

Search in a podcast transcript on your Mac: Here's how!

If you have accessed a podcast text, you will find a magnifying glass symbol on the right above the text area. Click on this magnifying glass if you want to quickly locate a word or phrase. Fans of keyboard shortcuts can of course also use command+F (⌘F).

Copy, translate, and more podcast transcripts on your Mac

In order to further use the text you have accessed, to quote it, translate it or the like, simply mark it with the mouse. Then you can use the usual keyboard shortcuts to copy the selected part of text (⌘C) and paste it into the notes, in a word processor, in a messenger or somewhere else (⌘V). If you prefer to work with the mouse, then select the section of text, click on it with the right mouse button or “secondary click” and then select the desired action – copy, look up, translate, etc.

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