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Mac2imgur has been available in the latest build on GitHub since April 2017 and therefore for Apple Mac and MacBook from macOS 10.9 (or OS X 10.9) in the latest version. With Mac2imgur you share screenshots from Mac on the Internet automatically or manually, but in any case very easily. You don't have to get used to keyboard shortcuts or other functions. The service can therefore be described as intuitive. In this article I have given you more information and the link to download Mac2imgur.

With Mac2imgur you can easily share Mac screenshots and other pictures online. GitHub download
With Mac2imgur you can easily share Mac screenshots and other pictures online.

What are imgur and Mac2imgur?

imgur is a platform for uploading and sharing images on the Internet. The Mac2imgur app, whose name stands for "Mac to imgur" or "From Mac to imgur", ensures that screenshots (or other images) from the Mac are quickly sent to the Internet. From imgur you can also embed images directly on a website, for example via WordPress. So if you want to publish guides and how-to articles, then this can be a quick way to find the corresponding instructions with pictures of the system or Apps to accentuate.

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Mac2imgur download and use

You can find the download of the app for the menu bar under Apple operating systems from OS X 10.9 on After installation, the app is displayed with a small i in a circle on the system's menu bar. To take a screenshot and upload it directly, you can the official keyboard shortcuts use for screenshots on the Mac. You can also add screenshots and other images to imgur manually using the program: by dragging and dropping or using the “Upload Images…” option in the menu of the bar icon.

Does that also work with the MacBook Pro?

As you can read on GitHub, there are numerous settings with which you can calibrate the functionality of the program to your workflow. However, I cannot find any indication whether recordings from display modules outside the monitor / display can also be uploaded automatically. Because for example at MacBook Pro you can use Shift-Command-6 to take a screenshot of the Touch Bar. If anyone of you is using a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and has tried the Mac2imgur, he / she can leave a comment;)

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