MacBook Pro 2021: New design, more ports and MagSafe?

The first MacBook models with Apple Silicon, a Pro and an Air, were launched in 2020. A 2021-inch and a 14-inch model of the MacBook Pro should follow in the third quarter of 16. Both the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, who is often right, predict extensive changes for the new laptops. Among other things, the MagSafe connection for the power supply is to come back. I have summarized the current rumors for you in this post. 

Rumors about the MacBook Pro 2021: narrower display bezels, more ports, MagSafe, no Touch Bar and more performance under the hood. Image source:
Rumors about the MacBook Pro 2021: narrower display bezels, more ports, MagSafe, no Touch Bar and more performance under the hood. Image source:

Possible changes to the MacBook Pro in 2021

At MacRumors I have here found an extensive article that summarizes various rumors surrounding the upcoming MBP models. The design, the connections, the MagSafe technology, the touch bar, the display and the processor are discussed. Under the item “Launch Date”, that is, the release date, it only states that the new MacBook Pros with 14-inch and 16-inch displays are expected for the third quarter of 2021. Otherwise the following information can be found.


As in the past, the dimensions of the devices could be a little more extensive. This is predicted especially for the 14-inch model, which is to replace the 13,3-inch model. However, the larger display should also result from the fact that the edges around it are narrower. The screen part of the laptop could be adapted to that of the iPad Pro. Further design changes are to be made on the body of the device - according to Kuo more in the direction of the iPhone 12, according to Gurman not so much, but in a smaller area.


It gets interesting with the connections. Because here it is expected that Apple will backtrack a bit and, in addition to a few sparsely sown USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports, will also install USB-A, a headphone jack and MagSafe (see below). The technology giant from Cupertino can thus respond to the wishes of previous users and also stop the useless adapter and dongle volume. But those are just the rumors from MacRumors. Kuo only speaks of "additional connections", which are also an SD card slot and / or a HDMIconnection could act. Gurman does not address further I/O.


From 2006 to 2016, Apple's MacBook Pro models featured the so-called MagSafe connection. This is a magnetic power supply port through which the laptop battery is charged. Magnetic, so that if you stumble over the cable, the computer is not torn from the table, but only the cable comes off. The removal of this feature in 2016 in favor of a Thunderbolt 3 connection that could be used as a power input was not viewed as positive by all users. It is not yet clear whether the old MagSafe connector will actually come back, whether there will be a magnetic adapter or a charging area like the one on the back of the iPhone 12.

touch Bar

Also in 2016 there was an OLED strip above the keyboard of the MacBook Pro, which should enable additional operating options and accelerate the workflow - the Touch Bar. It had to give way to the function and F keys and thus the familiar quick access to functions such as screen brightness , Volume, key lighting, media control, etc. Not many users liked that, which is why Apple could do without the touch bar in the upcoming MBP models and bring back the function keys. Kuo says it will come that way. Gurman confirms that Apple would test this.


The two are also sure that there will be a revised display panel. While Gurman says the display will be brighter and have better contrast, Kuo has said in the past that the new Apple laptops could be the first to feature mini-LEDs. However, MacRumors dampens expectations in the source linked above. It is shown that Kuo no longer mentions mini-LEDs in the latest report on the subject, which may indicate that Apple is considering these for later models and will not yet be installed in MacBook Pros in 2021.


As in November 2020, it is expected for the third quarter of 2021 that Apple will no longer offer an Intel alternative to its Apple Silicon MacBooks. Whether the upcoming models will contain a (revised) M1 chip or a new M2 chip cannot yet be said. Apple is supposed to be working on more powerful chips, such as B. 16 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores should have. In terms of graphics, GPU units with 16 and 32 cores should be in the works. So it remains exciting. What do you think we can expect from Apple in 2021? Feel free to leave a comment :)

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