macOS 13 Ventura - Issues and Solutions

Apple has for compatible Mac models rolled out the new macOS Ventura operating system. But with every upgrade of this kind, not only do new functions and better compatibility with other Apple devices come to the computer, but also bugs, incompatibilities of apps and other problems. In this article, we collect the teething troubles of macOS 13 over time and the associated solutions. Some of the issues are generic and can occur with any macOS upgrade or update. Others come in specially macOS is coming before. If you have any that are not mentioned here, please leave a comment.

The first macOS Ventura problems after upgrading the Apple Mac to macOS 13 can be found here. There are already solutions or solution approaches for some of the common errors. Feel free to write to us about the bug you discovered in the operating system upgrade.
The first macOS Ventura problems after upgrading the Apple Mac to macOS 13 can be found here. There are already solutions or solution approaches for some of the common errors. Feel free to write to us about the bug you discovered in the operating system upgrade.

Preparation: Maybe better make a backup

Especially if you are using one of the older Apple computers that are just barely compatible with Ventura, you could experience slowdowns or other problems after the upgrade. In order to then quickly and easily return to the previous system and the usual performance, you should have a backup ready. You can get an image of the current system with all settings, apps, files and other content e.g. B. via Apple's Time Machine. But there are also third-party apps that help you to make a system backup - for example Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper.

Problems downloading macOS 13 Ventura

Problems could already arise when downloading the new operating system, even if they occur rather rarely. Already in previous posts on troubleshooting with new operating systems (Monterey / Big Sur) I went into it. Here is a summary of the possible solutions so that you don't have to jump back and forth between the individual posts:

  • Check the Internet connection or check the functionality of the router
  • Use a cable connection (LAN connection via Ethernet port) instead of the WLAN
  • Have enough free space on the Mac hard drive (at least 25 GB for the system)
  • On System status page from Apple see if the download server is having problems
  • If the download is aborted, delete the incomplete file from the download folder and only then start a new download

If the download via the Apple menu, the system settings and the software update offered there does not work at all, you can try a third-party alternative. For example, the app offers ANYmacOS the ability to load various Mac operating systems from the Apple servers and use them to create bootable media. For example, you can start the installation from a USB stick.

macOS Ventura cannot be installed

The first link in this post takes you to the list of Apple computers compatible with Ventura. If your Mac, iMac or MacBook is not in the list, then you cannot install macOS 13 on it. If your model is on the list and you still have problems installing the new operating system, then switching to Safe Mode might help – Instructions for Intel Macs / Instructions for Apple Silicon Macs.

Another way to solve installation problems with macOS 13 Ventura is to completely reinstall the old system and only then run the upgrade. The fastest way to do this is to start the Mac in recovery mode and reinstall the original or last installed system from there. This helped Jens with the Big Sur installation in 2020: Here the report.

Mac won't boot/load after Ventura installation

If the download and installation have worked, then the Mac or the system needs to be started. This can result in the Mac no longer turning on (which is generally quite rare) or in the system not loading or setting up properly. 

If the Mac does not start, these standard questions must first be answered before the big panic:

  • Is the power cable correctly plugged in (to the device and socket) or is the battery sufficiently charged?
  • Is the fuse in the socket in question / is the junction box switched on?
  • Is the monitor properly connected and turned on?

If the Mac turns on and loads the system, but you can't log in, try a different user account. If it just doesn't work with your own account, the problem may be related to the login items and start agents active there. You can find posts on these topics here and here.

If nothing helps, or you don't even get to the login screen, turn off the Mac and start it in Safe Mode (see links above for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs for instructions). If that works, then the startup problem may be due to a third-party app.

If the new operating system can only be used or reinstalled with an inserted installation medium (boot stick), it is better to return to the previous system (via recovery mode / time machine backup). Also, reinstalling the old system and then upgrading to Ventura again might help here. So all in all, you have to take your time.

Setting up macOS Ventura does not work

If the download, installation and start of the computer and system went well, but there is a problem with the setup before the final use of macOS 13, then there are solutions for this as well. The most common tip at this point is a simple restart of the Mac – i.e. switching it off and on again. If there is no menu or button to turn off or restart, press and hold the power button on your Mac, iMac, or MacBook for a few seconds. When the computer turns off, let go, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

macOS 13 Ventura is slow, freezes or freezes

If the "Beachball of Death" shows up very often, animations don't run smoothly, folders, files and apps take forever to open or there are other performance drops, then there can be various reasons. It would be possible e.g. B. a full hard drive or that the Mac is compatible with macOS Ventura, but belongs to the older models of the corresponding list. Although there shouldn't be any major losses there either, it can't be ruled out 100 percent either.

If Ventura's performance problems are not due to the lack of memory on the hard drive or the age of the Mac, there are even more solutions that can be tried out. Resetting NVRAM, PRAM and SMC (Instructions) is just as important as starting in recovery mode. You can find information on how to enter Recovery Mode for Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs. 

If neither the system nor the machine are the problem, it can also be due to a single app. If this is not compatible with the new system, it could take up too many resources and/or cause a bug. Processes that take up too much CPU, RAM and so on can be found via the Activity indicator from macOS. If you find a specific app as a trigger, then see if there is already an update compatible with macOS Ventura for it.

Bluetooth issues after macOS Ventura upgrade

Unfortunately, problems with the wireless technology are not that rare on the Mac after a system upgrade. That's why we always include Bluetooth and WLAN errors in these guides. In previous guides we pointed to debugging and resetting the Bluetooth module using the key combination Shift+Alt and the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar (see here). As of macOS Monterey, however, the latter no longer works in this way.

Therefore, to fix Bluetooth errors on macOS Ventura as of October 2022, you have to go another way - or two other ways, the first of which via the terminal leads. For example, calls over Spotlight (command+space) by typing "terminal" and enter at the Mac command line. Then enter the following command, which you in turn confirm with Enter:

sudo pkill bluetoothd

You can then pair the required Bluetooth devices again (or wait until they pair themselves automatically). The connection or other usage problems should be solved. If this is not the case or the Bluetooth problems keep coming up, then you can also find a solution in the Finder try out:

  1. Open a Finder window and click Go in the menu bar
  2. Select "Go to Folder..." from the menu
  3. Type in the text box /Library/Preferences/ and confirm with Enter
  4. The corresponding folder opens and a file ( is selected
  5. Deletes this file (e.g. by dragging it to the trash can) and restarts the Mac

This procedure ensures that the settings for each Bluetooth device are created anew. Hopefully, the errors that occurred before will be ironed out.

Here's another post on the subject: Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 5 Measures That Can Help!

Wi-Fi issues after macOS Ventura upgrade

Update 26.10.2022: Since the most frequent comments about WLAN problems so far came after the Ventura installation, here is an article with many other solutions including deleting config files, cleaning the DNS cache and more: After macOS Ventura upgrade: WLAN problems on the Mac (+ solutions). (End of update)

After installing a new macOS version, not only Bluetooth but also WLAN errors can occur in the area of ​​wireless problems. Both can, but do not have to, occur in combination. If you are one of the users who have WiFi problems after installing Ventura, then first remove the previously used network and then add it again:

  1. Click on the in the menu bar Apple logo  and then up System Settings...
  2. Choose in the left category list WiFi from
  3. Scroll down and click Erweitert...
  4. Select the network in question and click on the three circled dots next to it
  5. Use the menu item Remove from list and confirmed by clicking on the "Remove" button
Here you will find all the WLAN networks noted by the Mac. If the connection with one does not work after the macOS 13 Ventura upgrade, then delete it and add it again.
Here you will find all the WLAN networks noted by the Mac. If the connection with one does not work after the macOS 13 Ventura upgrade, then delete it and add it again.

If that still doesn't help, then repeat the steps shown to remove the network. You can then - before you add the WLAN network again - perform an SMC reset. There are two different instructions for this, one for Mac models without and one for models with a T2 chip. From which Macs the T2 chip is installed, you can read in the second of the guides listed here:

USB issues after macOS Ventura upgrade

In addition to the modules for WLAN and Bluetooth, there is also a USB interface. And of course there can also be problems here that can arise after a system upgrade on the Mac. It doesn't matter whether it's a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, USB stick, external hard drive or other peripherals - USB problems can be annoying on Macs, iMacs and MacBooks alike. Both the USB-A ports on older computers and the Thunderbolt ports on newer computers can be affected - there are similar solutions for both:

  • Remove USB peripherals, restart Mac and then reconnect
  • Mouse, keyboard, hard disk, etc. do not connect via a hub, but directly
  • Use Bluetooth devices as a backup until an update fixes the USB bugs

For problems with USB hubs, we learned that last year, there is probably no such quick solution. Here you will most likely have to wait for a system update, i.e. for macOS Ventura 13.0.1 or even for the 13.1 update. Still, you can try connecting a wired hub to a different slot (i.e. another USB-A or Thunderbolt port with USB-C shape). Maybe it will help.

MacBook battery drains faster after Ventura installation

If after installing macOS 13 Ventura the battery of the MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is used up faster, then this is also not a new problem. Here it can help to take a look at the Activity indicator to find out what drains the battery life so much. If certain apps or processes are using too much CPU or memory, you can end them there. For an app, updating to the latest version can help increase efficiency.

If the increased battery consumption after a macOS upgrade is directly related to the system, then the solution is not that simple. Although some processes can be terminated, connections cut, the display dimmed and other workarounds used - this limits the use and thus the workflow. There are really only two solutions here: switch to the previously used system with the backup or wait for an update that fixes the error.

Delayed mouse and trackpad input on macOS Ventura

Are clicks not being executed immediately and is the cursor lagging behind mouse or trackpad input? Then the first solution is to end or completely uninstall any intermediate apps. This refers to mapping aids for mouse, keyboard and game controllers as well as software offered by accessory manufacturers for their third-party mice and trackpads. For Bluetooth input devices, you can follow the Bluetooth tips above or use wired hardware until the system is updated.

Update 29.10.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX: Problems with antivirus apps on macOS Ventura

If the anti-virus program you have installed or the anti-malware software you trust loses full hard drive access after upgrading the Apple Mac to macOS 13 Ventura, then there is a solution for that too. Because if the assignment of access to the hard disk doesn't seem to work, then that's a bug that can be easily avoided. You can find the relevant instructions here: Antivirus Apps - Fix full disk access issue on macOS Ventura. (End of update)

macOS Ventura Upgrade on MacBook Pro with M1 Pro

I was brave last night and spontaneously decided to install the new operating system macOS 13 Ventura directly on my MBP - along with iOS 16.1 on iPhone. The whole thing didn't take too long, I did the dishes on the side. My first impression is that the system is stable and there are no (too big) bugs. However, I use an Apple MacBook Pro from 2021 M1 Pro Chip. As it looks like with other and especially older Macs, I can't summarize at the moment due to the lack of reports.

The new system settings take some getting used to

Yes, that's true, but unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it. Apple wants to unify the settings of iPhone, iPad and Mac and the well-known design of the category selection has become obsolete. I'll probably need a bit of time to get used to it. And it becomes difficult to write general guides on macOS settings when there are such big differences up to macOS 12 Monterey and from macOS 13 Ventura onwards. Luckily, there are still the support and guide articles on

As previously known from the macOS 13 beta: The system settings have been completely revised and adapted to the mobile design of the iPad.
As previously known from the macOS 13 beta: The system settings have been completely revised and adapted to the mobile design of the iPad.
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234 Responses to “macOS 13 Ventura – Problems and Solutions”

  1. Beatrice Willius

    The new system settings are sch…. Even after more than three months I can't get used to it.

    Trash can't be emptied: just restart the Finder. No solution from Apple in sight.
    Emails remind themselves and then reappear in the inbox: According to Apple, this is not a bug. head on desk.

    1. To be honest, this is the first time I've really cursed Apple for making a change! That stuff is a disaster. And I just can't find a lot anymore. Ventura is a real letdown for me in many cases. But the system settings are Windows-Like: completely for the Ar$c4!

  2. Hi, I installed Ventura on my MBP 2019 yesterday with no problems, as well as iOS 16.1 on my iPhone 12 Pro. Today I found out that syncing from MBP to IPhone is no longer possible. Either an error message appears or everything gets stuck in step 6 of the synchronization.
    Does anyone have any advice?

    1. I don't have a tip, but some problems can be solved with "overinstall". So start Mac in Safemode and then iron macOS over it again. Nothing is lost in the process, but mistakes disappear here and there.

  3. Hi,

    I updated MacOS 13.0 earlier...I shouldn't have done it.
    Now the Mac keeps saying I don't have internet, even though all the other devices in the house are working.
    Deleting networks was unsuccessful... now writing from the Ipad... WLAN/Internet works but the Mac is on strike.

    1. Hi, had the same problem. The only thing that helped me was making the Macbook completely flat and completely reinstalling Monterey. Then iron the old backup over it. Now the internet is working again. I'd rather wait a while before putting Ventura on it again. I have a Macbook Pro M1:2021

      1. Had the “Slow WiFi” issue after Ventura upgrade on my iMac (2021) too. Miserably slow, no progress with Safari. Based on the various tips I checked the network settings - and lo and behold, it's working again... I think that Kaspersky Internet Security was the “fun killer” for me !! I deactivated the two Kaspersky entries in the system settings in the “Network” menu under “Filter”. From now on I rush around the internet again…. At least it worked for me now. Hope it helps you too. LG Harald

        1. Hello Harald, with Ventura's high security routines you don't need any additional third-party virus protection. I only additionally used the effective tool - Little Snitch -. Since we can sometimes see what so everything wants to call home and stop it. At the same time, every incoming connection is asked for permission first. You don't need more security.

      1. Deleting 5 files in “/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration” helped me
        NetworkInterfaces. plist
        preferences. plist

        Then I reinstalled Ventura via safe mode and afterwards disabled filters and proxy in the network settings.
        I don't know if all the steps were necessary, but it helped.

  4. My husband just did the new Ventura 13 update and now the internet on his computer is no longer working either. What can we do. He urgently needs the internet for his job. ???lg

  5. Installed the stuff on the MBP 2021 M1 today. Looks good and so far everything is working quite well.
    WLAN has been running for hours, the time in German is 24 hours. The “Settings” take a little getting used to, but ok.

  6. It's a bit choppy from time to time for me, but that's ok. So far I haven't found the settings for my automatic schedule. What used to be in the Energy Saver tab. The Mac still turns itself off at the desired time, so the function obviously has to exist.

  7. Hello, after the Ventura 13 update I have the problem that I can no longer access Thunderbird. The message ” Thunderbird is corrupt and cannot be opened. It's a good idea to move the object to the trash” is of course the clincher. No access to data, subfolders and archive. And what happens when you call Apple Support? They recommend that I just download the Thunderbird app from the Apple Store... I'm just horrified. Where is my data then? nobody could tell me that. Does anyone of you have an idea what I could do?

    1. Hi Bernard,

      my approach would be these steps, which I would try one by one:

      - If in use, stop VPNs, antivirus programs, system monitors (and other apps accessing the Internet connection) and restart Thunderbird
      - Check for a Thunderbird update
      – Start the Mac in Safe Mode (if everything works fine there, then a login item could be the cause of the problem – System Preferences -> General -> Login Items)
      – Uninstall and reinstall Thunderbird and add the e-mail accounts again
      – Ask Thunderbird or the Mozilla subsidiary MZLA Technologies Corporation for a solution

      If a quick fix isn't possible, you can probably access your folders and mail through the email provider's website as a workaround, right?

      Best regards

      1. Hello Johannes, thanks for the tips - unfortunately without success. I tried Safe Mode before contacting apple support - without success, Thunderbird showed the same error message. It's not possible to search for an update because I can't open Thunderbird and if I uninstall Thunderbird my data is gone, right? All that remains now is for me to send the request to the Mozilla subsidiary MZLA. Thanks anyway, I'm grateful for any information on the matter. Sincerely, Bernhard

        1. Hi Bernard,

          if you save all the e-mails locally and they are not also on the e-mail provider's servers, then you could expect a loss of data. If not, simply add your email accounts back after reinstalling Thunderbird and let the emails reload from the server.

          In addition, of course, I agree the commentary by Beatrix to: copy your Thunderbird folder beforehand, then you play it safe.

          Best regards

    2. Beatrice Willius

      This looks like a problem with the signature. Downloading and installing the latest version should do the trick. But please make a copy of the Thunderbird folder in the library first.

      1. Hello Beatrix, direct hit! Thanks to your valuable tip, everything is running again. Thank you very much, as well as to all the others who have provided such valuable suggestions with their helpful tips and comments. Sincerely, Bernhard

      2. Hello, I also tried the tip with installing over it. Unfortunately, there are then two options: either replace and then everything old is gone or keep the old version and then the problem is back. Is there a trick to follow here? I'm grateful for the extended information.

      3. So now I have to write here again the self-found solution. In the new system settings “Privacy & Security” there is an item “Allow apps that have been downloaded”. Here the second item is to select “App Store and verified developers”. In this context, there is also a statement somewhere that Thunderbird is not verified. Here you can check the button "Start anyway". Then everything runs again and runs like sliced ​​bread. You have to come on it for now. Really great sausage with this error message when calling Thunderbird. I hope this information will help to protect those affected from data loss and get Thunderbird running again. I wish you success.

        1. Hello Thomas! Thank you for your complement. I think this will definitely save a few people gray hairs (if they don't already have them). 😊

        2. I'm currently having the same problem. Unfortunately, there isn't "a catch anywhere" for Thunderbird - nowhere, nothing, nada. I can't find my mail data to back it up either - there are many 1000 mails! – I don't install anything here before I can back it up. Where are the? Help!

  8. Hi all,

    I'm really struggling with the settings in Ventura. For my DellU2723QE, Ventura only wants to allow me to change the refresh rate in one scaling level (1280x720p) (it is attached to an Intel MacBook Pro 13″ from 2020 via Thunderbolt). The monitor becomes almost unusable because it apparently only runs at 30Hz and therefore everything jerks or everything is extremely large but is jerk-free.
    Prize question: What am I missing? Are there working workarounds? Unfortunately, EasyRes etc. do not work.

  9. I switched my Mac Mini M1 and my MacBook Pro Intel to Ventura, then tried the IPhone 13 with 16.1 as a webcam, it worked for about 30s. After the cancellation, the iPhone can no longer be connected to Bluetooth on both Macs (pairing failed, Mac Mini (MacBook) is not supported). Airpods, mouse, keyboard, etc. work on the Macs under Bluetooth. The suggestions made (terminal and Finder) executed no change. On the Windows computer, the iPhone works with Bluetooth.

    1. Hello Peter,

      maybe a superfluous question, but: Have you restarted the iPhone (or all devices involved) since then? In the case of Bluetooth problems, this is usually the simplest solution.

      If that doesn't help, please get in touch again. Then I try to get a little deeper into the matter.

      Best regards

      1. Hi John,

        thanks for the quick reply all devices restarted several times, I have now tried to connect my wife's IPad Air to the iPhone and the two Macs, are recognized but pairing failed, the first time the code was also transferred but then because of Pairing too long Abort. IPad and IPhone both 16.1 Air pods and other bluetooth devices will be connected.

        With kind regards,

        1. Got my head off thinking I must have a direct bluetooth connection between mac mini and iphone until someone told me there is no way of direct bluetooth connection between apple phones and macs. Unfortunately, Facetime didn't recognize a camera, so I got the Quick Camera app, so it worked and now Facetime also recognizes the camera

    2. So I have the problem that my hard drive is not displayed to me .... and the desk etc is under icloud
      Don't understand that... does anyone have any idea what I can do???

      1. Hello Heiko! Where exactly is the desk not shown to you? Regarding the desktop under iCloud: I think this is enabled under System Preferences → General → Storage → “Save to iCloud”. If the option is turned on, everything from “Documents” and the desktop will be backed up to iCloud.

  10. Thanks for this cool post! 😊
    Installed Ventura today - big mistake.
    Now he can no longer find the interface to my USB hub, where everything is connected: 2 external monitors, printer, camera, external microphone... 🙄 Tried everything with a restart, on / off - without success. I need the three external devices urgently...

  11. Ventura - I can't find any folders when I search in mail. It used to be possible to enter a search term and then the folders where the mail was stored (can be found) also appeared in the sidebar.
    What do I have to set?

  12. Thanks for the report. I am now not sure whether I should wait a few more days with my MBP16M1.

    Thank you very much for the always excellent contributions!

    1. Hello wolf! So either try with a backup or rather wait until the next small bug fix update comes out. I haven't installed anything yet because I need my Mac to work and can't try it out. And thanks for the compliments...I hope Johannes is following along as he contributes most of the posts.

  13. After installing Ventura, Avira prompts you to grant full disk access.
    Even though this is enabled, the Avira installation setup fails.
    Reinstallation has already taken place. Same mistake. The lock shown in the explanation of Avira is no longer used under Ventura.
    Need Help!

    1. Hello Pat,

      what you can try under System Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Full Disk Access is this:

      – Select Avira and remove from the list using the minus sign
      – Add the tool again using the plus symbol
      – Disable the permission and then re-enable it (flick the slider)

      I haven't found any other solution yet.

      Best regards

    2. Beatrice Willius

      The castle no longer exists. Like so much else, this is all a little less intuitive in Ventura. You have to slide the slider, THEN you will be prompted to enter the password and then full hard disk access will work.

  14. Hallo,

    I have Ventura on 27.10/1. Installed. Actually everything worked. But after every restart I get the message "No program was specified to open the URL "sec://openFromLoginItem". Even Apple couldn't help me. How do I get rid of this message? The previous version Monterey cannot be restored either. “Cannot be opened by a newer version of macOS, so the comment. Mac XNUMX year old and I am rather new to Mac myself. Greetings Rainer

    1. Hello Rainer! Phew, I don't know that at all. Doesn't the Mac start at all, or is it just a message and then you can continue working normally? Maybe reinstall macOS Ventura over it with the rescue partition... maybe that will help...

      1. Hi Jens,

        Computer starts normally. I cancel the message and can continue working normally. Ventura already installed twice over it. Does not help.

        1. Have you looked in the login items as Beatrix wrote? So System Settings → Users & Groups → then the “Login Items” tab. Here you can see what the Mac wants to start up at startup. I would delete anything you don't need there. That should actually help.

          1. Hallo,

            many thanks for the answer. I don't have any login items for the above path! I'm also just a beginner with Mac. If I start my computer in backup mode, the message mentioned does not appear.

          2. If you don't get an error in Safemode, it actually indicates that there is some object that is booting up on reboot and is having problems. The login items may appear differently in Ventura than they do in Monterey.

          3. Hallo,

            I disabled all login items and restarted -> no message. Will now gradually re-enable login items to find out which login item is causing this message.

          4. Hallo,

            the said message was caused by Kaspersky VPN. I must have uninstalled unclean! The computer now runs without an error message. Boot process extremely slow. Apple doesn't say much about that, by the way.

    2. Beatrice Willius

      A normal url starts with “https:”. Each program can set its own urls, which are then used to start programs and perform actions. When you start your computer, it tries to do something that doesn't exist. I would first go through the login items. Is there a program that is no longer available? You should be able to delete the programs in the upper part. Does the problem also occur when you log in with a different user?

      1. Hallo,

        mentioned data deleted. result negative. If you start in safe mode, the message mentioned does not come, nor with a new user!

  15. Since the update to Ventura 13.0 I have problems with Windows Office under Paraells 18!
    The space bar doesn't work in correspondence or it's going crazy!
    Function only in key combination with the shift key!

    1. Have you uninstalled and reinstalled Parallels before? Maybe this helps? Otherwise, the only thing left to do is wait for the update from Parallels or Ventura. Otherwise I have no idea...

    2. For me, the space bar in Excel is going crazy. But it works in conjunction with the shift key. Thanks for the hint. An update of Ventura 13.0 will hopefully come soon and fix the bug.

  16. Since the update to Ventura 13.0, my iMac (16Mb Rom and Bj. 2018) starts very slowly!
    I optimized physical memory and only 2 startup items.
    Before the start was less than 10 seconds.
    Unfortunately I can't explain that to myself?

  17. Since the update to Ventura, the two Thunderbolt ports on my iMac 17" from 2017 no longer work. The USB-A ports work fine with USB-A hardware, but external USB-C hard drives connected via a USB-C to USB-A cable will not work. However, the hard drives work on the Macbook Air 2019, also updated to Ventura. Rebooting several times didn't do anything.

      1. Thank you, the SMC reset brought the solution. The computer took forever to boot up again, but it now recognizes the disks again.

  18. Good evening everyone, after the update, I found out that the Ventura 13.0 renamed the main path "User" to "User: inside"... Now some programs, including other virtual boxes, no longer find the old path "User" and thus Can't start Windows... Does anyone have an idea how to rename the user path to user? Greetings

    1. Beatrice Willius

      The path is still "user" and is then translated into the individual languages. What exactly does the VirtualBox error message look like?

      1. Haha! Beatrix, I was secretly hoping you would answer that. 😂 It went perfectly for me... thanks for your enlightenment!

      2. The virtual machine 'WIN XP iMac' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1).

        Error code:
        NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
        machine wrap
        IMachine {85632c68-b5bb-4316-a900-5eb28d3413df}

        1. Beatrice Willius

          This is a problem for VirtualBox. Does VirtualBox crash log when it crashes? This is located in /Users/your username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ . There should then be files in there that start with VirtualBox. Please send this to the manufacturer.

  19. After the update, my Mac displayed graphic errors (pixels and lines in the image). A few days later, my Mac hung completely and now won't start at all!
    Screen stays black / off !!!
    Even with Command and R I can't get to the OS!
    Result: Mac sent in, will be repaired as a gesture of goodwill !!!
    I don't have the time or desire to create boot sticks etc. !!!

    I'll keep my opinion on this update to myself ;-)

    1. Hi Stefan! I would bet on a stupid coincidence. I can hardly imagine that an operating system update can lead to a hardware error that breaks the display. But of course you have every reason not to love the update. :))

  20. Hello Jens, yes ... I agree with you! But I tried everything, even together with Apple support!
    My Mac fiddled around a bit when loading Ventura, but the installation went relatively normally. Then again the OS had starting problems – but then it worked.
    I couldn't explain the sporadic pixel errors afterwards!
    From the partially new optics I find (found ;-) ) Ventura great, really.
    Then at the next start the OS ran stable for 30 minutes. Suddenly the graphic/pixel error again! I can't explain where this error comes from! But it looks like a hardware failure to me. Graphic card !?
    But strangely only after the update ???!!!
    And then... the total crash and I couldn't get to my Mac anymore (only has about 30 hours of operation). ( Hard reset - Command + R - without success )
    If it is a software error I should be able to boot the Apple!
    With a second computer it might work! USB cable bidirectional ….
    I will definitely report what the manufacturer finds for a mistake.
    Strange everything....

    1. Hello Stefan! Thank you for the feedback. I'm curious to see what Apple reports... because of Command + R: This now works differently on new Macs. (Turn off Mac, press and hold power button). you know that But ok, now it probably doesn't matter anyway. LG, Jens

      1. Beatrice Willius

        If the computer doesn't boot anymore, the mother board is probably dead.

        I managed to do this 2 years ago with an early beta of BS. Cost me 1000 euros. I wasn't really excited about that.

          1. good morning jens,
            Beatrice is unfortunately right! My motherboard blew!!!
            Anything can happen... BUT, I'm saying goodbye to iMac. Apple cell phone and watch are a really cool combo. I continue to use these products. But the calculators are not for me! Far too vulnerable in my opinion. I only had problems with the box from the start :-(
            I'm going back to the Calculator window :-)


          2. Hello Stefan! Too bad we lose you to the dark side. ;-) But never say never... maybe we'll see each other again. I've had PC and Mac and my Macs were 10x more reliable than the PC boxes. But that can also be personal luck. I can understand anyone who has bad experiences and goes back to Windows. All the best!

      2. yes, i knew... nothing worked, we tried everything. Power button, USB keyboard (Bluetooth doesn't work in the start sequence), power cable off and on again!!!
        Even Apple Support couldn't help me ;-)
        The part does not react, except that the fan starts!

        I'm happy to give you feedback

        see you then...

  21. After updating to Ventura, my two screens are no longer recognized. Installed DisplayLink. Everything worked perfectly with macos12 Monterey. What can I do to get Ventura running again.
    Greetings Anya

      1. Yes, I have the current version. After I restarted the computer again, it took my two screens again, but via a different docking station. He's still bitching about my adapter, although yesterday everything was still working. On another computer he takes the adapter. I despair of the new version on the Mac.

  22. Installed MacOS Ventura. Installation itself went without any problems.
    However, Spotlight is no longer running. The magnifying glass icon in the taskbar is still there, but neither the command-spacebar nor a click on the icon do anything.

    A process spotlight appears in the activity monitor, but does nothing.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Is there a way to restart Spotlight's indexing?

    1. Hello Thorsten,

      My first tip would be to restart the Mac.

      If that doesn't help, you can do the following:

      1. Open the "System Preferences..." via the Mac menu (Apple logo in the menu bar).
      2. Click on “Siri & Spotlight” in the list on the left
      3. Click the “Spotlight Privacy…” button at the bottom
      4. Add the hard drive or the unbrowsable area of ​​the Mac using drag and drop or the plus (+) button
      5. Remove the added directory by highlighting it and the minus (-) below the list

      If you then close System Preferences, it should work again. But maybe only after a Mac restart. If that doesn't help, try a restart after points 4 and 5. I hope it will work by then at the latest.

      Best regards

    2. Hello Thorsten! I would restart the Mac again. The behavior with Command-Enter is strange. Maybe another app is intercepting the shortcode?
      You can do the Spotlight Index with this guide Create new.

    3. Hello Thorsten,
      I had the same problem - with a longer click on the magnifying glass symbol, Spotlight comes back to the middle of the screen and can then be dragged and dropped to the upper edge. Apparently, Spotlight now remembers the coordinates and may be outside of the visible area when the resolution is changed.

        1. I found the “longer click” while browsing the internet. I found out painfully myself that Apple now saves the coordinates of the search window, since I work with my MacBookPro in 3 locations with screens of different sizes, and my Mac is not able to recognize this (in relation to the search window).

  23. Since the update, I keep having files that cannot be deleted. emptying the trash does not work 50% of the time. The folders cannot be deleted immediately either, then you have to go through each subfolder individually and “immediately delete” the files individually and then each folder again. Is there a solution? is extremely time consuming

      1. Trash it brings unfortunately also nothing. just tried. Then just wait for an update. Apple should really heed the principle "don't fix it unless it's broken". Just stress with the new update.

    1. Beatrice Willius

      15.07.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX Bug report “Emptying the bin doesn't. do anything”.

      Description: I deleted some files and wanted to empty the bin. After a minute the window still showed “Emptying a bin”. I'm using a MacBook Air which doesn't really have that many files. Stopping also doesn't do anything.

      Current status: open. Recent similar problems: more than 10.

      Bugs like this give me a neck. It's not as if the 15.07. was yesterday. I always choke off the finder.

    2. Error now localized. The files come from external hard drives. Repair the hard disk via first aid in the hard disk utility, then deleting will work again. Meanwhile, the error occurs again and the repair of the hard drive is not possible. Apparently some problem with the USB ports!?

      1. You can quickly test whether the USB ports are the cause by trying a different one. It could also be that the file system has a quirk... I think repairing is only possible if no file is used on the hard drive and you "eject" it. It is then technically still infected, but no longer mounted.

  24. Hi all!
    I have a question and I hope you can help:
    After updating to Ventura, I suddenly have duplicate entries for the app and extension of my antivirus software under Privacy & Security > Full Disk Access.
    The extension also has two different icons.
    All entries are activated.
    Everything seems to be working correctly so far.
    How do you rate that... can you leave it like that... is that relevant in any way?
    Or should I try deleting all entries and re-granting full disk access for the antivirus software…. I'm a bit scared to do it though, reading about all the problems.
    - Many Thanks!

    1. Hello Dirk! If there are no errors, I wouldn't change anything. But if you want to "clean it up", I would throw the software down with the uninstaller and reinstall it completely. Then everything should fit.

  25. Hi all,
    I'm super happy with Ventura, except for the fact that I can't get printer aliases on the desktop anymore!!
    I often used the imeer to drag PDF's from the Finder to the alias...

    1. Hello waffle67! Have a look under YOUR USER FOLDER/Library/Printers/.
      Your printer should also be there and I think you can just drag this icon to the dock or create an alias and place it on the desktop.

  26. Good morning!
    I wanted to know if anything similar happened to anyone and if they were able to solve the problem.
    I usually import my photos directly from my iPhone to a LaCie external hard drive via the Photos app on my MacBook Pro M1, but since upgrading to MacO's Ventura this no longer works and I can't put photos into the Photo Library that I created on the external hard drive.

    1. Hello Pedro! Yes, as far as I know, Apple no longer supports moving the photo library outside of your home folder. I currently have no idea how to work around this. :(

  27. After installing Ventura on my MBP 14″, the “Capture One 22” program no longer starts. I get the error message directly without Capture One being started: “The program terminated unexpectedly”. Will go back to “Monterey” again.

    1. Yes, unfortunately there is always some "waste" with major macOS updates. But maybe there will be an update in a few weeks that will get Capture One 22 working again.

  28. After installing Ventura version 13.0.1, I noticed that a comma replaces the period when writing a number with two decimal places on all my Excel spreadsheets (e.g. 113,5 instead of 113,50) . Also, when you add the numbers together, the result is always 0,00.

    Thank you for your messages

      1. I have the same problem as Oliva. I haven't changed my languages ​​or the keyboard. My main language is French, but I would like the number formatting to be in German.
        Under Monterey I was able to manually change the decimal separator in the system settings from comma to dot (described on wikiHow:
        On Ventura, I can't find the "Advanced" sub-setting (described in step 4 on wikiHow) in the system settings. Should I just wait and hope that feature comes back or is there a way I can work around this (e.g. via the terminal)?

        1. Hello Moritz! I don't currently know of a way to do this. After a major macOS update, it always takes a while to "fix" it again. Either there will be specialists at some point who will solve this with the terminal, or there will be an app that allows such settings. Or Apple will reinstall the option.

    1. Hello Gustavo! The update will install after a reboot if I remember correctly. There may be no conspicuous dialogue at all. Can you look in the Apple menu under "About my Mac" to see if the update is already installed?

  29. Hi all,
    Today I connected the iMac with Ventura 13.0.1 to my iPhone with a USB cable and the calendar synchronization started immediately. Unfortunately, it has changed the repetition to daily for all annual dates. Now all my acquaintances have their birthdays every day, not bad either. Joking aside, how do I get rid of it? The last Time Machine backup was still under BigSur (I updated from BigSur to Ventura). Can I restore the calendar from Time Machine? All other recurrences and appointments without recurrences seem ok.
    Thanks in advance for taking care

    1. Hello Werner! You don't happen to have a backup from TimeMachine??? I don't know how to correct it otherwise. But maybe a reader has another tip. LG, Jens

      1. Hello, Jens! As mentioned, the last backup before the calendar meltdown was still under BigSur. Can I just restore from this.../Library/Calendars? Despite the different OS versions? LG Werner

        1. Hello Werner! Sorry I was on the go and just skimmed your message. If I were you, I would copy the current folder /Library/Calendars. After that you can create it from the old Time Machine. Should actually work - if Apple has not done anything to the data structure.

  30. Got Ventura 13.0.1 today. installed :-(...Thunderbird hasn't worked since then.
    Thunderbird is corrupted and cannot be opened. It's a good idea to move the object to the trash.
    Apple Support can't help, referring to Mozilla. I also get no indication of where I could find my saved emails to back up. All references on the net fail because I can't find a Thunderbird folder in Library/application Support/ where the Profiles folder should be... My Time Machine backups from days gone by don't have the subfolder either.
    How on earth do I find my saved emails again???
    I am thankful for any help.

    1. Hello Joachim! In your case, I would proceed as follows: Delete Thunderbird from the disk (the old mails remain in the library). Then download and install again. This helps with many apps after switching to Ventura.

      About the library: There are two library folders. One is on the top level of your macOS installation and one is invisible in your user folder. I think the mails should be in the library folder in your user folder. have you looked in this one

  31. Thank you very much for the quick reply!

    Everything worked out. I found the hidden library...though I didn't have to handle the transfer of the old data myself.

    After reinstalling Thunderbird, Thunderbird had the option to import old previous data.

    That was fixed and makes me happy again.

    Thanks for the competent help

    Joachim Wagner

  32. Hallo,

    After installing Ventura, when I plug in a thumb drive or hard drive, I get a message: Jamf Protect - This removable storage device is not allowed.
    When I go to Security & Privacy, the item Allow accessories to connect doesn't appear.

    Do you have any idea what to do?

    1. Hello Julien! JAMF is a management tool for iOS and macOS devices. I assume your Mac is from your company and has this MDM installed. And the administrator has apparently "forbidden" that you can use this stick or USB sticks in general on the Mac. This is an issue that needs to be addressed with JAMF, not a macOS Ventura issue.

  33. With my MacBook Pro M1 2020 there is the error that a Time Machine Backup can only be started after a restart. Without restarting, it gives the error "Time Machine could not complete the backup". Has only happened since the Ventura update.

    Possibly has a better workaround


      1. No, that doesn't fix the problem. Me too since the day before yesterday. You can agree until you see red - it keeps coming. That used to happen quite often, but unfortunately the old solutions don't help.

  34. What has not yet been pointed out here: Now macOS 13 also starts with the gender nonsense (I refer to an apt analysis: ).
    How to properly rename the Users folder? I once renamed the ".localized" file - then the folder is at least in its English original "Users". Where can I find the localization database?

    1. I found the place. However, I still don't know how to change the /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemFolderLocalizations/de.lproj/SystemFolderLocalizations.strings file. Copying and editing with BBEdit worked - but the original file refuses to be overwritten. I'll have to try safe mode...

      1. I think that doesn't work because the system is read-only. I don't think it's still possible to work with these files, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe it works. I am excited!

  35. Hi all,
    The F-keys on the Bluetooth keyboard no longer work for me. Volume and brightness settings, etc. Can you do something there?
    LG Donald

  36. Hallo,
    I'm about to dive into the Apple world...
    I've spent my life exclusively with Windows computers.
    I have to admit that the forum entries scare me a bit ;-)
    In the error descriptions, I often complained about Windows completely wrongly.
    The problems of some MacOS versions are extremely annoying.
    I've been there a few times and I've been on the verge of writing under some comments "Then buy a Windows computer and you can work"
    But of course that's not appropriate in a Mac forum.
    I'm going to experiment with my used one before I buy one with an M1 or M2 chip...if I do that at all ;-)

    1. Hi Christian! did you do right Comments like this don't help anyone and most of the time they just trigger a shitstorm. 😂 I think everyone can take what they want. As with cars... there are many brands that drive you around the world. Why should I convince everyone that the brand I drive is the best?
      In the forum posts you often have people who have very unusual problems. So let's say something that only one in 10.000 people has. That sounds complicated, but it will probably never affect you.

  37. Since the Ventura update, when I copy files to an SD card for my 3d printers, they now show up duplicates on the printer, with the duplicates having the same name preceded by a “_.” has. This is extremely annoying and the duplicates remain invisible on the Mac even if you show the hidden files. Thanks

    1. Hello Mamoun! I don't know what the error is, but maybe it has something to do with the file system the SD card is formatted on? I would format the card to ExFat in Disk Utility and see if it still happens.

  38. Ruediger Leilich

    It's always been like this - on all file systems that don't support "Resource Forks (ADS)", the Finder stores this data in invisible files (_. prepended) which are only invisible on MacOS - Windows shows them. Can be prevented with tools.

    1. Beatrice Willius

      Exit Mail, go to user/username/Library/Mail/V10/Mail Data. Delete the folder. Start Mail again and wait until Mail has its things together again.

      The problem has been happening again for me for a few days. I much prefer searching with Mail Archiver because I know it always works.

    2. Hello Thorsten! This is mostly when there are problems with Spotlight as well. For example, if you press CMD + SPACE in Finder, Spotlight will open. If you search there, you shouldn't really find anything. I have here a post about it, but it's not yet updated for macOS Ventura.

      Basically, go to System Settings → Siri & Spotlight → Spotlight Privacy at the bottom right
      There you add the system volume (usually “Macintosh HD”) with the + sign and close the window. Then you go the same way and throw the volume out of the list again. This instructs the Mac to rebuild the Spotlight index.

      It can then take a few hours until he has indexed everything again, but then the search should work again. If not, there may be another problem.

  39. Hallo,

    I haven't read all of the comments, so it's possible that the issue I'm having has already been addressed.
    Nevertheless, I'll write it here.

    The Wireless Mous (Grends, Model: RG2) no longer works for me.

    I don't even get the opportunity to install a mouse at all.

    I own a Mac Book Air M1.

    Finally, it's a really great and informative site, TOP.

    Jorg Kossin

    1. Hello Jörg! Thank you for your praise. Of course we are very happy. Because of your mouse. If I understand correctly, the mouse comes with such USB dongles. So these little plugs that you plug into the computer. It should actually be possible to connect without installing a driver. Some mice also work via Bluetooth. Pairing with the Apple mouse is done like this: turn off the mouse, hold down the mouse button, then turn on and wait a few seconds. Then the mouse goes into pairing mode and you should be able to find it under Control Panel → Bluetooth on the Mac.

  40. MacOS always makes me cry when I see the problems mentioned here, I often have Bluetooth connection problems with the Magic Mouse under Monterey too, but it's a good thing that I can't get Ventura, so it can't happen anymore. For me, these are mistakes that shouldn't be there if you would concentrate on the most important things and not just on gimmicks or gimmicky functions.

  41. Hi all,
    I have a problem with my Time Machine backups. This manifests itself in such a way that a backup can only be created after restarting the Mac. I've only had this problem since the update to Ventura.
    I own a MacBook Pro M1(2020)

    thanks and lg

      1. Hi Jens,
        yes, I get an error message “Time machine could not complete the backup on “Data”” _ “An error occurred while preparing the backup.

        Thank you

  42. Dear community!
    I bought an iMac Refurbished 2019 and migrated my old one (2011, High Sierra) to it using Migration Assistant. Worked wonderfully.
    But now I can't create a backup (time machine) to the external HDD.
    –> Backup not completed. Could not create backup on 'disk name'.<–
    When I reconnect the external HDD to the old Mac and mount the disk accordingly, time machine works fine. Just not on the new iMac with Ventura 13.0.1. Although access to the disk works or appears in the finder.
    APFS, GUID Partition Table, 4TB

    Who knows advice?

    With wintry greetings

    1. Hello Krissy! I assume a “volume” can only be backed up to a Mac using Time Machine. If you want to share the hard drive between both Macs, you'll probably need to "partition" the hard drive. So create two separate volumes on the hard drive. One for Mac 1's Time Machine backup and the other for Mac 2's Time Machine.

      1. No, that's not what I meant. That should have been just a test to see if it was the hard drive or its configuration as a backup volume. So the problem is obviously not the hard drive as the backup works on the old device. But what else? Possibly a bug of Ventura 13.0.1? help requested.

          1. But it works on the old Mac.
            APFS, GUID Partition Table, 4TB. And the disk is recognized in Disk Utility and Finder. Mysterious.
            Anyway thanks for the news. Maybe someone else in the community has an idea.

    1. Dear community!

      My problem with the TimeMachine is solved. It was a user created a long time ago that was no longer playing. Don't even know why I put it on. But this problem is solved thanks to your cooperation.LG Krissi

  43. The system settings are causing me a problem

    click iCloud
    Password and security (then takes a while ->> “cannot be displayed”)
    when I click “Family” nothing happens

    System Preferences must then be exited in order to click other things in System Preferences

    Does anyone have any idea?

  44. Hello dear community,

    I installed Ventura 2017 on my MacBook Pro 13.1 yesterday. Since then my laptop has been crashing. It mostly happens with programs like the Sims or Safari - is there already a solution?
    I would love to have the old operating system back - but of course I didn't make a backup.
    Reinstalling Ventura doesn't work, it keeps getting aborted. I'm starting to despair.

    Does anyone have similar problems?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Miria! Can't you use CMD + R to boot into recovery mode and then install macOS over it? Maybe that helps? Otherwise I would try creating a new user and see if Safari crashes there too. If not, then something is installed in your user profile that conflicts with Ventura.

      1. Thank you for the fast answer!
        Update: all my programs are very slow and do not open at all - such as mails or preview.

        I've already tried to reinstall Ventura with CMD+R - but it also gets stuck.. Unfortunately I can't install another operating system like this, can I?

        1. When everything is slow, it kind of sounds like the Mac is either struggling with not enough disk space or there is a process running that is eating up all the CPU power. Can you check both? Second goes with the activity monitor in the utility.

    2. Beatrice Willius

      Does the whole laptop crash, for example with a kernel panic, or do individual apps such as Safari crash? Try with a second user if only single apps are crashing.

      In both cases there are crash reports. Post it to Dropbox or something.

        1. Beatrice Willius

          Sorry, the file is private.

          You can only check the hard drive space with DaisyDisk or something similar, since macOS thinks the free space is the macOS playground.

    3. Hello Mirja,
      I also had similar phenomena, it was simple for me
      an external USB hard drive running Time Machine.
      After unplugging and restarting, everything worked, maybe for a while
      unplug all unnecessary USB devices.
      Good luck

    4. Hello dear community,
      me again.
      After a lot of back and forth and trying, I've given up hope that my Mac will run with Ventura. So I wanted to roll it back to the operating system I got it with back then. So when I reboot I got the menu (Shift, Command, and Option+R) and was able to choose the system, but now I have to decide which volume to install it on.
      The choices are the Macintosh HD Data volume and the Update volume.
      Since I'm very afraid of losing my computer completely, I thought I'd better ask again which volume should be used.

      Thanks in advance 😵‍💫
      Best regards,

      1. Hello Miria! You definitely need to make a backup, otherwise you will lose the data on your Mac. The second “problematic” thing is that you cannot then migrate data from the old system from a hard drive with a newer system via the migration assistant. So you have to copy files and folders over "by hand" so that you have all the data over there.

        1. Hello!
          Thanks for the tip, I made a backup (although I'm so desperate at the moment, I would even sacrifice my entire files..)
          After I did it and got the old operating system back, the big plot twist came: It was apparently a coincidence that the problems with Ventura arose. 'Cause I still have them #.#.
          I tried again to add the crash log:

          Thank you and best regards,


          1. Hello Miria! Unfortunately, such a log doesn't mean anything to me, but maybe another reader will take a look at it who can do something with it.

          2. Beatrice! I was hoping you would read along, but great that you even responded. Thanks! And that on Sunday. 😊

          3. Thank you so much for the answers!
            I'll try to find out the exact cause tomorrow.

            Thank you and best regards!

  45. Hallo,
    I hope you can help me! My Mac updated to 13.1 last night. It must have ruined the scaling for me, I need a magnifying glass to see something, everything is so small. Under Displays I see 2880×1800 (default). There are no other resolutions available! So no drop down option. Even if I enable "Allow all resolutions". The Mac's display is reported as "Unknown Display", could that be the problem, isn't it recognized? However, I don't know what was there before the update either ;)
    I've searched a few forums but haven't found anything.

    Fingers crossed that you can help me!

    Thank you

    1. Hello Kristina! Unfortunately the error doesn't tell me anything. Haven't heard of yet. :(
      Do you have a MacBook or a Mac with an external monitor?
      And have you tried rebooting in safe mode? Sometimes that solves some problems.
      LG, Jens

      1. Hello Jens, thank you for your reply. I use MacBook (2014, provided by my employer ;) ). Unfortunately, restarting in safe mode didn't do anything (I checked it again in the system information), the display is unknown, nothing is displayed except for the standard resolution, I can't scale anything :(
        Help! Nerve!
        LG, Kristina

        1. Hello Kristina! I did a bit of google and got the following tips:
          1. Boot again in recovery mode (hold down CMD + R) and install macOS over it. Your data will be retained.
          2. In System Preferences → Monitors you can also press the ALT key and then there is probably an option with which you can re-detect displays.
          3. Try connecting an external monitor and see how it behaves.
          4. Possibly create a new user and see if the display is also “unknown” in his account.
          5. If all else fails, I would try Sadagian call. Maybe they already know the problem.

          Unfortunately I can't think of any more right now. :(

          1. Thanks for being so helpful!

            2. I didn't know that yet, saw the option, but couldn't use it or nothing happened
            3. is not recognized
            4. also unknown there

            1. wanted to reboot with OS X (Ventura was not an option). License accepted. When asked which volume to install on, there was no choice, nothing, one-way street...


          2. Hmmm... unfortunately my latin is at the end. Do you have an external hard drive to install a fresh system on? That should definitely work. And then it would be interesting if your display is still “unknown”.

          3. Oh pity! I'll keep fumbling... But thanks for taking the time!!!
            (I couldn't "answer" your last post at 14:48 p.m., so here it is)

  46. Hi all,
    many problems have already been listed here - and many have already been solved - great!
    My problem is that after updating to Ventura, the files on my desktop disappear after a while. But they are there, because I can find them via Spotlight and the Finder also shows me the desktop as the storage location.
    The iCloud is disabled, the Finder restarted and all other tips I found on the net have been tried.
    Interestingly, importing a backup via Time Machine did not change the problem.
    Does anyone have an idea for this???
    Thanks & Greetings

    1. Hi Stephen! Unfortunately, the problem is new to me and I don't know a solution either. But it's surprising what such a new macOS has to offer in terms of "additional functions". The Time Machine backup doesn't restore any system files and I strongly suspect it's stuck somewhere. Maybe install macOS over it again?

    2. Beatrice Willius

      Restoring a TimeMachine backup does not work with such problems because the problem is also restored.

      First try whether the problem occurs with a second user or not.

      Then I would try deleting Finder plist files. After that you have to log out and log in again.

      1. In fact, it seems that the problem doesn't happen with a new user...

        For me, the file on the desktop becomes invisible (not deleted) as soon as I log out or shut down the Mac...

        I have logged the new user on and off several times both as “standard” and as “admin” – the files are still on the desktop.

        Do I have to set myself up as a new user now, or does this point to other options?

        1. For everyone who may also stumble across this problem...
          I was about to reinstall the whole operating system. But I went through everything I had in terms of software and options again:
          In Parallels there is an option to show invisible files. This showed me my screen, which was now completely overloaded (because it was filled with invisible files). I switched the view off again to try it out after deleting a lot of files.
          I also checked in the Finder where files may or may not appear depending on Parallels settings.
          Since then, all files remain visible on the desktop! No file on the desktop becomes invisible anymore👍🏻

  47. Hallo,
    I installed Ventura 13.2.
    I can't use Face Time or Photo Booth now, opened windows remain black, only the green light next to the camera lights up briefly.
    Can it be that my camera is no longer working? Or is that coincidence and the
    Hardware is defective?

    1. Hello Gisela! Would you do me a favor and create a new user under System Settings → Users and Groups and see if it works with that? And maybe restart the Mac and then test again?

      1. Hello Jens, yes I had already done everything. Also on the phone with Apple and tested some things. My only question was whether anyone had ever encountered this in connection with Ventura 13.2. I can't say exactly when I last used the camera either.
        Then it's probably hardware - and really expensive.
        But thank you very much.

        1. That would be a shame. But I can't quite believe that a hardware defect occurs directly with the macOS update. That would be very strange. If you are no longer under warranty, you could also send the device to Sadaghian. They look at it and can tell you what's broken and how much it costs. Then you can still decide if you want it fixed. And until then, the check won't cost you anything, since the store will take care of the shipping.

  48. Hello Jens, yes I had already done everything. Also on the phone with Apple and tested some things. My only question was whether anyone had ever encountered this in connection with Ventura 13.2. I can't say exactly when I last used the camera either.
    Then it's probably hardware - and really expensive.
    But thank you very much.

  49. Dear Community!
    Since I updated to OS Ventura or to 13.2, my calendar does not show any notifications of events, all-day events or from the birthday calendar. I've already missed two appointments because the expected reminder didn't materialize. sigh!
    The settings are configured in the calendar app (unchanged from the previous version). Both gmail and gmx account are switched on in the control panel.
    Who knows advice?

  50. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Ventura blocked screen brightness issue with macbook Pro 13” 2017. 4 ports.
    Cannot adjust the brightness. Someone told me that there are incompatibilities with Ventura and the system does not recognize the screen. The screen works but the brightness control does not. The proposed and paid solution! was that you had to "reprogram" to activate the brightness sensor. Do you have any idea how to do this?
    Thank you very much

  51. Hello! I was an administrator on my Imac, after the update it no longer recognizes me as such and I can no longer install anything because of course it asks me for the administrator name and password. But how can I not? Does anyone have a solution? I thank you.

    1. Hello Juan! So basically you can still log in? Can you go to System Preferences → Users & Groups and see if there are more users?

  52. Hello, I have the problem again and again and persistently that the message is shown to me when starting:

    You got your computer because of a
    problem turned off.

    I definitely had no problem! You can eliminate this for a short time with the helper Onyx. But will definitely come back.
    2nd problem: music, there appears in the sidebar an allegedly still open iPhone. But nothing is connected, not even in the Finder.
    The problem is that iTunes remembers this message and I can't create a new library either. I'm still working on this problem.

    1. Hello Ines! This error message probably comes because your Mac keeps crashing when it shuts down. Unfortunately, I can't say why. You'd have to see what background processes you're running. I think any of these are causing problems.
      I didn't quite understand the second problem. Why are you running the Music and iTunes app? I thought iTunes would be removed from macOS with the arrival of the Music app. But maybe I'm on the wrong track... *scratches my head*

  53. Hello!
    I have the problem that apparently larger (approx. 2GB) media files (.mov, .m2u) cannot be played under Ventura (MacMini M4) because they are checked by the gatekeeper (coreServicesUIagent) (blue bar hangs at approx. 2/3). When I cancel the process, the message "VLC...cannot be opened. Error 128” The same also happens when you try to play the file with QuickTime Player or Apple TV. With VLC you can help yourself by starting the app and then dragging the file onto the desktop. But that's not a real solution... especially since it doesn't work that way with Quicktimeplayer.
    In the security settings "Privacy and security" I can't find a way to release such files. Without exception, they were created by me using VLC, so they should (actually) be harmless.
    Does anyone know what to do?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tom! Uh... sorry... I have no idea what that could be. I was also aware that Gatekeeper "shields" media files. From my understanding, Gatekeeper only stops apps that are not approved by the system.

  54. Apple Mail is a disaster. If you select “plain text” when composing and also say that you convert emails to “plain text” when replying, all tabs in the quoting are lost. That was not so before. Tabs are not styles and must be retained, otherwise the quotings will no longer be legible.

    The order of attachments is no longer saved. If you have saved an email in drafts and then open it from another Mac to edit it further, the order of the attachments is changed randomly.

    Again and again, Mail forgets the window sizes when opening the program again and makes them larger than previously set. This is super annoying if you have many windows open at the same time and have arranged them perfectly in terms of size, since you can then set the sizes again manually.

    The search is a disaster. When searching, the mails are always sorted from old to new and you cannot change this permanently.

    So once again a lot has been made worse. I can't find any improvements.

    1. Well, you can now, for example, send messages with a time delay. ;-)
      But apart from that: My emails are sorted from new to old when I search. Everything else is totally pointless. I have no idea why yours is different. But the quest itself is pretty badass...that could definitely be better.

    2. Hi Steph, hmm, that's really stupid. Full understanding :-) What follows is not hidden advertising ... just my private opinion!
      Personally, I've tuned into Gmail privately since 2004. For me, this is worlds BETTER than any other solution on the market. Various mail clients ran on my Linux machines. And on the iMac the well-known program :-) The advantage of Gmail is that it runs independently of the system.
      At work I was tormented with Outlook from 1995 to 2019. Luckily, our company decided that we should work with Gmail. There was a tremendous outcry and many wanted to keep the Outlook. However, many Windows users have realized that you don't have to confirm every action with OK ... NO MATTER ...
      In summary: From my point of view, switch everything to Gmail. Gmail has a lot of add-ons - just awesome. Greetings Edu

    1. Hello Manuela! A screenshot of it and in which apps these fonts appear would be helpful. My email address is in the imprint. My shot in the dark would be: Just install macOS over it. Maybe that will help. LG, Jens

  55. I'm annoyed that I bought a mac Mini with an M1 processor…….Ventura OS X is no real addition, there are always snowflakes on the monitor, own background images that cannot be completely deleted from the structure, etc. Of course, Windows isn't either the golden egg.... if only because of the compulsory registration. If it goes on like this I'll try Linux Mint again.....runs great on my old IntelMac.

    Unfortunately, US corporations no longer provide data protection. If you're tinkering...then better with'll always find someone who knows and has a working tip. Now I'll probably set the shit Mini Mac back to factory settings .... if it's so annoying when deleting!

    1. I have to say that Ventura causes little to no problems for me. And with all the things I use, Linux would be out of the question... but it doesn't matter... if you like, you can switch at any time.

  56. iMac 10,1 from 2009 - many problems - simple solution :-) In April 2023 I was thinking of expanding my iMac to 16GB RAM. The RAMs are in the basement for used SO-DIMMs. So 40€ invested. Built-in. And the trouble started. I've been tinkering with the openCore and Ventura for THREE months. Already wanted to take my iMac to the recycling center. That's when I had the idea of ​​testing the RAM chips individually with my old Linux computer. Lo and behold, a RAM chip failed the test. Bought a new RAM chip on Ebay for €9, tested it with Linux, installed it. And since 07/2023 everything has been running like clockwork. My Ventura 13.5, with the iMac 10,1 from 2009 – GENIAL :-) In addition, High Sierra and Linux still run on the same SSD. BUT I hardly use the two systems anymore because Ventura is already super cool for me.
    Thanks to all of you who stood by my side with lots of tips and tricks during the “handicraft time”.
    Kind regards, Ed Koller

    1. Hello Edu! Thank you for your story. It never occurs to me that it could be the RAM because I've been using MacBooks for years where you can't upgrade RAM. But if you keep having problems with no real root cause, RAM is already high on the list of potential villains. Maybe your comment will help bring focus to it! LG, Jens

        1. Hello Edu! Thank you for your praise. I'm glad you like the atmosphere here. It's not so easy to always find the right middle ground here, because some people become irrelevant. But we're trying. 😊

  57. Since my update to Ventura 13.5.1 I can no longer move files to the recycle bin on the desktop ?error 36?. Have tried everything so far, no use...

    1. Hello surfers! I found this guide:

      1. Go to Applications > Utilities.
      2. Open Terminal with a double click.
      3. Enter: dot_clean
      4. In the Finder, go to the folder that contains the files you wanted to copy, move, or delete. @surber: this would be the desktop folder for you, but you can test it with a file first.
      5. Drag the folder into the Terminal window after the command you just typed.
      6. You should now see the file path on the screen after the command you entered.
      7. Press Enter.
      8. Test whether you can now move, copy or delete the files.
      9. Exit Terminal.
    2. Hi Surber, probably already known from , therefore only as a backup. “Force Quit…” Relaunch Finder.
      However, it is not clear what the cause of this could be :-) Sorry. I'm curious to see how Jens' tip works. Would be nice if you could give some feedback?
      Kind regards, Ed Koller

  58. Hi all,

    Since my update to Ventura (13.6.2) I have had the problem that my calendar can no longer be synchronized with the iPhone. (No iCloud – everything via cable). New events are neither transferred from the Mac (MBP 2021 M1) to the iPhone, nor the other way around.
    does anyone know the problem? Apple support hasn't been able to help me so far.

    I'm currently emailing myself every event so I don't forget anything. But that cannot be the solution.

    I am grateful for your tips and ideas.

  59. hello, I have the problem that SIRI DOES NOT RESPOND even though it is activated and my built-in microphone works and my audio output too.
    It's a Macbook Pro M1 13 piece with Ventura installed with no problems.
    an idea 💡?

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