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At the beginning of October 2019, Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina as a Mac operating system veröffentlicht. If you consider yourself a beginner in terms of Mac or as a switch with regard to macOS 10.15, a few manuals and instructions can certainly help you to master the use of the Apple computer. So that you don't have to search long, I've picked out a few macOS Catalina manuals and instructions. You can already buy two of the four books shown on Amazon, the other two can be pre-ordered. 

Do you need a macOS Catalina book with instructions to get to know the possibilities of the Apple Mac step by step? Here you will find a selection with strengths in screenshots, video tutorials and more!
Do you need a macOS Catalina book with instructions to get to know the possibilities of the Apple Mac step by step? Here you will find a selection with strengths in screenshots, video tutorials and more!

macOS Catalina - The standard work for beginners and those switching

The book with the title "macOS Catalina - The standard work for beginners and migrants, PREMIUM video book" was published by Anton Ochsenkühn and on September 20, 2019 by amac-buch Verlag. Since Apple is releasing beta versions before the final versions of its systems, this book was completed before Catalina was released. The completely new thing about Anton Ochsenkühn's approach: there are no longer only texts and images or step-by-step instructions with screenshots, but also tutorial videos that you can call up using a link and QR code. You can take a look at the book on the Amazon product page toss.

The big Mac book for beginners and those switching

Under the title “The big Mac book for beginners and those switching: up to date with macOS 10.15 Catalina. Suitable for all Apple computers including iMac, Mac mini and MacBook ”you can find the book by Jörg Rieger and Markus Menschhorn. It will be published by Vierfarben Verlag on October 25th and will help you to get to know the Mac and the new operating system for 479 and 2019 from the ground up on 2020 pages. For everyone who is switching from Microsoft Windows to the Apple system, there are corresponding tips and tricks to find their way around. You can pre-order this Catalina manual at this point.

macOS 10.15 Catalina picture by picture

This collection of instructions, tips and tricks is displayed with the title "macOS 10.15 Catalina picture by picture - the instructions in pictures - ideal for beginners and those switching: suitable for all MAC models". The author Philip Kiefer will publish this 336-page book on October 31 at Markt + Technik Verlag. The strength of the book is said to be that the individual explanations were put into picture-by-picture instructions. This ensures that you can understand the individual steps from screenshot to screenshot. So it is actually impossible to make a mistake. So it's ideal as a Christmas present for parents or grandparents who usually call twice a day and need help on the computer;) You can pre-order the book with this link.

Getting started with the Mac

On October 1, 2019, the new edition of "Entry into the Mac - current to macOS: suitable for all MAC models" by Hans-Peter Kusserow and Uwe Albrecht was published. The 420-page book from Markt + Technik Verlag does not specifically deal with macOS Catalina as a single topic, but it is a good help to find your way around on the Mac. You can take a look at the book, read customer reviews and buy the book on the page linked here. 

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4 comments on “macOS Catalina Manuals and Guides”

  1. Rolf Wachtendorf

    hello jens, my name is rolf.
    my imac is at the end of 2015 with bic sur, now I want to do a clean reinstallation with monterey. Disk Utility shows me apple hdd…,container disk1,macintosh hd greyed out, com ap, and macinthosh data one below the other. when i go to “show volumes only” macintosh hd stays greyed out, com apple…and macintosh data is readable normally. my question is what can and may I delete and reformat to achieve a clean install. I already have all my data and folders on an external disk. I would be happy if I got an answer. I'll get your newsletter. Greetings, Rolf

    1. Hello Rolf! Nice that you are reading the newsletter. Regarding your question: In this case, I would use the Carbon Copy Cloner tool to make a 1:1 copy of your current system on an external hard drive (format it to APFS first!). Then you can restart the Mac and hold down the CMD+R keys right after the restart. This will get you into recovery. From there you should then open Disk Utility and be able to erase Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD data. You can then also install the new macOS Monterey in the recovery and then transfer your data from the external hard drive back to the new system using the migration assistant.
      However, in my opinion, the clean install is completely overestimated. I haven't done this in years and my system still flops. However, what I would recommend is to clean up the startup items and the login items. For this I use the tool “CleanMyMac“, which costs something, but gives a comfortable way to solve such things. You can also download the trial version there. If you have any questions about the procedure, please get in touch!

  2. Rolf Wachtendorf

    Hi Jens,
    Thanks for your quick reply, I had already restarted the Mac 2 days earlier via the recovery without my data. Will now proceed again according to your suggestion. Thanks again.

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