macOS Sonoma: These features will not be available on Intel Macs

Apple introduced several new operating systems last week, including macOS 14 Sonoma for the mac. among the compatible models, on which you can install the official upgrade from autumn 2023, there are still a few Intel Macs. Since these do not benefit from the advantages of Apple Silicon and macOS is more and more designed for this SoC with each new version, some new functions are missing for them. What features of macOS Sonoma cannot be used with Intel Macs, you can find out here.

Not all macOS 14 Sonoma features are available on the compatible Intel Macs. You can find out here which new features you need at least one M1 Apple Silicon for.
Not all macOS 14 Sonoma features are available on the compatible Intel Macs. For which new features you have at least one M1 Apple silicon required, you can find out here.

Sonoma features that only work from the M1 or M2

macOS 14 offers various new features that are intended to improve video conferencing, gaming, screen sharing, browsing websites, apps such as messages and notes, text input and many other areas. Not all come with Mac models with an Intel CPU. Here is an overview of the features for which you need at least one Mac M1 chip, if not even M2 chip needed:

  • The Moderator mask (presenter overlay), which displays screen content behind the person while simultaneously sharing the screen and camera, requires a Mac with Apple Silicon.
  • The Gesture Responses, which trigger AR effects such as fireworks or confetti with hand signals, require either a Mac with Apple Silicon or the use of the iPhone 12 or newer as a webcam.
  • The Game Mode, which ensures that CPU and GPU power is reserved for video games while other processes are in the background and speeds up Bluetooth transmission when running video games, is only compatible with Apple Silicon Macs.
  • The Connection of MFi hearing aids with the Mac only works from the MacBook Pro 2021 (14 inch and 16 inch). M1 Pro or M1 Max, the Mac Studio 2022 with M1 Max or M1 Ultra and Mac models with an M2 chip or newer. The M1 MacBook Pro and the M1 MacBook Air (both 2020) as well as the M1 iMac (2021) also fall out here.
  • Using Siri with "Siri" instead of "Hey Siri" requires an Apple Silicon.

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