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Antivirus software on the Apple Mac ... Actually, I am of the opinion that you can use the Mac no anti-virus software required. Nevertheless, readers sometimes ask which software I would recommend if they want to install something after all because they don't feel safe or suspect that something has already got stuck in the system. At this point, the unofficial recommendation of the Apple support staff, who advise people at the Genius Bar to use “Malwarebytes”, is recommended to you. With the 14-day demo version Malwarebytes can even investigate acute cases for free. 

Malwarebytes for macOS, Windows and Android finds viruses and malware in order to eliminate possible or acute threats. You can find information and the secure download source here!
Malwarebytes for macOS, Windows and Android finds viruses and malware in order to eliminate possible or acute threats. You can find information and the secure download source here!

Malwarebytes for Mac - securely track down viruses and malware

The advantage of the Malwarebytes app for the Apple Mac is that it does not embed itself quite as deeply into the system as other virus scanners, which hog everything that is not on three trees. With Malwarebytes you can also do regular scans and thus do without the continuous monitoring that so many other virus scanners put on the day. This also ensures that resources are not constantly consumed unnecessarily, which is important with older computers, with a complex workflow and when using the MacBook's battery. The software is perfect for the occasional scan and for temporary suspicions.

Current case: Sparkasse blocks online banking due to malware

One reader currently has the case that his online banking has been blocked by the relevant Sparkasse. He's apparently on one Phishing mail fell for it and pulled spy software onto the Mac. The condition is now: the malware must be removed from the computer before banking transactions over the Internet can be made possible again. With Malwarebytes as a 1-year or 2-year license or as a free 14-day trial version (You can find information and download here) you can locate, identify and eliminate the pest. This is helpful in numerous other scenarios in addition to this example - just like a regular backup!

Tip: In addition to macOS, the Malwarebytes software is also available for Windows and Android;)

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9 Responses to “Malwarebytes (Mac Version) – Recommendation from the Apple Service Center”

    1. I can reassure you Froyo: It's true. I have already helped the reader several times with problems with his old iMac and I do not know why he should come up with it, nor why it should be invented in principle. Maybe you have some insights into the reality that you want to share with us?

    2. The story is absolutely believable. I assume that the procedure with a chip card was used here, but a card reader without its own keyboard was used. Access is then switched off very quickly if the savings bank software is not sure that there was no man-in-the-middle disruption. This is the case with good software.
      I had the case the other way round: my software stated that my bank's software did not check whether my reader had an internal keyboard when using the chip card procedure. Then I changed the spell

  1. But I have to agree with Froyo ... even with the best will in the world, I can't imagine that this should have happened as described. The action of the funkasse would be very strange: Turn off the entire banking function of the user just because there is malware (which in the event of a phishing (!) Attack?) Is on his computer? The story generally doesn't make sense on some levels. Either your friend misunderstood the Spaka or there was a really incompetent employee at work. :-D

    1. I am at the Sparkasse myself. If you enter the wrong PIN three times when logging in, access will be blocked. Completely automated. So why shouldn't they lock it if they see other strange activity? It doesn't seem strange to me ... Perhaps the only strange thing is that you either fall victim to phishing OR malware and rarely both at the same time. Maybe my reader just mixed up the terminology. But maybe he'll speak up again himself to shed light on the darkness. I'll write to him by email and ask if he would like to say something about it.

  2. Unfortunately, Malwarebytes is now also embedded deeper in the system than necessary. For example, you have to use the uninstaller to get rid of it. Deleting the app alone is not enough. Really annoying. Was once more elegant. Funny, by the way, that something that started out as a script from a guy competes with the big snake oil companies.

    1. Yes? I still had the status that you can run it as a “normal” app from time to time without it constantly scanning everywhere like the other virusSCAMMERs do. But what a pity… everything was better back then. :(

  3. sir appleot,
    I followed her advice and clicked on the software as a 14-day demo version.
    Unfortunately I cannot load it because I have OS X El Kapitän on the 2007mer computer.
    The software requires higher versions. What now?

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