Minecraft Names - creative, cool and unique usernames for every type of player

Dogs are loyal companions in Minecraft too, and they deserve a creative name.

For millions of players, Minecraft names are an important part of their identity in the open-world survival strategy game. In this post, we explore cool username ideas that range from creative and unique to fun and stylish.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular new generation electronic games. The open world and the creativity it encourages has attracted children, students, and a wide variety of gamers. In this game, players can build and dismantle blocks to create tools and buildings, and fight a variety of creatures to survive.

Photo: Mid
Photo: Mid

Minecraft names for boys and girls?

Minecraft names can be used by both girls and boys because they are usually gender-neutral. Minecraft is a game played by people of all ages and genders, and names are intended to reflect personal preferences and interests of players, regardless of gender.

There are no special rules or restrictions dictating what names are appropriate for girls or boys. Each player can choose a name that suits their personality and suits them without worrying about whether it will be considered "girly" or "boyish".

The diversity and openness of Minecraft encourages players to be creative and create their own stories, characters, and worlds. The game offers the freedom to choose a name that suits your taste and expresses your in-game identity, regardless of gender stereotypes.

Rules for choosing a Minecraft name

Here are some bullet points that explain the rules when choosing a username in Minecraft:

  1. Length: Usernames must be between 3 and 16 characters long.
  2. Sign: Only letters (AZ, az), numbers (0-9) and the underscore (_) are allowed.
  3. Uniqueness: Usernames must be unique; no two players can have the same name.
  4. No spaces: Usernames cannot contain spaces.
  5. No offensive or offensive content: Usernames that could be considered offensive, vulgar or racist are not allowed.
  6. No deception: Usernames should not contain false information or attempt to impersonate someone else (e.g. famous people, Mojang employees).
  7. No Ads: Usernames should not contain advertising or references to commercial products or services.
  8. No personal information: Avoid using personal information like dates of birth, addresses, or phone numbers in your username.
  9. No use of brand names: The use of brand names or copyrighted terms is not permitted unless you own the rights to do so.
  10. changes: Usernames can be changed every 30 days, but make sure your desired new name follows the rules above.

How to change minecraft username?

To change your Minecraft name, follow these steps:

  1. go to https://www.minecraft.net/ and log into your Mojang account. If you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one.
  2. Click on the menu icon (on mobile devices: three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the page and select “My Account”.
  3. Under "Account Settings" you will see your current username and the option to "Change Name". Click on the "Name change" link.
  4. Enter your desired new username and click "Check Availability" to ensure the name is available and conforms to the rules.
  5. If the name is available, click Confirm to complete the change.

Note that you can only change your Minecraft name every 30 days. If you change your name, other players can use your old name after a 37-day waiting period. So make sure you are happy with your decision before making the change.

your name in MoiYou can change your name in Minecraft via the Mojang website.

Cool ideas for minecraft names

Get inspiration from other computer games like GTA and Fortnite or use creative puns and humorous terms for your username.

  1. BlockyMcShootface
  2. Crafty Creeper
  3. FortBlockster
  4. GTAMineRacer
  5. Pixel Warrior
  6. LlamaCrafter
  7. LootChestBandit
  8. EnderRunner
  9. Notchinator
  10. BattlePickaxe

These names are inspired by various elements from GTA, Fortnite and Minecraft and contain creative puns or humorous terms to make your username interesting and unique.

Caution: Do not use brand names

However, be careful not to use copyrighted terms or brand names that may violate Mojang's naming guidelines.

A Minecraft-style knight (Photo: Mid).

Minecraft names for beginners

Beginners should opt for easy-to-understand and pronounceable usernames that reflect their personality and interests.

  1. BlockBuilder
  2. Crafty Explorer
  3. Pixel Adventurer
  4. StoneMiner
  5. TreeCutter
  6. Nether Jumper
  7. IronForger
  8. DiamondHunter
  9. RedstoneWiz
  10. MineSailor
  11. Village Hero
  12. CreeperDefuser
  13. golddigger
  14. sky farmer
  15. EnderSlayer
  16. BlockyKnight
  17. TorchBearer
  18. Quartz Collector
  19. RailRider
  20. FarmingFriend
  21. PickaxePal
  22. WoolWeaver
  23. BiomeRambler
  24. Cobble Collector
  25. FurnaceMaster

These names are easy to understand and pronounce, making them good for beginners. They reflect various aspects of Minecraft play, such as building, exploring, and resource gathering, while also showing players' interests and character.

Coming up with a good name is sometimes not that easy.

Rare Minecraft names

A rare Minecraft name can help you stand out from the crowd on multiplayer servers. Experiment with unusual combinations of letters and numbers, or use rare words as the basis for your username.

  1. Xylophonic Zebra
  2. GlitchyGazelle42
  3. QuantumCrafter7
  4. AstralArtisan
  5. NebulaNimbus88
  6. Zircon Zephyr
  7. CryptoKnight13
  8. luminouslynx
  9. SingularitySorcerer
  10. MysticMangrove
  11. CelestialCubist
  12. ParadoxicalPuma
  13. Enigmatic Elephant
  14. Chaotic Capybara
  15. SupersonicSloth
  16. TesseractTraveller
  17. Quantum Quokka
  18. HyperbolicHedgehog
  19. Fractal Ferret
  20. Polarized Pangolin
  21. IsotropicIguana
  22. SubatomicSwan
  23. InterstellarImp
  24. HolographicHeron
  25. Fusion Fox

These rare and unusual Minecraft names use creative combinations of letters, numbers, and rare words to help you stand out from the crowd on multiplayer servers. They add a unique and interesting touch to your username that can draw the attention of other players.

Funny minecraft names

A funny Minecraft name can make other players laugh and create a friendly environment. Choose puns, jokes or humorous terms that match the game content.

  1. BlockBuster
  2. CreeperHugger
  3. MineYourOwnBiz
  4. CraftyPants
  5. BlockAndRoll
  6. Piggy Whisperer
  7. NotchUrAveragePlayer
  8. Zombie Snuggler
  9. PickaxePeck
  10. StoneColdCrafter
  11. SheepThrills
  12. MobsBestFriend
  13. Redstone Rascal
  14. PixelPunster
  15. TNTickles
  16. BedrockBanter
  17. Brick Tickler
  18. DiamondDiva
  19. EnderBender
  20. FleecePolice
  21. GolemGiggles
  22. Lava Laughs
  23. Quartz Quirks
  24. RailRiderRoaster
  25. WittyWitch

These funny Minecraft names use puns, jokes and humorous terms that fit the game content and can make other players laugh. You can help create a friendly and fun environment in the Minecraft community.

Photo: Mid
Photo: Mid

Stylish Minecraft names

For a stylish username, you can take inspiration from movies, books, or artwork. Uses creative spellings and unexpected combinations to create a unique and elegant name.

  1. Velvet Voyager
  2. Shadow Sculptor
  3. LunarLibrarian
  4. StarrySovereign
  5. Crimson Cartographer
  6. Celestial Curator
  7. TwilightTravesty
  8. Monochrome Muse
  9. EtherealArtisan
  10. EnchantedElemental
  11. SilkenSorcerer
  12. Phantasmal Pharaoh
  13. DreamweaverDruid
  14. MysticMariner
  15. OpalOasis
  16. Aurora Architect
  17. TimelessTactician
  18. SapphireScribe
  19. WhisperingWanderer
  20. BaroqueBard
  21. GildedGryphon
  22. Celestine Cavalier
  23. ArcaneAlchemist
  24. SerpentineSage
  25. MajesticMagician

Inspired by movies, books and artwork, these stylish Minecraft names use creative spellings and unexpected combinations to create a unique and elegant username. They add a touch of class and sophistication to your Minecraft character.

OG Minecraft names

OG Minecraft names are often short, memorable usernames that tend to fill up very quickly. That could be names like Dog, Cat, Black, Sound, Crazy or something similar.

These names are often hard to come by, but you can try making variations or combinations of these OG names.

  1. MinerOG
  2. CatCatCat
  3. RoboDog
  4. Crazyyy
  5. MasterMC
  6. BlockMaster
  7. DiamondDigger
  8. RedstoneRuler
  9. CraftKing
  10. EnderBoss
  11. NetherWalker
  12. StoneSlayer
  13. SkyblockSultan
  14. PortalPro
  15. LavaLeaper
  16. IronInnovator
  17. TNT tamer
  18. CobbleCrusher
  19. RailRacer
  20. QuartzKingpin
  21. BiomeBaron
  22. GolemGuardian
  23. CreeperCrusher
  24. Obsidian Overlord
  25. FarmingFrenzy
  26. PickaxePrince
  27. WitherWarrior
  28. GuardianGuru
  29. Fortress Finder

These OG Minecraft names are short, memorable usernames that have been used since the beginning of the game. They're often hard to come by, but you can create variations or combinations of these OG names to create a similar effect and set yourself apart from other players.

Unique Minecraft Names

To create a unique Minecraft name, combine unexpected words, add numbers or special characters, or use rare languages ​​or dialects for inspiration.

  1. CelestialCrafter
  2. Ender Explorer
  3. TwilightTinkerer
  4. Blaze Battler
  5. QuantumQuarry
  6. Luminous Landskaper
  7. SkyboundSage
  8. CrystalCaverns
  9. NetherNavigator
  10. Cobblestone Champion
  11. ObsidianOracle
  12. RedstoneRevolution
  13. MysticMiner
  14. GolemGuard
  15. IronsideInnovator
  16. PhantomPioneer
  17. ShulkerSlayer
  18. WitherWanderer
  19. Dragon Duelist
  20. StriderSovereign
  21. VoidVoyager
  22. BiomeBuilder
  23. Ancient Architect
  24. EmberEmperor
  25. MoonlitMason

Minecraft dog names

If you have a pet dog in Minecraft, you might want to give it a special name. Think of names that allude to traits, breeds, or funny dog ​​puns.

  1. wolf friend
  2. pixelpaw
  3. BlockBello
  4. Bone Hunter
  5. Wufenmeister
  6. Felleon
  7. mine pug
  8. SteinSpeuerer
  9. RedstoneRex
  10. Nethersnout
  11. Flash
  12. whiteter
  13. svenny
  14. Jeb
  15. Sammy
  16. Athena
  17. Oreo
  18. Rover
  19. Paws
  20. fluffball
  21. Coco
  22. Stormy
  23. Dunder
  24. Panda
  25. Lucy
  26. Mini
  27. Luna Gold
  28. Snow
  29. Lady
  30. CleoNeo
  31. Dasher
  32. Nymeria
  33. Sparks
  34. Chihooo
  35. Melon
  36. Tiger
  37. jynxy
  38. Dexter
  39. Bones
  40. wolfie
  41. Chase
  42. Arrogant
  43. Sandy
  44. Bailey
  45. Buddy
  46. miloo
  47. Max
  48. Jelly
  49. PixelDog
  50. Bella
Dogs are loyal companions in Minecraft too, and they deserve a creative name.
Dogs are loyal companions in Minecraft too, and they deserve a creative name.

Minecraft world names

Name your Minecraft world after fictional locations from movies, books, or other games. Alternatively, you can get inspiration from real geographic locations or natural phenomena.

  1. elf forest
  2. PixelParadise
  3. dragon island
  4. Nethermist
  5. CrystalCliffs
  6. EnchantedPlanes
  7. shadow mountains
  8. MinesMoria
  9. skyport
  10. AtlantisAbyss
  11. volcano valley
  12. FloatingCanyon
  13. Stardust Steppe
  14. Lost Lagoon
  15. oceanoasis
  16. TitanTower
  17. Silver Savannah
  18. MoonlightMoor
  19. Icy Forest of Honor
  20. FortressFjord
  21. FogNomads
  22. SunbeamSettlement
  23. polar mushroom land
  24. CoralKingdom
  25. DarkstoneDomain
In Minecraft, your worlds can not only look mystical, but also have mystical names (Photo: Mid).
In Minecraft, your worlds can not only look mystical, but also have mystical names (Photo: Mid).

Frequently asked questions

Is your Minecraft username permanent?

No, your Minecraft username is not permanent. You can change it every 30 days by visiting the Mojang website.

What can you name in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can name not only your username, but also animals, creatures, worlds, and items. You can use name tags or anvils for this.

Are Minecraft names case sensitive?

No, Minecraft names are not case sensitive. This means that the letters are case-insensitive and other players will be able to recognize your name regardless of the spelling. However, the original spelling you used when registering or changing your name will appear in the game world and on player lists.

How often can you change your Minecraft name?

You can change your Minecraft name every 30 days.

Where do you change your Minecraft name?

You can change your Minecraft name on the Mojang website by logging into your account and opening Account Settings.

Are there any restrictions when choosing a Minecraft name?

Yes, your Minecraft name must be 3-16 characters long, contain no spaces or special characters, and comply with Mojang's naming guidelines.

Are Minecraft names case sensitive?

No, Minecraft names are not case-sensitive, and other players will be able to recognize your name regardless of the spelling.

Can other players use my old Minecraft name if I change it?

Yes, other players can use your old name after a 37-day waiting period after you change it.

How do I find out if a Minecraft name is available?

You can check the availability of a Minecraft name by entering the name you want on the Mojang website under “Name Change”.

Is there a way to see a player's Minecraft name history?

Yes, you can track a player's name history using sites like NameMC . view

Can I undo my Minecraft name once I've changed it?

You can choose your old Minecraft name again as long as the 37-day waiting period is up and no one else has claimed the name in the meantime.

Are there any special rules for using OG (Original Gangster) Minecraft names?

OG Minecraft names are often short and memorable usernames that have been used since the beginning of the game. The same rules apply as for other Minecraft names, but OG names are often hard to come by.


Choosing a creative, cool and unique Minecraft name is crucial to set you apart from other players and create a memorable gaming experience. Take inspiration from pop culture, personal interests, or the Minecraft world itself and choose a name that reflects your character and personality.

With the right tactics and a little creativity, you're well on your way to finding a great Minecraft name that will boost your competitive spirit and help you make new friends in the Minecraft community.

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