What's coming to the iPhone with iOS 17.2

Currently doing the third Beta version of iOS 17.2 is making the rounds. The final version of the operating system update for the iPhone will probably be rolled out soon. And that's why some developers and testers are already reporting on the expected content. In this article I have summarized the big and small changes iOS 17.2 is supposed to bring.

The update to iOS 17.2 is imminent for compatible Apple iPhones. Here you will find the most important innovations and adjustments that will take effect after the update.
The update to iOS 17.2 is imminent for compatible Apple iPhones. Here you will find the most important innovations and adjustments that will take effect after the update.

The new Journal app is coming to the iPhone

With iOS 17.2, the Journal app, Apple's diary software in which you can record the events and feelings of the day, is coming to the iPhone. The app offers suggestions for getting started or for days when you can't immediately find the right words. These can be general, but also specifically enriched with content of the day. Therefore, I would like to point out again that you should check the settings for the Journal app! Because, among other things, there is contact recognition via Bluetooth, which you may not want to take part in. Or phone calls and messages should not be included – here is the news about it.

Faster emoji and sticker reactions for individual messages

If you chat with someone via iMessage messages, you can now give that person's speech bubble an individual reaction even more easily. To do this, hold the speech bubble until the context menu appears. A quick selection of images then appears above the speech bubble, but there is also the option “Add sticker” in the menu below. Here you can select stickers from apps, stickers you created yourself from photos, and so on.

Spatial Video: Record 3D videos with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max).

Especially for the new iPhone 15 Pro and its larger Max version, iOS 17.2 brings the option of using two of the three main cameras to record 3D videos. The function called “Spatial Video” should be used primarily for video playback on the Apple Vision Pro headset. Spatial Video is available in iOS 17.2 (currently available). Settings -> Camera -> Formats activate. The recordings are made in Full HD with 1.920 x 1.080 pixels and 30 frames per second. One minute of 3D video takes up approximately 130 MB of storage space. Playback on iPhone or Mac performs not to a 3D effect, but is done in regular 2D.

Shared Apple Music playlists can be created

If you have created a playlist in the Music app, you can select in the options from iOS 17.2 that it should be a shared playlist. You can then invite other people to this who can take part in designing the list. This means that the music for the road trip can be put together in advance or the background music for the party can be adjusted in the planning phase, regardless of location and the ability to communicate with others. There is also the setting that people joining via link or QR code must first be confirmed. This way you can keep track of things in larger groups and prevent sabotage.

New playlist with your own Apple Music favorites

Instead of the heart, Apple introduced the star in its music app. You can now star songs to mark them as favorites. As of iOS 17.2, the songs marked with the star are combined into a favorite playlist. This means you don't have to manually put your favorite songs together into a playlist. 

Favorite songs automatically end up in the library

Under Settings -> Music From iOS 17.2 there will not only be a switch for activating and deactivating the favorite playlist, but also for adding favorite songs to your own library. However, if you only collect albums there and don't want individual songs, then you should deactivate the option. It is activated by default and if you are not careful and add favorites to the playlist, it could quickly make the library confusing.

Focus filter for paused music app playback history

Another change affects the Music app and its use with Apple's Music subscription. The upcoming iOS update will introduce the ability to pause the recording of playback history. This can be practical if, for example, you B. give the iPhone to someone else to listen to music and the songs they listen to should not influence your own recommendations. But the new focus filter is also practical if you listen to sleep music, podcasts or radio plays in the evening that shouldn't influence music playback during the day.

Translate function for the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro (Max)

With the upcoming iOS update, Apple's own translate function will be added to the action button shortcuts on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This means that individual sentences or conversations can be translated back and forth into two different languages ​​without having to find the app (unless, of course, you use a translator software other than Apple's own).

Input suggestions on the current line can be deactivated

iOS 17 introduced improved input suggestions when typing with the virtual keyboard. These are z. B. displayed directly on the line on which you write. You can now deselect them individually (Settings -> General -> Keyboard), while at the same time the word suggestions above the keyboard can be left active.

Contact verification for iMessage messages will roll out after one year

This innovation, which was first announced at the end of 2022, is not intended for everyday iPhone use by us normal people. Similar to security keys for Apple ID or the Lockdown mode/blocking mode Contact verification for iMessage contacts is intended more for professional iPhone use. The safety of journalists, politically active people and people from human rights organizations also plays a role here. The security keys should be able to be compared on site, via FaceTime or through other secure phone calls to ensure that no one is reading. To be honest, I have to admit that I still haven't understood how exactly this is supposed to be used to uncover espionage.

Message syncing in iCloud

In the iCloud settings, the “Messages” area should be renamed “Messages in iCloud” and include additional options. The storage space used is displayed and the total number of messages stored is also noted. The time of the last synchronization is also displayed. If this is too far back, a synchronization can be initiated manually so that the saved messages are up to date again.

New contact poster options for phone and FaceTime

As of iOS 17.2, there is the option to restrict the sharing of names and photos (or contact posters) in the settings for phone and FaceTime usage. So you can e.g. For example, you can specify that the contact poster is only exchanged with existing contacts or that a query should always be made before the data is sent. This applies not only to the initial setup of the contact poster, but also to updates to it. Currently, the “Share name and photo” options are only available for messages (iMessage).

Warning about sensitive content also for contact posters

I have already shown you how to set up the “Warning for sensitive content” function under iOS 17 here: Sensitive Content Warning – Notes on Nude Photos from iOS 17. With the update to version 17.2 it will be expanded a bit. In addition to iMessage messages and the like, contact posters are now also monitored for possible nude photos. If sensitive content is detected, there is also a warning before the corresponding image can be displayed.

New weather and clock widget content

New detailed content can be selected for weather widgets after updating the current iPhone operating system. In addition to the current weather, there is also the forecast, the sunrise and sunset and so on. The clock has a new digital clock widget that can be added to the lock or home screen.

AirPlay reception for Vision Pro content on iPhone

As of iOS 17.2, there is the option to receive and display content using AirPlay. This is intended for streaming content from the Apple Vision Pro Headset or sharing it on the iPhone. As reported, the option should also be implemented to play iPhone content via AirPlay on appropriately equipped Smart TVs in hotels. This was already announced as a new feature during the first iOS 17 presentation in June.

Customization of the Memoji body becomes possible

To make the Memoji avatar even more individual and lifelike, it will be possible to adjust the (upper) body. Shoulders, chest and arms can be adjusted depending on your body shape.

New category display in the App Store should enable faster searches

As of iOS 17.2, the categories for these areas are displayed at the top of both the Apps and Games tabs of the App Store. This makes it easier to jump to entertainment, fitness, photography, productivity or other apps without having to access a menu or other large UI elements.

Siri gives the approximate arrival time and altitude in the navigation

If an individual turn-by-turn route is selected for navigation, Siri can give an approximate arrival time for it during the journey. The voice assistant was also given the opportunity to provide information about the height.

New opt-out for music-photos interactions

Apple's Photos app offers the option of combining memories into a small video or slideshow and adding music to it. The music is adapted to your own taste or your own library in the music app. From iOS 17.2 there should be the option to prevent the Photos app from communicating with the Music app. When you open the Photos app for the first time after the update, you will be asked whether you want to agree to the app link (as of iOS 17.2 Beta 3).


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