Apple's Spreadsheet: What is Numbers?

Everyone who deals with working on the computer knows the Office programs from Microsoft. Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Co. are just as familiar to most people as Excel. The latter is the spreadsheet, which can be purchased in the Office package or obtained by subscription. But it's also free - if you use the manufacturer's own app on Apple devices Numbers uses. Next to Pages as a Word counterpart and Keynote as a PowerPoint replacement, the Numbers app on Mac, iPad and iPhone acts as a potent Excel alternative. In this post you will find details about the app as well as download and use.

Apple's Numbers app offers an extensive spreadsheet with formulas, charts, sorting, data export and many other features. You can use the Excel alternative on Mac, iPad and iPhone. There is also a web app on the iCloud website. Image source:
Apple's Numbers app offers an extensive spreadsheet with formulas, charts, sorting, data export and many other features. You can use the Excel alternative on Mac, iPad and iPhone. There is also a web app on the iCloud website. Image source:

Numbers - Spreadsheet from Apple

Digital tables can be used for a wide variety of things, especially if you want to connect or relate the individual cells with formulas and commands. From the time sheet for work to the budget book in the household to bookkeeping in the company - even scientific records and minutes can be kept using spreadsheets on the computer. Apple Numbers is pre-installed on some devices and can also be downloaded free of charge from the App Store on Macs with macOS, iPhones with iOS and iPads with iPadOS.

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In addition to the structure of a table and its filling with data, the same can also be represented graphically using various diagrams. Whether it's a bar, circle, cake or net, developments and trends can be clearly illustrated with different designs and colours. In addition, the entered or imported data can be grouped or rearranged in separate views. As a result, the source data remains unchanged and the created table is not resorted. Last but not least, the Numbers app can also be used to create forms and output elements that can be used e.g. B. can use in a presentation.

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Depending on the Apple device used, i.e. Mac, iPhone or iPad, the Numbers app also has its own spreadsheet features. On the iPad with support for the Apple Pencil, the same can be used to enter data by hand, for example. In addition, notes and markings are possible thanks to the stylus. Tables from Apple Numbers can also be exchanged across devices and with Microsoft Excel. Ensure z. B. Technologies like XLOOKUP, which is also responsible for a better data search in the tables.

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The Apple's own website Many more features and options are listed for the Numbers app for Mac, iPad and iPhone. For example mathematical equations with LaTeX and MathML, RegEx functions, the read mode, the dark mode, a shape library with over 700 shapes, export of spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel, CSV and TSV, support for Apple Pencil, trackpad, Mouse and keyboard on the iPad, sorting and filter options and much more. The site also has many support offers, such as free manuals and individual tutorials.

Numbers App Download and Apple Manuals

Numbers files cannot be used on just one device or type of device. You can use Numbers on the Mac as well as on the iPhone, the iPad and in the web browser. You can also exchange the created files between these devices and memories. This way you can easily continue to use tables and diagrams created on your smartphone or tablet on your computer. Here is an overview of download and information sources:

Numbers document compatibility with Microsoft Excel

Tables and worksheets can be exchanged between Numbers and Excel. In the same way, documents can be exchanged between Pages and Word or presentations between Keynote and PowerPoint. However, not all functions are supported properly. On an extra page on the subject, Apple provides information about the possibilities and limits with regard to these application areas (excerpt): formatting, cell types, diagrams, date and time, technical and financial mathematical functions, logical functions, statistical functions, text functions, cube functions, database functions, etc You can easily access the extensive comparison page with this link.

Your opinion on the Numbers spreadsheet from Apple

Personally, I use Numbers to get an overview of orders, completed projects, their scope and my income from them. The data can then easily be used in Excel and Word. I don't exhaust the respective possibilities in any program. So the question for you: Do you use Numbers at home, in the office or in your company? Which experiences do you have with this? Please leave a comment!

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3 Responses to "Apple's Spreadsheet: What is Numbers?"

  1. While Excel is of course the undisputed champion in terms of performance and computing speed for complex tables, Numbers does have a few properties that give it a few advantages over the top dog. For example, Numbers has advantages when editing formulas in cells, where the user finds a lot of support when creating, marking and selecting related bracket expressions. — The disadvantages of Numbers compared to Excel are the slower calculation speed and, for example, the limited options for conditional formatting.

    1. Hello Kurt! Thanks for your additions. I like using Numbers, but only superficially... that's why I don't know these points at all.

  2. Numbers has glaring disadvantages, such as: B. the absence or the showing of a complete representation or overview of all formulas in the table. That happened at some point, and it's thanks to an update at some point that this absolutely valuable setting simply disappeared overnight. Anyone who comes up with such absolute nonsense, alongside other non-existent or deleted self-evident things, must have got their synapses a bit confused! Point can only go to Excel!

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