Online courses: advantages and disadvantages of e-learning

Due to the coronavirus and the associated restrictions, the term “homeschooling” or “home schooling” has also found its way into German-speaking countries. In addition to teaching school content, there are many other areas in e-learning. For example, you can use online courses Learn PHP or otherwise build programming skills. There are also language courses, art and photography courses, business and marketing, learning content for computer programs such as Excel and much more. But what advantages and disadvantages does this offer? E-Learning with online courses? Here's a little insight.

The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning: Online courses cannot be generally dismissed as useful or useless.
The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning: Online courses cannot be generally dismissed as useful or useless.

Individual learning rhythm or motivation gap?

Not all people who want to learn something new or deepen their knowledge in a certain area learn in the same way. Therefore, the classic frontal teaching from school, university, vocational school and Co. is not always the best way. With an online course, interested parties can usually approach topics, content and tasks at their own pace. That can be an advantage. However, if the e-learning offer was chosen not so much as further training for the professional career, but rather out of an impulse, the drive can quickly be lost when learning in your own four walls. A clear disadvantage.

Comfortable learning vs. practice-oriented courses

If there is no lack of motivation, that's great. The various contents available as texts, images, audio and video are then likely to be consumed and internalized very attentively. What is advantageous for specialist areas that can be carried out at home, such as programming, photography, learning languages ​​and the like, can become a disadvantage in preparation for practical work in specialist institutions. Because if there is only theory and no practice in the context of training or further education, that is of little use in the end. For example, what is ahead of therapists, BetterHelp shows here: 

Exchange only on the screen?

Even before the knowledge gathered through e-learning can be used, it must be tested - especially in social fields of activity. If you z. If, for example, you learn a new language, with an online course you will benefit from the fact that you can repeat lessons over and over and replay instructional videos over and over again. But there is no on-site exchange with classmates. So if Corona is no longer a big issue, you should perhaps switch from the language learning app, from the Udemy course or from the YouTube videos to something offered by the adult education center. In addition to languages, exchange in real life is also very important in many other areas.

Certificate, diploma, diploma or nothing?

Learning something is always good. But even before taking a course, you should ask yourself with what goal you are starting it. If you want to learn a language for your vacation, you don't have to pay attention to whether there is a certificate or a diploma at the end. However, if you want to develop a certain skill in order to add value to your résumé, then you should also be able to document the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Are there exams and exams for the course you have selected? Is there a final examination (at the central test center) and a written statement of your level of knowledge? It is important to note that.

Conclusion: advantages and disadvantages of e-learning

The exclusive learning from home can neither be praised nor demonized. The framework conditions simply have to be right. In addition, the course and its structure should suit the individual learner type. If you then have the necessary bit of diligence, you should at least be happy with those online course offers that convey knowledge that is understandable at home and, at best, applicable. How are your experiences with e-learning? Feel free to leave a comment on the advantages and disadvantages of online courses;)

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