Online Therapy - Do Internet Psychotherapy Help?

Not only the lack of therapy places, but also the coronavirus has been intensifying the discussion about psychotherapy offers over the Internet for some time. Online therapy can help people of all ages and with all kinds of problems. There are different approaches, standards and offers. Leading specialists are in favor of expanding the range of online therapy for help in psychological emergencies. Here you can find a short outline of it. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, psychologist or therapist. I am addressing the topic at this point because it is interesting and important with regard to digital offers.

Do psychotherapy offers over the Internet help to cope with problems and deal with illnesses? Studies say online therapy has its place.
Do psychotherapy offers over the Internet help to cope with problems and deal with illnesses? Studies say online therapy has its place.

Online Therapy - Studies Prove It Works

I have an interesting and insightful article on the subject here found at the Tagesspiegel. It is an interview with the psychologist and specialist book author Christine Knaevelsrud. She is a specialist in the psychological care of victims of torture and war. In addition, in 2016 she received the Diotima Prize from the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists for her achievements. In the interview she replied to the question whether “there are enough studies [are] who prove the effectiveness of online therapies ", the following:

There is no shortage of evidence. The effectiveness has long been proven. In countries like Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands, they are already part of the standard care. The separation of the two types of treatment is actually an artifact. There is no reason to withhold online offers from insured persons, for example from people who for various reasons can no longer go outside. Large studies with thousands of participants are available on the treatment of depression, for example. Studies from the Netherlands and Denmark show that good results can be achieved with online interventions even in patients at risk of suicide.

Different approaches to psychotherapy

Psychology and the associated psychotherapy are scientific fields that are constantly being developed. New findings, models and studies mean that better and better therapies can be developed and carried out. Online therapy is a step in the direction of large-scale effective offers. Perhaps as significant as the developments in family therapy that were kicked off by Salvador Minuchin. You can tell yourselves about his work, his observations and conclusions read here. Although the text is in English, it is a good indication of what to consider in family therapy and how progress can be made.

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