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13 August 2020

Amazon coupon codes: AUKEY discounts until August 14, 15 and 16, 2020

The technology manufacturer AUKEY has once again issued a few voucher codes for shopping on Amazon. In this post you will find the corresponding products, the associated code and information on the discount. It is important to note that [...]
11 August 2020

Anchor weekly offers - discounts until August 16, 2020

Yes, they are there again this week, the discounts from the technology manufacturer Anker - more precisely from its brands Nebula and Soundcore. You can still buy four products until Sunday, August 16, 2020, [...]
10 August 2020

Udemy Flash Sale: Get Cheap Online Courses Only Today! (Short message)

As already shown on Friday, you can benefit from a 24-hour sale at Udemy today. The platform for online courses offers a wide variety of content only today at a huge discount. But that does not mean that you [...]
7 August 2020

Udemy Flash Sale: Online courses on Monday, 10.08.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX, cheaper!

Udemy has a 10 hour flash sale on Monday, August 2020th, 24. As part of this, online courses (also in German) will be greatly reduced so that they sometimes only cost $ 11,99 or € 10,99. Although there are [...]
27 July 2020

Anker daily and weekly offers with up to 26% discount

As was the case last week, from this Monday there will again be daily and weekly offers from Anker. This time the discounted products mainly include accessories from the main brand. But eufy and soundcore are also [...]
22 July 2020

Headphones, keyboard, car charger and more: AUKEY deals until the end of July

From today on there are exciting deals from AUKEY again. For the most part, these are accompanied by voucher codes that you can redeem during the Amazon payment process. This time there are a few products that are rarely available from AUKEY [...]
20 July 2020

Anchor Deals: Daily and weekly offers for up to 44% discount

This week the technology and accessories manufacturer Anker is again offering numerous products at lower prices. In addition to daily offers that are only valid on Monday, there are also weekly offers that ensure bargains until Sunday. Next […]
7 July 2020

Big discounts: EasyAcc power bank with 26.000 mAh for only 18,39 euros!

With the right Amazon discount codes, you can still buy two EasyAcc power banks for less until July 30, 2020. In addition to an external battery with 26.000 mAh for only € 18,39, there is also one with 20.000 mAh [...]
1 July 2020
Adobe CC 40% discount as an offer

Adobe Creative Cloud with 40% discount for just under 36 euros per month

If you are still dependent on Adobe's Creative Cloud and have not yet made the switch to Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher, you will surely get the usual price of almost 60 euros [...]
18 June 2020

AUKEY Deals: 3 USB-C products cheaper (short message)

Until Sunday, June 21, 2020, you can get three AUKEY products cheaper on Amazon. It is a power bank with a USB-C connection, a two-meter-long USB-C cable and an 18 W charger [...]