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14 December 2014
Mobile phone beanbag handmade

Smartphone sofa: my iPhone is now sitting on a cellphone beanbag!

Christmas time is really cool. You get gifts delivered without being asked, which you can also use! Yesterday a package arrived at my place, but I was only able to open it because I [...]
12 December 2014
CSL battery hand warmer

The best USB cordless pocket warmers for winter (2020/2021 update)

The post has become quite long now and I think many of you are not necessarily keen to read 15 minutes about the functions and properties of hand warmers. For this reason I have [...]
21 September 2014
Røde Podcaster and BeyerDynamic headphones

Sell ​​used USB microphones and headphones in a set for podcasters

Today something on my own behalf ... I would like to sell a used set consisting of a USB microphone, studio headphones, microphone holder and microphone spider. I bought the set about a year ago because one of my customers [...]
12 September 2014
iPhone 6 order

iPhone 6 ordered and sold out? Check availability online!

My iPhone 6 is reserved! Fortunately, I received a push message this morning that reported that the iPhone 6 was already being sold out. I immediately sat down at the Mac and my [...]
22 June 2014
Diablo 3 on the Mac

Diablo 3 on the Mac - is it worth buying a second-hand?

I have to admit, I was a real fan of the first and second versions of Diablo. I played both on the Mac and since I don't want a Windows PC, I also played on the third [...]
30 December 2013
Instant Hipster Photoshop Actions

Free retro effects for Photoshop as an actions collection

This week Creative Market is offering an interesting gift: "Instant Hipster". This is a collection with 19 actions that you can load into Photoshop and then click on your own [...]
15 November 2013
Adonit Jot Pro V3 Stylus

Adonit Dampening Jot Pro V3 at Amazon at a bargain price

If it had been up to [Steve-> steve-jobs], there would be no writing instruments for the iPad on the market today. He was firmly convinced that no one needed such a stylus, because everyone has [...]
7 November 2013
64 GB SDXC card from Transcend on offer

Transcend micro SDXC card with 64 GB class 10 with 39% discount

Currently there is a 64 GB [micro SDXC card-> micro-sdxc card] with SD card adapter at Amazon for 40,95 EUR and thus with a whole 39% discount. The card is a Class 10 SDXC card and therefore very good [...]
6 November 2013
Winter finger touchscreen gloves

Winter finger touchscreen gloves reduced by 20%

The cold season is approaching and your fingers are getting pretty frosty when you play around with your iPhone. But on the other hand, various glove manufacturers have already developed a recipe: touchscreen gloves! Of course, such gloves are not [...]
2 November 2013
Kindle Paperwhite HD offer

Buy Kindle Paperwhite for 99 EUR on Amazon!

Currently Amazon has bargain prices for the Kindle Paperwhite. Anyone who, as an Amazon Prime member, puts the Kindle Paperwhite with WLAN in the shopping basket and then enters the voucher code KINDLE99 at the checkout, receives the beautiful [...]