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29 September 2022
Dreame W10 Pro review

In the test: Dreame W10 Pro - wiping and vacuum cleaning robot with dock

Lately I've been very busy with vacuum cleaning robot tests. Apparently some manufacturers now have me as a serious tester on their screens, which means that my blog currently has a small focus on this product category. […]
14 September 2022
Review: Atomtack A10 Pro

In the test: Atomstack A10 Pro - strong, safe and high quality

Lately I've had a test report on one or the other laser cutter or laser engraver in the blog from time to time. Today, however, there is a report on a special device: the Atomstack A10 […]
31 August 2022
Smartmit Standing Fan 3 review

Smartmi Standing Fan 3 - smart stand fan with app in the test

I had not yet had a fan test in my blog, but the manufacturer Smartmi helped me to remedy this. You gave me the smart standing fan “Smartmi Standing Fan 3” for a […]
4 August 2022
Roborock auto-emptying station

Roborock auto dump station in black and white

If you're tired of emptying your vacuum's dust bin after each cycle, you can purchase Roborock's Auto-Drain Station to automate this process. The integrated suction function of the dock sucks the dust and […]
1 July 2022
USB-C charging cable with LED indicator

USB-C charging cable with power display - my pick of the KW14

I always notice little gadgets that I think are great. One of the last ones I got is a special charging cable with USB-C connectors on both sides and a small digital power meter on […]
30 June 2022
The Ortur Laser Master 3 has just come onto the market and Ortur is attracting customers with interesting discount campaigns.

Ortur Laser Master 3 Presale - Best Deals

Ortur laser cutters and engravers have been on my blog for a while. It started with testing the Ortur Aufero Laser 1 and continued with the Aufero Laser 2. There are currently […]
23 June 2022
JIGA GW1 Powerbank with 30.000 mAh in the test

JIGA GW1 in test: 30.000 mAh power bank with USB-C Power Delivery

Power banks are a device category that never ceases to fascinate me. They store an incredible amount of energy in the smallest of spaces and are incredibly practical in everyday life. My fascination with these things is certainly one reason why […]
19 May 2022
DJI Mini 2 better than DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Why the DJI Mini 2 might be better than the DJI Mini 3 Pro...

I ordered the DJI Mini 3 Pro a few days ago because I am very sure that this drone is another milestone in development. It is quieter than the DJI Mini […]
12 May 2022
SD card for the DJI Mini 3 Pro

[Solved] The best SD card for the DJI Mini 3 Pro

When I ordered my DJI Mini 3 Pro, it was already clear to me that DJI would not supply an SD card. Why you don't get a memory card with such a drone is still a mystery to me. Finally […]
11 May 2022
DJI Mini 3 Pro photo

DJI Mini 3 Pro – why I ordered the mini drone directly…

This article is about the DJI Mini 3 Pro, which DJI presented yesterday on May 10.5.2022, XNUMX. Why I am already enthusiastic about her and why I stayed away from drones for a long time […]