Mac accessories

29 September 2022

From Logitech, for Mac: keyboards and mice in matching colors

There are various keyboards and mice from Logitech for the Mac, the iMac, the MacBook and also for the iPad. Since new models have come onto the market this week, in this post we will […]
29 September 2022

5 macOS tips you should have known earlier

On the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook, you can adapt the macOS operating system in various ways and use shortcuts more quickly. Here in the Sir Apfelot blog you will find numerous guides and instructions that […]
20 September 2022
This is how you can solve the ImageCaptureCore error

Mac: ImageCaptureCore Error 9956 and Others - How to Fix Them

I received a message from a reader that after the update to iOS 16, when reading his photos from the iPhone to the Mac, he keeps getting an error message and the transfer process aborts. The message […]
19 September 2022

Mac problem solved: Images in Messages app don't appear large when double-clicked

The Messages app on the Mac does not display images sent via iMessage in their original size when double-clicked? This is a bug that can appear in different versions of macOS. He often seems […]
2 September 2022

Select reference mode on MacBook Pro, Pro Display XDR and Studio Display

Various reference modes for displaying graphics and video content can be selected on the current MacBook Pro and on the two monitors Apple Pro Display XDR and Apple Studio Display. These include Apple XDR Display (P3, 1600 nits), HDR Video (P3-ST 2084), HDTV Video […]
1 September 2022

Without mouse and trackpad: Use the dock with the keyboard

Linked apps and open program windows can be selected via the macOS dock. In addition, the Launchpad and the Trash can be opened via the Mac dock. But what if the mouse doesn’t work or […]
26 August 2022

MacBook repair as a self-service: iFixit criticizes Apple

As shown a few days ago, the Apple Self Service for repairing MacBook models with M1 chips has started in the USA. At the time of the article, the corresponding manuals were not yet available. Now are […]
19 August 2022

Strong recommendation: Update to Safari 15.6.1 on macOS Catalina and Big Sur

After I advised you yesterday to install the latest versions of macOS, iOS and iPadOS on compatible devices, today the Safari browser is on the agenda. The app has to run under […]
19 August 2022
Anker 737 24K PowerCore power bank review

Anker 737 (PowerCore 24K) – 140 watt MacBook power bank in review

At just under 737 euros BUVP, the Anker 150 power bank is definitely the most expensive power bank that I have been able to test so far. But with an output power of 140 watts, it is definitely the most powerful. The question is […]
18 August 2022

Apple Mac Pro with M chip: This could be the data

As part of Apple's now traditional September keynote, a new iPhone will certainly be presented again this year, several even. Various Apple Watch models and a new iPad are also likely to be launched. Rumors about the events […]