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4 August 2022

Web Search Trick: Find results of a specific page faster

Are you looking for a specific Apple guide for the iPhone, but the search engine only returns advertising-laden websites? Or are you looking for a specific Mac support document that gets lost among links to numerous Apple blogs? [...]
8 July 2022

What is a favicon?

Not only those who program websites or develop plugins for web browsers have probably heard of the word favicon. You may have come across the term fav icon as a synonym for it. But what is behind it? [...]
10 May 2022
Web designer or website builder

5 different ways to create a website

What exactly do you intend to do when it comes to building your business? Whether you want to start a blog, set up an online shop, or create a freelance portfolio, the first step is deciding how […]
21 April 2022

Mobile-First Design – Why the smartphone is so important in web design (Sponsor)

Web design is not only about making a website look good, but above all about making it work. This includes the integration of text and images as well as the implementation of animations, videos, buttons, forms and the like […]
17 March 2022 logo – mark up websites – pick the KW05

Most readers should already be aware that the Mac can be used to add markers, arrows and notes to screenshots very easily and beautifully. This works great with the marking tool in the preview app. But what […]
11 February 2022
JavaScript code snippet

JavaScript: Highlight text in textarea and copy to clipboard

When I'm looking for solutions for my customer websites, I always stumble upon code snippets that are generally very useful. So that I can also remember them, they simply receive a post in my blog. Contents […]
30 November 2021
Article Forge in the test

AI-based article generator "Article Forge V3.0" in the test with German language

In the last one to two years, more and more companies have come onto the market and offer online services that offer the creation of blog posts or articles with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The first […]
20 November 2021
Link Chest - List of High DR backlinks

Link Chest: strong link options for everyone - my pick of the KW45

My goodness ... I'm really behind when it comes to the picks of the week, but it's my turn! For calendar week 45 I have a nice straggler who should be interesting for every website owner, [...]
11 October 2021
Gtranslate Wordpress plugin for automatic translation WordPress plugin for automatic translation - my pick of the week in KW38

It's time I worked up the "picks of the week" a bit, because I've been behind for weeks, so here's my pick for week 38: I've really been grappling with the idea for years, [...]