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19 September 2022
YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium: Prices, benefits, termination - all in this post

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the internet. Many people use YouTube to watch and share videos. YouTube also offers a paid membership called YouTube Premium. This is a monthly […]
12 September 2022

Apple TV+ updates - Popular content, compatible devices and free usage

The Apple TV+ streaming offering may not be as big or as widespread as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but it's still worth a look or two. With both the Apple TV set-top box and the Apple […]
12 September 2022
Long-term test of Readly's magazine flat rate

[Update] My experience with the magazine subscription

I've booked the Readly service for almost two years and the whole time I've been planning to write a little post about my experience with it. Somehow it always didn't "fit", but after Apple recently released its [...]
8 September 2022

Try Readly: 6.000+ magazines & newspapers, curated content and individual feed (sponsor)

If you've been loyal to the Sir Apfelot Blog for some time, then you also know Readly. This is a web service and a mobile app that you can use to access thousands of magazines, […]
3 September 2022
Base Chat and the free number

What is base chat?

Base-Chat is a voice community that was founded in 2010 and has around 2022 users as of summer 155.000. It provides landline numbers for several countries. Dialing in is free in the basic version. Whoever dials the number [...]
2 September 2022
Audiobooks for free

Download audio books for free – the best legal sources

Some audio books are available for a fee and some are free. If they cost something, there are larger price differences between the providers because, unlike printed books, audio books and eBooks are not subject to statutory price fixing […]
27 August 2022

Amazon Kindle Unlimited – Costs, Advantages, Disadvantages and Cancellation

Kindle Unlimited is a service provided by Amazon. This is a subscription model for reading e-books and listening to audio books, and selected e-magazines are also available. To the […]
25 August 2022

Draw a YouTube comment lottery: Here's how!

If you have a channel on YouTube with regular video uploads and a good amount of subscribers, you might want to run a sweepstakes every now and then. Or maybe you just want to understand how successful creators […]
24 August 2022

Web game: Design the next iPhone yourself

Design a new iPhone and present it with the help of Tim Cook? You can do that with a new web game called Design the Next iPhone. This can be used free of charge in the web browser to connect an iPhone with a camera, Apple, […]
4 August 2022

freevee – Content from Amazon Prime Video for free with advertisements

I already announced it to you in mid-April, and the time has now come: With Amazon Prime Video you can watch selected content (films, series, documentaries) free of charge with advertising. What is known in the US as “IMDb […]