Parallels Deal: Parallels Desktop 16 with a 10% discount until October 31.10.2020, XNUMX

With Parallels Desktop you can use Windows in a program window under macOS on the Mac. Parallels Desktop 16 is compatible with macOS 11.0 Big Sur and enables the direct exchange of files and folders between the Apple operating system and Windows with just a few clicks. The fast software, which promises a good workflow with both systems at the same time, works with Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. Individual adjustments to your own use (development, games, productivity, etc.) can be made with one click. Thanks to the discount code mentioned below, you will receive a 10% discount.

Get a 31.10.2020% discount on Parallels Desktop with the following code until October 10, XNUMX and buy the VM software for Windows on your Apple Mac at a lower price!
Get a 31.10.2020% discount on Parallels Desktop with the following code until October 10, XNUMX and buy the VM software for Windows on your Apple Mac at a lower price!

Parallels Deal: Buy Parallels Desktop 16 with a 10% discount

The deal is still valid up to and including Saturday, October 31, 2020. You can redeem the necessary discount code D75-M6L-CCJ via this link to the product website. There you will not only find the option to buy Parallels Desktop 16. All advantages including screenshots and animations are also presented there again. You will also find a note on the different versions of the software. The discount code shown is valid for these versions:

  • Parallels Desktop (Perpetual License)
  • Parallels Desktop PRO (1 year license)
  • Parallels Desktop Standard (1 year license) 
  • Parallels Desktop Business

What's New in Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac?

This question is addressed by the developers in a small Video explained, which was uploaded to YouTube in August. There are more demonstrations of the virtual execution of Microsoft Windows on the Apple Mac on the corresponding YouTube channel. For example, a week ago a video was uploaded showing how to use Parallels Desktop on a Mac to play the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires III. But other topics that differ from gaming are of course covered with instructions and tutorials;)

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3 Responses to “Parallels Deal: Parallels Desktop 16 with 10% discount until 31.10.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX”

  1. I still haven't fully understood the pricing.
    Allegedly, the normal version costs € 79,99 once and the pro edition costs € 99 per year.

    Since you can't avoid an annual update (at least not if you work productively with the latest versions of the operating systems every day), the alternative would be 79 € and then 49 € / year or the Pro edition and then € 99 per year. Or so the assumption.

    But: If you first take the standard edition for 79 €, then you get an offer for 49 € the following year - either once for the standard edition or annually for the pro edition, i.e. the latter for 49 € instead of the regular 99 € / year.

    At least that is the case with me (for over 5 years) and my colleagues (last year) and I think that they will not change anything in the future.

    The update is definitely worth the € 49. Of course there are alternatives such as Virtual Box etc., but then tinkering is back in fashion. The integration of Parallels is a world of its own and VMware Fusion now beats the update with 109,99 € (Pro) or 87,99 € for the normal version.

    And not to be forgotten are the features like "prlctl" in the Pro Edition, which you can use to easily start and stop Windows services via Shell or AppleScript and much more...

  2. 1. Hmm, whether the future Macs with Apple Silicon will also be supported has not yet been announced, I think. Perhaps it would have been worth a sentence.

    2. Comment from Dirk: I recently read that VMware is releasing a free player (the previous standard version?) ...


    1. To 1: No. That is not their area of ​​expertise. They do virtualization and not emulation. I rather think that it is going - if at all - in the direction that MS will also offer a 64-bit ARM Windows version (with full x86 and x64 support - which has been announced). So far, however, all of this is only available for OEMs - i.e. for device manufacturers, which also makes sense, because it saves them all the driver fuss and the support of a wide variety of (self-made) configurations. So I don't have much hope. I would spare myself that too.

      To 2: I understood that, just never found one. Currently there is only one so-called VMWare Fusion 12 player (which probably corresponds to the standard edition) at a bargain price of € 163,99. The Pro version is available for € 218,98. I am quite satisfied with the PD version for 49 € / year.

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