Pick of the week - our recommendations in 2023

Behind the Pick of the week hides a recommendation from the Sir Apfelot editorial team, made by Lynne, Johannes or Jens. We thought about this section because we always stumble across products, software or other things that are absolutely recommendable, but so far we haven't had the time to write a long review. Sometimes it can also be picks that don't really have anything to do with Apple and Co., but should still be mentioned because they have proven themselves in everyday life.

The picks of the week are special recommendations from the Sir Apfelot team - new every week.
The picks of the week are special recommendations from the Sir Apfelot team - new every week.

As previously mentioned: So far, many such devices, accessories or also Apps We've been neglected time and again, but we've decided to change that and give you regular recommendations for the weekend, because the picks are also mentioned in the newsreel.

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List of previous picks for 2023

  • KW01: Qifi.org
    With the Qifi.org website, you can create WiFi QR codes that make it easy to share your own WiFi access with visitors or friends.
  • KW02: Canva Color Wheel and ColorSpace
    With these two tools you can easily find a suitable color for a website or a logo.
  • KW03: folding camping table from KingCamp
    My new bookkeeping table, which is unfolded once a month and is otherwise in the transport bag waiting to be used.
  • Week 04: Apple Fitness+
    No fitness app has brought me as much fun and motivation as this one. That's why she became my recommendation.
  • KW05: memory foam travel pillow
    This week, my pick is a small travel pillow from Third of Life, which is filled with memory foam, making it both space-saving and cosy. Perfect for power naps.
  • KW06: LK Protective Case for Apple Watch
    This case is my pick because you can put it on and take it off very quickly. In this way I can protect the watch for sports activities and then enjoy the "normal", elegant look of the watch again.
  • KW07: adhesive bandage
    If you need a plaster now and then, you can take a look at these self-adhesive plasters. I'm really excited about these glue-free things.
  • KW08: IR auxiliary light for the meta quest 2
    With the Quest 2 it is difficult to play in semi-darkness because the sensors then “see” nothing. With this infrared light from NEWZEROL you can even play VR in complete darkness.
  • KW09: Resealable cable ties
    If you are looking for a practical help for cable organization, you can take a look at these cable ties, the closure of which can be opened again. This means they can be used again and again as often as you like.
  • KW10: AirPods Doctor
    Replacing the AirPods battery is quite expensive with Apple, but definitely affordable with the AirPods Doctor. The provider also offers great support.
  • KW11: GOYO voice isolator
    With this audio plugin you can use AI to remove ambient noise and reverberation from voice recordings and emphasize the language.
  • KW12: Sugru by Tesa
    For me, the kneading glue is always a good choice when you need a bit of "mass" to fill something or to form a spare part.
  • Week 13: Tesa Pack dispenser PACK'N'GO
    This packaging tape dispenser is very easy to use and threading in a new packaging tape is done quickly.

Sorry, after week 13 it got kind of stressful and we weren't able to continue maintaining the picks.

Unsellable “Recommended Label”

No company can buy the pick of the week. We only recommend apps, accessories and devices that we really own and have tried out ourselves. You are welcome to give us tips on devices, accessories, apps or the like, which from your point of view are worth a "pick". We like to take a look and - with a lot of luck - they will be featured here.

Of course, I would like to run my blog completely without advertising and affiliate links. So it would be obvious that the opinion in the articles is not influenced by money.

Unfortunately, I cannot do without the advertising income, because the expenses for hosting and external help are not insignificant monthly and in the end we all somehow have to make a living. But I want to assure you that neither Johannes, Lynne nor I would ever recommend a product just because we could earn some money with it. If something is nonsense or deserves criticism, this is what it is said here.

My blogger honor and your trust in the recommendations you will find at Sir Apfelot are too important to risk both here because of financial interests.

I hope that these lines show you that one can certainly have confidence in the “picks” from us - even if we earn something with one or the other.

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