Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6 (+ Event Announcement)

Last September, Apple did 6th generation iPad mini presented. Pitaka now has an ingenious case with a charging function for the tablet and the Apple Pencil. Today it is for that Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro give an 6% discount for the iPad mini 8 as an introductory gift. You do not need a voucher code or coupon for this. According to the manufacturer, the discount is granted directly upon purchase. In addition to the usual Pitaka protection made of aramid fiber, the iPad mini case also has a magnetic charging connection on the back and a charging clip for the Apple Pencil 2. The case is also compatible with the MagEZ charging stand for the iPad mini 6. 

Here you can see the Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro for the iPad mini 6 with the Pita!Flow Charger and the MagEZ Charging Stand in action.
Here you can see the Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro for the iPad mini 6 with the Pita!Flow Charger and the MagEZ Charging Stand in action.

Smart case for iPad mini (6th gen) and Apple Pencil 2

The new Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro for the iPad mini 6 from 2021 has an internal USB-C connection. This connects the Apple tablet to the case so that the charging current, which is fed in via the back of the case, reaches the battery of the device. It can also be used to charge the Apple Pencil 2 via a clip on the side. The magnetic charger can be rotated to suit portrait and landscape mode. In addition to the Pita!Flow Charger on the cable, a stand designed for the iPad mini 6 and the Pitaka case can also be used to increase the use and charging of the tablet.

PITAKA Case for iPad Mini 6 2021 Magnetic Rechargeable Protective Case Wireless Charging Cases with...
  • Support for wireless charging: With this case you simply plug in the charger (included in the package), ...
  • Comprehensive protection: The reinforced TPU frame with integrated airbags ensures effective shock absorption when ...
  • Made of high-quality aramid fibers: The iPad case is made of high-quality aramid fibers that are lightfast and durable, ...

Pitaka Ecosystem Live Event: New Product Launch

Not only is there news from Pitaka about the new iPad case, but also about a live event. It will be the company's first live event since inception. Founder James will present the Pitaka concept and new products. Exactly what will be presented is still a secret. The stream of the event starts in Germany tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. It is officially announced for today, Tuesday, at 21:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (US). I probably won't watch it live, but I'll catch up on the presentation tomorrow. If you want to forestall me, you can find the corresponding YouTube player here:

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