Sir Apfelot’s publication principles

At Sir Apfelot, we place great value on transparency, quality and ethical principles. Our publishing principles reflect our commitment to providing our readers with reliable and valuable information. These principles are the foundation of our editorial work and guide us in the creation and publication of our content.

Image of a publishing office (AI-generated)
Our home office isn't quite that big... we all work separately, but the AI ​​image here was just a nice fit (Image: Midjourney AI).

Goals and Mission

Our goal is to provide beginners and advanced technology enthusiasts - with a special focus on Apple users - with troubleshooting guides and news on current developments. Our recommendations for devices or software are always based on our own experience and not on monetary interests.

Contents and topics

We cover a wide range of topics including:

  • News about Apple technology
  • Ideas about software and hardware
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials

Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of our content, we always test our tutorials on our own devices and adapt the instructions to new systems. News is compared with several sources to prevent fake news. We get information daily from several internationally recognized websites on Apple and technology.

Transparency and independence

Our articles are written by authors who have many years of experience with Apple devices and software. Each article is usually proofread by another author. Affiliate links and advertisements on the page are clearly marked. Sponsored posts have the word “Sponsor” in the headline.

ethics and responsibility

We attach great importance to ethical principles and responsibilities. Our content should be honest, fair and respectful. We distance ourselves from any form of discrimination and racism and are committed to respectful and open communication.

Reader interaction

Insulting, racist comments or false information will be deleted immediately. Other opinions are accepted and comments will be moderated and answered as quickly as possible.


Our site is financed through affiliate links, sponsored posts and advertisements. All of these monetizations are marked accordingly. Our opinion on the products provided is always honest and is not influenced by the provision of the products.

Copyright and sources

If we use information from other sources, these are indicated as the source and linked. We protect copyright and do not copy content 1:1 without consulting the source.

Use of AI

We do not use AI to write complete articles, but only to improve wording or to structure content we have researched. Generative image AI is used to create illustrations for articles. These illustrations are marked accordingly.

Continuous improvement

We regularly revise instructions and tutorials to adapt them to new operating system versions and devices. Test reports are supplemented when we have long-term experience with the products.

My tips & tricks about technology & Apple

In the Sir Apfelot Blog you will find advice, instructions and reviews on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Studio.