Reader's question: Can you couple an IP camera with WPS to a router without WPS support?

D-Link DCS-942L IP camera should be connected to LTE routers without WPS.

A reader recently asked me: “D-Link DCS 942LB IP Camera with Router TP-Link M5350 – My problem: how does the IP Cam with WPS recognize the router without WPS?”

The D-Link WLAN camera DCS 942LB is a day and night vision camera that can also deliver black and white images at night via infrared. The TP-Link M5350 is a 3G / UMTS router that can be used on the move. Possible areas of application for this combination are, for example, the monitoring of holiday homes or other buildings that do not have their own DSL. However, the router can only work for 6-7 hours with the built-in battery. For this reason, a supply via the power pack is certainly sensible for this purpose. For what purpose the reader uses the IP camera, however, I have not yet found out.

My answer

Unfortunately, the WPS only helps you a little if both devices support this function. In your case, the Cam Connect to the Fritz! Box via WPS, but not with a router that doesn't support WPS. Of course you can still use the two devices together, because the WPS is only a "simplification" of the procedure.

D-Link DCS-942L IP camera should be connected to LTE routers without WPS.
The D-Link DCS-942L IP camera is to be connected to an LTE router without WPS (Photo: D-LINK).

Manual setup possible without WPS

All you have to do is take a look at how to set up the camera:

Usually you go with him Browser to a specific IP and then finds the configuration interface of the camera. There you then enter the WLAN data so that the camera can latch into the WLAN. Exactly how it works is certainly in the link above in the FAQ for the camera.

Feedback from the reader: Purchase of a new LTE router with WPS

Moin Jens, since I couldn't find a solution, I bought a Speedport LTE ll (type designation: Huawei B593u-12) with WPS. I think it can communicate with the D-LINK WiFi camera. Thank you for your help.

Note from Sir Apfelot

It's a shame the IP camera setup didn't work. By switching to the LTE router, however, not only is setup via WPS easier, but transmission via LTE should also be faster and more reliable.

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