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SetApp Apple Mac full versions free download free subscription subscription programs for MacBook without ads

SetApp is a Mac app that brings you programs as a full version by subscription, so that you always have the software you need ready at a fixed price - without high-priced suites, without demo version, without annual fees and without advertising. Behind it is the software company MacPaw, which in California has such practical apps as CleanMyMac, Gemini, Hider, Encrypto, CleanMyDrive, CleanMyPC, Listen and DevMate. Of course, SetApp also offers these programs for the Apple Mac and MacBook, but dozens more too.

Update Aug 2020: Setapp now offers over 190 apps in the full version for a total (!) Of only around 10 euros per month. More details can be found in this post.

Update March 2023: The Setapp range is constantly growing, and so you can still get over 240 full versions for a small subscription price.

SetApp brings you over 190

Try SetApp for free, subscribe at a coffee price

Two latte macchiato, this is how the SetApp subscription price is compared. In return, you can expect full-fledged programs from a wide variety of application areas without advertising and without in-app purchases. If you want to get an insight, this commercial from 2017 can help you (German subtitles are available):

This link takes you to the provider's website.

Update 2020: These Mac apps are included as a full version in Setapp

This paragraph is an insert from August 2020. Since I wrote this post in 2017, a lot has happened with the MacPaw software subscription. There are no longer just 67 apps, but now over 190. And new ones are constantly being added! Over the past three years I have presented you with numerous subscription Mac programs in detail. Here is a little insight into the current selection (I have linked the presented apps):

  • Maintenance: Gemini, CleanMyMac X, Wi-Fi explorer, iStat Menus, Get Backup Pro, Disk Drill, ChronoSync Express, NetSpot, Spotless, Declutter, Endurance, AnyTrans for iOS, AnyTrans for Android, Meta, etc.
  • Productivity: Paste, 2Do, PDF Search, Taskheat, MindNode, Pagico, XMind, Rocket Typist, CloudMounter, Commander One, JustStream, iThoughtsX, Timing, Time Out, TaskPaper, Be Focused, Cloud Outliner, HazeOver, Numi, GoodTask, Lacona, InstaCal, Workspaces, TeaCode, SideNodes, World Clock Pro, Mosaic, Mate Translate, Unclutter, Dropsphere, Unibox, ForkLift, Lungo, Focus, NotePlan, TextSoap, Inboard, Secrets, IM+, BetterTouchTool, Prizmo, BusyCal, BusyContacts, Canary Mail, uBar, DCommander, Strike, Dropzone, PDFpen, Cleanshot X, iMeeting , PliimPRO, Diagrams, Meeter, Swish, etc.
  • Mac hacks: Archiver, Renamer, PDF Squeezer, Commander One, Remote Mouse, Jump Desktop, Screens, Permute, iFlicks, Shimo, Lacoma, BetterZip, Tripmode, Declutter, Secrets, Bartender, MacPilot, ToothFairy, Unite, Beepify, Pulltube, Batteries, etc.
  • Developer tools: SQLPro Studio, Marked, Base, Simon, RapidWeaver, Hype, CodeRunner, SQLPro for SQLite, Paw, Expressions, TablePlus, Flawless, IconJar, Folio, Espresso, PixelSnap, Coherenxe X, Core Shell, Proxyman, Goldie App, Sketch Export for Xcode, Glyphfinder, Mockuuups Studio, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, Gitfox, SSH COnfig Editor,VirtualHostX, XCOr ganizer, diagrams, webfont, etc.
  • Task Management: Aeon Timeline, Merlin Project Express, BusyCal, BusyContacts, Timemator, etc.
  • Writing & blogging: Ulysses, Marked, Focused, Manuscripts, Mate Translate, Prizmo, Diarly, etc.
  • Education: Findings, Studies, Wokabulary, KeyKey Typing Tutor, MarginNote, MathKey, PocketCAS, etc.
  • Lifestyle: WallpaperWizard, Elmedia Player, Uplet, Time Out, Chronicle, Boom 3D, PhotoBulk, Gifox, MoneyWiz, Swift Publisher, Forecast Bar, Downie, Home Inventory, ChatMate for WhatsApp, Movie Explorer Pro, Noizio, News Explorer, Photolemur, WaitingList, Unibox, NotePlan, MacGourmet Deluxe, TouchRetouch, IM +, GlueMotion, Movist Pro, Beamer, Meta, etc.
  • creativity: Sip, Image2Icon, Squash, Capto, n-Track Studio, Tayasui Sketches, Aquarelo, Folio, CamaraBag Pro, Emulsion, MetalImage, Typeface, FotoMagico Pro, Luminar Flex, etc.
  • Personal finance: Chronicle, UnctoX, Moonitor, GigEconomy, Receipts, etc.

Update 2020: Setapp for iOS as an app subscription for iPhone and iPad

In the meantime, Setapp is not only available for macOS on the Apple Mac, but also as an additional function for a few euros more per month for iOS / iPadOS. The apps available for this are noted in a separate category in the Mac app. You can get it on mobile devices at no additional cost (except for the Setapp subscription) by scanning the QR codes displayed on the Mac, iMac or MacBook. I have shown you the extended offer in detail here: Setapp for iPhone and iPad - iOS app flat rate like on a Mac.

FAQ: Information about the program collection for the Mac

By day Website of the provider is currently only in English, I have translated the most important questions and answers as well as further information about SetApp so that you have a better insight into the program:

How many apps can users find and install from the SetApp folder?
There is currently a selection 67 190 240+ programs that make various tasks on the Mac easier. On the SetApp website, apps can be suggested for inclusion in the program.

What happens after the 30-day free trial?
You will receive an email as a reminder five days before the trial period ends. If you want to continue to use the program, simply enter payment information in your user account so that the subscription price can be debited from you.

How and when can you do that Cancel subscription?
The user account or membership in SetApp can be terminated at any time. To do this, you simply use the settings in the user area on the provider's website.

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What if I already have some of the apps on offer installed?
Of course, these apps can still be used in the original version. Or you can simply switch to the SetApp version, which has some advantages. For example, there is no advertising, no in-app purchases and large (and small) updates as well as annual updates are included. In addition to the existing programs, there is also other useful software.

If I buy a new Mac, can I transfer SetApp?
Yes of course. To do this, SetApp can simply be deactivated on the old Mac. It is then simply reinstalled and activated on the new computer.

This link takes you to the provider's website.

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4 Responses to “SetApp – program flat rate for the Mac with subscription apps at a fixed price”

  1. No added value compared to the Setapp website. In particular, both are silent about what happens after a subscription is canceled.

    1. Hello Jurgen! What do you mean, "what happens if the subscription is canceled"? I think it's obvious what happens... it happened after every subscription you cancel: you no longer get the service. In other words, you will no longer be able to use the apps you obtained from SetApp (unless you buy them outside of Setapp).
      But if you mean something else, I'll be happy to ask support. I am already trying to clarify any questions that might be open.
      LG! Jens

      1. Hi Jens,

        that was exactly the reason to visit your site. But here it is almost literally what is on the Setapp page.

        That being said, I've been buying the apps I'm interested in for a long time. So my question was almost academic.

        Still, thanks for the clarification.

        Best Regards

        1. Hello Jurgen! Sorry if it seems redundant to you. But we wanted to introduce the service and we don't have any more information than can be found on the website. I felt like you: I also use some of the apps that can be found in SetApp and have already bought them. In the meantime, however, there are updates for some and Ulysses already has a subscription model at the start. So it was easy for me to switch to SetApp. What I didn't think about at first, but which is a nice side effect of having SetApp: You look through the list more often and try out apps that you wouldn't normally buy separately because it's too complicated or expensive to buy them separately to buy. Sometimes you don't know if they actually help you in everyday life and you can try it out with Setapp without hesitation and if you like it you can simply "keep" the app without buying it separately.
          Now we have an information on the page that is not on SetApp. Thanks for your incentive to do so. : D LG! Jens

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