Short test: Avantek Magic Cube Bluetooth speaker - a good box for the kitchen, bathroom and desk

Tayogo Magic Cube speaker

Shortly before Christmas I got the offer to test a Bluetooth speaker: the Avantek Magic Cube (available for just under 15 EUR on Amazon). And as if the Christ Child had planned it, the loudspeaker came on December 24.12th. at me. I unpacked it right away and quickly took a few photos for you before I tried it out. The look is an eye-catcher, because the cube does not only look like a cube, it also reminded me of a Borg spaceship from Star Trek - only that there is usually no play / pause button. ;-)

Avantek Magic Cube speakers
Mobile Avantek Magic Cube loudspeaker with Bluetooth 4.0 transmission - good sound for a small price (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

Technical specifications of the Avantek Magic Cube BT speaker

As always, I find the technical data of such devices not unimportant, so that you know which Bluetooth version the speaker supports and how long the battery lasts. For this reason, here is brief information from the manufacturer's paper:

  • Bluetooth version: CSR 4.0
  • Bluetooth Working Distance: up to 20 meters (65 feet)
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Battery life: <20 h
  • Standby time: <300 h
  • Battery capacity: 2.600 mAh
  • Charging time: approx. 1,5 h
  • Charging voltage: 5 volts
  • Dimensions: 9 9 x x 9 cm

I tested the range: The iPhone was in the kitchen and I walked through a 6-7 m long hallway and then around a corner into another room. The reception remained flawless without dropouts. The 20 meter range in "open terrain" sounds realistic from my point of view.

Practical test in everyday life: sound and operation

Sound quality - good sound in the price range

As always, I tried out the Bluetooth speaker with various styles of music. So this time I took the bass test song “Dancehall Caballeros” from Seed on the recommendation of a forum writer. If you then place the Bluetooth "scream cube" in a corner on the floor (to improve the bass) and turn up the volume, you can definitely get an impressive sound image. But even without tricks, the loudspeaker is absolutely suitable for sound reinforcement at work, while cooking or while bathing.

Due to the cube construction, it has a lot of "space" for a decent sound. I had already tested loudspeakers of this size, which could convey significantly less volume. For that reason a good result for the Avantek Magic Cube. Loudspeakers in the price segment of over 200 euros can offer even better sound - but a comparison with this price segment would be a bit unfair. The Tayogo Magic Cube Bluetooth speaker is definitely a "value for money" tip.

Photos of the Tayogo bluetooth speaker
A few photos of the Avantek Bluetooth speaker with controls and the design of the box.

Operation: Everything ready via Bluetooth remote control

The operation of the loudspeaker is simple and practical thanks to the multifunction buttons: Song forwards / backwards, louder / quieter, play / pause, call acceptance and on / off can be conveniently controlled on the loudspeaker. Thanks to the built-in microphone, the cube can also be used as a hands-free device if you want to briefly answer a call. However, I cannot judge the voice quality because I have not tested this feature.

The operation via the buttons on the top of the cube works perfectly. The volume buttons directly control the volume of the iPhone and the display of the iPhone also informs you about the battery level of the Bluetooth speaker - another helpful feature.

Conclusion: Recommended mobile loudspeaker at a low price

My conclusion is quickly explained: Good sound, low price and functional operation make the small mobile battery-powered Bluetooth speaker a recommendation if, for example, you want to spice up the sound of your MacBook while you are working. The small box should also cut a fine figure as a kitchen or bathroom speaker. Features such as coupling two speakers to form a stereo pair are not available for the price. Still, I think it's a good choice for EUR 15.


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