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In addition to the big iPhone update to iOS 17.4, there was a few other Apple and tech news that caught my eye this week. And that's exactly why you're getting a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel today. This time I'll show you which links I noted in calendar week 10 of 2024. Included are, among other things, these reports: Nvidia could suffer the “Tesla fate” after AI hype, Apple shares the stories of three app developers, outlook on iOS 18 and macOS 15, Apple TV+ blockbusters almost became a loss, MacBook with foldable 20-inch display in planning, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 10 of 2024 you will find these reports, among others: New features in iOS 17.4, Nvidia hype could become "Tesla fate", three developer stories, outlook on iOS 18 and macOS 15, plans for foldable MacBook display, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 10 of 2024 you will find these reports, among others: New features in iOS 17.4, Nvidia hype could become “Tesla fate”, three developer stories, outlook on iOS 18 and macOS 15, plans for foldable MacBook display, and more!

Apple has released the update to iOS 17.4

The new iOS update plays an important role, especially in the EU. Because here there is now a certain opening of the iPhone system. In addition to alternative app stores, this also refers to alternative payment methods for apps and in-app purchases from Apple's software department store, the use of payment apps and wallets for contactless payment (“tap to pay”), and more. Here you can find the posts I wrote to you this week on other big update points:

The rise and fall: How Nvidia could meet the “Tesla fate”.

The chip manufacturer Nvidia, best known for its gaming graphics cards, is currently experiencing an upswing due to the AI ​​hype. After the graphics cards in question recently found high sales because of Bitcoin mining, they are now special AI chips, which puts the company in the black. But it's not just the individual product sales (2023 showed above-average growth here) that is to blame, but also and above all the speculation on the stock market. Investors are betting on the rapid growth of the AI ​​industry and therefore on its well-known big players. So on Nvidia.

However, the stock market price and, not least, the associated company could fall victim to the fate that already befell Tesla, a supposed pioneer in its industry. After great promises and future prospects as well as the large-scale investments that accompanied them from 2017, the case followed. “We have seen time and time again that logic takes a back seat when investors fall in love with the idea of ​​the technological innovation du jour“said Adam Sarhan, founder and CEO of 50 Park Investments, in an interview. “And when emotions take over, there is no upper limit.“Big losses due to a price crash are possible. (Which)

International Women's Day: Apple shares the stories of three female app developers

Under the headline "Three app developers are shaping the future of education, fitness and healthThis week, Apple revealed the stories behind the apps Boddle Learning by Edna Martinson, Run Legends by Jenny Xu and Wysa by Jo Aggarwal. The three are graduates of the Entrepreneur Camp, which is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary. “The Entrepreneur Camp underlines Apple's ethos that apps should be made for everyone by everyone“, It says in the press release. There you will find all the stories in full length.

The three apps are the following offers:

  • Boddle learning: 3D game for learning and applying mathematics
  • Run Legends: Interactive fitness game that is the first “Social Fitness RPG”  is described
  • wysa: A mental health app with solutions for different concerns

These accessibility updates will be available in iOS 18 and macOS 15

According to insider information, there will be new operating aids in the iPhone and Mac operating systems that will be presented at WWDC24 in June. Or better said: existing operating aids should be expanded. There should be customizable voice commands to trigger individual auxiliary functions. Instead of searching for them via the settings or using the side button respectively action-button To trigger this, operating aids could be activated and controlled via voice short command.

In addition, for live speech the use of categories can be introduced. Prefabricated phrases, sentences and paragraphs should be able to be packed into suitable categories so that they are ready for everyday work, a presentation, a phone call with family or the like - without getting confused. In addition to names, the categories should be marked with symbols. And finally, macOS 15 should bring the ability to individually adjust the font size for individual Apple apps. By Calendar, Finder, Mail, Messages and Notes (Instructions for macOS 14) this should then also be possible in books, news and stocks (Which).

EU demands 1,84 billion euros in fines, Apple argues against it

After several complaints from Spotify, the EU has now asked Apple to pay 1,84 billion euros. This is justified by the disadvantageous treatment of music streaming offers (such as Spotify) and the preference for the company's own “Apple Music” offer on iPhone, Mac and Co. The fact that Apple did not allow it also plays into this that music streaming services were allowed to offer cheap offers via the Apple App Store (e.g. subscriptions that are taken out via the provider's website). Apple has announced that it will appeal the EU's decision. This could lead to a long legal battle. This is what Bloomberg assumes.

In addition, Apple is publicly arguing against the EU's decision and showing in detail how Spotify should benefit from Apple's platforms and tools free of charge. Under the headline "The App Store, Spotify and the growing digital music market in Europe“It is not only criticized how often Spotify is said to have complained to the EU, but also that the music streaming service can live on its devices and in its operating systems without paying Apple. There are already over 250.000 APIs and Spotify would use 60 Apple frameworks. In addition, the app review would be accelerated if desired. You can find the entire rebuttal here in the Apple Newsroom.

Apple TV+ blockbusters are loss-making movies at the box office, but profitable overall

Apple's films and series streaming takes place via the “Apple TV+” offer. There are numerous in-house productions of different sizes and different budgets. In addition to distribution via Apple TV+, Apple recently also showed three films in cinemas. And although they grossed a three-digit million sum there, they were far from covering the production costs.

The three films “Killers of the Flower Moon”, “Napoleon” and “Argylle” are said to have cost a total of over 700 million US dollars. The cinema screenings only brought in $466 million. Revenue from Apple TV+ (€9,99 per month) could not completely compensate for this. The third sales channel, rental and sale of digital film copies between the cinema and streaming offerings, with prices ranging from $19,99 to $24,99, is said to have created the necessary balance (Which).

MacBook with foldable 20-inch display is expected to appear in 2027

Three sources known for their Apple analyzes and predictions are now reporting on a MacBook model that will come onto the market in the coming years with a 20-inch display. The display of the Apple laptop should be foldable. According to the latest insider report from Ming-Chi Kuo, the MacBook, which is scheduled to go into mass production in 2027, is currently the only Apple device with a foldable display that has a concrete development schedule. This means that iPhones and iPads with foldable displays (which Apple is definitely working on or has been working on) shouldn't be expected any time soon (sources: 1, 2).

New MacBook Air with M3 chip can be ordered from Amazon

Earlier this week Apple introduced the new MacBook Air with M3 chip. This can be purchased with a 13-inch or 15-inch display. It is available in stores from today. In addition, the pre-ordered units will be delivered starting today. But we also spotted the new Apple laptop on Amazon. Here you will find the entire available selection. As always, not all configurations are represented, but maybe you will find exactly the hardware combination you are looking for.

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