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Before new iPad models and a new Apple Pencil are presented next week, let's take a look at the end of this week to see what other Apple and tech news is currently interesting. That's right, it's time for a Sir Apfelot newsreel again! In calendar week 18 of 2024, I noticed these reports, among others: Apple announces winners of the Swift Student Challenge, Apple ID failures caused login problems, suspected iPhone 16 leaks, iPadOS should also have sideloading options , iFixit estimates repairability of the Humane Ai Pin and Rabbit R1, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 18 of 2024 you will find these reports, among others: ECJ allows data retention, TikTok could be kicked out of the App Store, sideloading on the iPad will be possible this year, iPhone 16 leaks, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 18 of 2024 you will find these reports, among others: ECJ allows data retention, TikTok could be kicked out of the App Store, sideloading on the iPad will be possible this year, iPhone 16 leaks, and more!

ECJ: New ruling allows data retention and IP data access for the first time

While in the past the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has mostly ruled against data retention and access to IP and usage data, a new ruling has now paved the way for these matters. In a nutshell this means: “A national authority tasked with combating online counterfeiting can gain access to identity data using an IP address.The whole thing comes with a few restrictions and clarifications that are intended to make it inadmissible to draw conclusions about the private lives of the people behind the IP addresses. How well this is adhered to remains to be seen. Here are a few sources for the complete overview:

Payments outside the app: TikTok could be kicked out of Apple's App Store

In the USA TikTok is currently facing a ban, if the Chinese software studio behind it, ByteDance, does not sell the app. But it could happen much sooner that Apple decides to kick TikTok out of its own app department store. Some users will now be given the option to buy coins as an in-app currency outside of the app. To do this, you are directed directly to the website via a link in the iOS app - with the information that this saves Apple's service fee (30% of the price). This violates the App Store rules and could cause TikTok the Fortnite fate of a few years ago, namely an expulsion (sources: 1, 2).

Apple presents three ideas from the Swift Student Challenge

Not only was the starting signal for the Swift Student Challenge given much earlier this year than in previous years (in February). Special projects that were submitted as part of the competition were also presented earlier. Last year it was at the end of May, now it's already at the beginning of May. These programmers and their projects were presented by Apple:

  • Elena Galluzzo, 22 years old: The “Care Capsule” app uses machine learning and a chatbot to assess the condition of the user and, if necessary, detect loneliness or depression. Regional offers of help can also be integrated and medication intake can be recorded.
  • Dezmond Blair, 22 years old: The “MTB XTREME” app is a 360° mountain bike simulation for the iPad that will become even more realistic in the future and will run under visionOS.
  • Jawaher Shaman, 27 years old: The “My Child” app helps children with language problems (e.g. stuttering) to find and apply techniques to overcome language barriers through an interactive story.

You can find a more comprehensive insight into the three projects, the underlying story of the developers and further information in the press release on the topic.

iOS 17.5 makes submitting iPhones for repairs easier

The upcoming one iPhone update to iOS 17.5 New features have already been examined in three beta versions. The fourth beta now delivers a previously unseen feature: preparing for a repair via the Find My app. This “repair status” provides several advantages: it is easier to prove to the people in the Apple Store that the device is your own, and it can be kept in view during the repair period. It is no longer necessary to unpair your Apple ID before submitting or sending it in. This is intended to make preparing for iPhone repairs more convenient (Which).

Errors with Apple ID, services and even the iPhone alarm clock

According to some sources, the worm seems to have been in Apple since last weekend. For example, it was reported that numerous user reports complained about the need to re-register on Apple devices. In some cases, people had their accounts blocked and their passwords had to be reset. Services related to the Apple ID, such as iMessage, were also affected, meaning that messages could not be sent or received over the weekend. But the problems now seem to have been solved. A little later there were reports of alarm clocks on the iPhone not working or being too quiet - Apple had already reported that a solution was being worked on (sources: 1, 2, 3).

iPhone 16 series rumors: sizes and keynote date

In addition to the reports about current usage problems, this week there was also an outlook on new releases from Apple. This was specifically about the iPhone 16 and its various models. A photo was leaked that presumably shows the devices and their display sizes: iPhone 16 Pro Max with 6,9 inches, iPhone 16 Pro with 6,3 inches, iPhone 16 Plus with 6,7 inches and iPhone 16 with 6,1 inches . In addition, a reliable source is said to have given September 10, 2024 as the date for the presentation of the devices (sources: 1, 2).

News about the iPad: M4 chip and sideloading under iPadOS

There was last week the announcement of a May event from Apple, where new iPads and a new Apple Pencil are to be presented. Now, due to the AI ​​features expected for iPadOS 18, it is rumored that the iPad Pro will already be equipped with the M4 chip. And that despite the fact that Apple only did so six months ago introduced the M3 chip family. Details here: Will Apple unveil the M4 chip next week? – Furthermore, the European Commission announced on Monday, that iPadOS needs to be opened similarly to iOS. Apple has six months to adapt iPadOS to the DMA. iPad sideloading should be possible by Halloween at the latest. Apple also has this already announced itself.

New iFixit videos: Wireless charging and AI devices under the microscope

This week I also noticed two videos from iFixit. The first is about the problems with wireless charging of devices like the iPhone. Above all, the loss of energy and heating of the battery if the charging devices and coils in the end device are not correctly aligned are identified as possible problems.

In the second video is about the repairability of the Humane Ai Pin and the Rabbit R1, two of the first individual AI devices. In addition to their poor repairability These perform particularly poorly in tests and reviews.

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