Sir Apfelot newsreel week 21, 2024

For this Friday I have some Apple and tech news from the past few days ready. That's right, it's time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel again! Calendar week 21 of 2024 produced, among other things, these reports: OpenAI secures additional media content for GPT training, Humane is looking for buyers, Spotify Car Thing will become electronic waste in December 2024, Mac system settings are to be reorganized under macOS 15, Survey Shows Use of Old Devices After iPad and iPhone Upgrade, and More!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 21 of 2024 there are, among other things, these reports: OpenAI secures further publications for GPT training, Humane is to be sold, system settings are to be reorganized from macOS 15, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 21 of 2024 there are, among other things, these reports: OpenAI secures further publications for GPT training, Humane is to be sold, system settings are to be reorganized from macOS 15, and more!

GPT training with news: OpenAI and News Corporation close deal

The company behind the most famous chatbot “ChatGPT”, OpenAI, has reached an agreement with News Corporation to use archives of various publications. Over a dozen publications will now be made available for AI training - including the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, the New York Post, the Daily Telegraph and more.

In addition to the deal with News Corporation, OpenAI has secured other content use agreements in recent weeks, such as with the Financial Times and Reddit. In addition to access to news content, News Corporation should also provide an exchange on journalistic practices so that OpenAI's offerings can meet the respective standards in the future (sources: 1, 2).

Floped “Ai Pin”: Humane is looking for a buyer

The AI ​​device called “Ai Pin” with a magnetic holder for attaching to clothing was launched by the manufacturer Humane in April. Shortly afterwards there were the first reviews, all of which were negative. After a little over a month, there is now (still unofficial) news that Humane is looking for a buyer. According to anonymous sources close to the matter, a sum between 750 million and 1 billion US dollars is required for the purchase. It remains to be seen whether a large tech provider will want to adopt the flopped startup technology (Which).

Spotify Car Thing will no longer be usable from the end of 2024

Let's move on to the next niche device that can be described as electronic waste in the future. Because support for the “Spotify Car Thing”, a small device for music streaming in the car, will be discontinued on December 9, 2024. The device with a color display and rotary knob, which Spotify only introduced at the beginning of 2022, can then no longer be used. 

It is not possible to link other streaming services or play local music files (such as MP3s). At least not if Spotify doesn't open the system. Spotify offers an FAQ on the topic at this point at. It explains in one sentence that there is no way to cancel the purchase and get the money back for the device (additional source). 

Affinity Apps updated to version 2.5

After purchasing the Affinity Suite, Canva announced that it would roll out the updates planned by the Serif developers for the future more quickly (I reported about it here). And so version 2.5 is now available for all Affinity programs, i.e. for Photo, Designer and Publisher. In addition to better support for various fonts, version 2.5 introduces, among other things, a tool for creating and integrating QR codes.

You can find the official press release for the new update with this link (English). The “What’s new?” overview with all new features and changes Is there ... here (German). What I personally noticed negatively was that after the update There is no search field for individual entries in the help menu more is displayed. I have asked the press contact whether this is a desired change or a bug and will let you know if I receive an answer.

Xiaomi shows Apple parody: Copy of the “Crush!” spot advertises a new feature

The technology manufacturer Xiaomi, which offers smartphones among many other products, parodied the "Crush!" advertising used by Apple to introduce the new iPad Pro to announce the unspecified "Cinematic Vision" feature. Unlike in that criticized from several sides Apple Spot, the objects placed in a hydraulic press are not crushed.

Rather, the press stops just before it even touches the first object. The letters CiVi from “Cinematic Vision” are then highlighted, probably to announce a smartphone with that name. At least for the Indian market, since the video on Xiaomi India's X Profile was shared (additional source).

Apple's new vice president of inclusion and diversity

As confirmed to Bloomberg, Apple is getting a new vice president of inclusion and diversity: Cynthia Bowman, who previously worked at Bank of America as chief diversity, inclusion and social responsibility officer. She will fill the position at Apple currently occupied by Barbara Whye. With Whye set to retire this fall, she and Bowman are using the remaining time to create a seamless transition. Whye only moved from Intel to Apple in 2021 (Which). Apple's Inclusion and Diversity Information you can find here.

New sorting of system settings from macOS 15

We're just getting used to the new Mac System Preferences design coming in 2022 macOS 13 Adventure was introduced. Nevertheless, there is information about the new redesign in the run-up to WWDC24 and the presentation of the new Apple operating systems on June 10, 2024. Although the general design of the system settings under macOS 15 should remain the same, some of the menus included should be moved or combined. Messages and sounds should e.g. B. slide down while new music features be introduced in the corresponding menu.

The general area should slide under the network settings and combine even more options, such as display and background image settings. The list item “Data protection & security” should also be moved. And apart from the system settings, namely on the menu bar at the top of the display, the Siri symbol should be displayed monochrome instead of colorful from macOS 15 onwards. There is still a rumor that the “Apple ID” will be renamed “Apple Account” or, in this country, an “Apple Account” (Which).

Survey: What happens to iPads and iPhones that are no longer used?

At CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) you can currently find a few survey results regarding iPad and iPhone usage and the upgrade behavior of the users surveyed. This suggests that most people use their iPad for three or more years before deciding to upgrade. There is also information about what happens to the old devices.

According to this, 31% give their iPad to family or friends (only 11% for iPhones). A full 36% keep the iPad, for example as a backup device or for other purposes (30% do the same with their iPhone). 23% cited “lost, stolen or broken” as their reason for upgrading (only 6% for the iPhone), while 6% were selling the iPad and 3% were using a trade-in option. For the iPhone, a full 42% use the trade-in option, while 5% sell the smartphone and 7% say “other” (Which).

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