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Before we head into the rainy weekend (take care of yourself, especially in Bavaria!), there will of course be another Sir Apfelot newsreel this Friday. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news caught my eye in calendar week 22 of 2024. Among other things, these reports include: many websites disappear into nothingness, Google throws out AI nonsense as search results, Apple is expanding data centers with its own chips, AI and other feature rumors for iOS 18, trial subscription for Apple Music, and more!

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 22 of 2024 there are, among other things, these reports: Rapid disappearance of websites, Google with AI nonsense, Apple is expanding data centers with its own chips, rumors about iOS 18, and more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 22 of 2024 there are, among other things, these reports: Rapid disappearance of websites, Google with AI nonsense, Apple is expanding data centers with its own chips, rumors about iOS 18, and more!

Digital decline: 38% of websites available in 2013 are gone

The Pew Research Center in Washington, DC in the USA has conducted an extensive study of the World Wide Web. It was determined that 38% of the websites that were still available in 2013 are no longer accessible today. In addition to this general number, individual areas such as news websites, Twitter posts or Wikipedia references are also shown.

According to this, 23% of news websites and 21% of government websites contain at least one link leading to nowhere. A total of 54% of Wikipedia articles are said to have links in their reference lists whose original sources are no longer accessible. The complete overview is included in this evaluation. Some missing pages can be found in the Internet Archive, where in addition to old websites there is also print media, software and more.

Google with AI answers: Nonsense from Reddit offered as help

In the US, Google recently began presenting AI summaries of web content as search results. Since a deal was made with the Reddit platform for this purpose, the whole thing backfired badly. Because on Reddit there is not only news, helpful answers to questions, exciting discussions and the like. But also a lot of nonsense.

When asked about a better-sticking layer of cheese on the pizza, some users were suggested to mix in glue. When asked how many stones you should eat, which was certainly not meant seriously, one per day was recommended (Which). Smoking during pregnancy has been reported not to be harmful, and leaving a dog in an overheated car has also been reported to be safe (Which). There are countless more such examples; but some could also be fake.

How to have Google only show web results without AI, videos, etc. I summarized that for you here.

Apple is expanding its data centers before launching AI services

As can be seen from a market and supplier analysis, Apple has drastically increased the demand for “M2 Ultra” chips. Since this is not due to increased sales of high-end computers (Mac Studio or Mac Pro), it is assumed that Apple wants to expand its data centers with the record order from chip manufacturer TSMC. The AI ​​offerings from Apple, which are expected this year, will not only run on the end devices themselves, but also partly in the cloud. To make this possible, seven different data centers will probably be expanded (Which).

Ten AI functions that should come to the iPhone with iOS 18

Apple's WWDC10 starts on June 24th with the presentation of the operating systems expected for the fall. This is currently causing the rumor mill to boil over. At MacRumors This week I found a list of ten AI functions for the iPhone - once again the source is Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. He is often correct with his information. And these are the AI ​​features planned for iOS 18:

  • Photo retouching
  • Transcription of voice memos
  • Reply suggestions for emails and messages
  • Emojis automatically created depending on the context, even beyond the previous catalog
  • Improved web search in Safari
  • Faster and more reliable search results in Spotlight
  • More natural interactions with Siri, including dialogue instead of just question-and-answer form
  • Better Siri version for the Apple Watch, which should be designed for on-the-go tasks
  • Smart summaries of web pages, news, documents, notes, messages and more
  • AI tools for developers in Xcode

It is entirely possible that not all AI functions will be available immediately with the release of the new operating systems in autumn 2024. Apple could also introduce some on June 10th that will only be available via an update at the end of the year or even in 2025 (Which).

In addition to AI: App icons should be able to be freely arranged and colored from iOS 18 onwards

The app icons on the iPhone's home screen have always been arranged in a fixed grid. An individual arrangement could only be achieved within its limited scope and at most with folders. However, according to rumors, starting with iOS 18 it will be possible to freely arrange app icons on the home screen. You should also be able to customize the colors.

I think that's good news. This makes operation more accessible - the free positioning allows one-handed or otherwise restricted use. Coloring can be helpful for color blindness, but can certainly also help children or older, less tech-savvy people find their way around better (sources: 1, 2).

Apple Music: New WWDC playlist and two options for a free trial subscription

In the run-up to the aforementioned WWDC24 (World Wide Developers Conference 2024), which starts on June 10th, Apple has published a new playlist on its music service. The “WWDC24 Hello” playlist contains 20 tracks and is just under an hour long. You can do them call with this link.

When accessed in the web browser, the site should offer you a free trial month for Apple Music. There is currently another offer for up to two free months Shazam-App. I tried both ways and failed at both. But if, unlike me, you haven't already used free offers for Apple Music several times, you should be successful.

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