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Not only are we close to the weekend, but we are also at the end of WWDC24. This year's World Wide Developers Conference is coming to an end today. Its opening keynote alone has provided us with topics throughout the week. But there was also other Apple and tech news in calendar week 24 of 2024. And that's why, in addition to the new operating systems from Cupertino, you'll also find these topics in this Sir Apfelot weekly news: Various reworkings of the WWDC24 announcements, Apple ID becomes "Apple Account", hack at tracker provider Tile, YouTube with new approach to ad blockers, and more.

The Sir Apfelot weekly news for calendar week 24 of 2024 includes the following news: WWDC24 announcements, Soulver assessment of Apple Math Notes, data theft at Tile, new strategy for YouTube advertising, and more!
The Sir Apfelot weekly news for calendar week 24 of 2024 includes the following news: WWDC24 announcements, Soulver assessment of Apple Math Notes, data theft at Tile, new strategy for YouTube advertising, and more!

New Apple operating systems with AI features announced

WWDC24 began on Monday with the traditional keynote, which was partly aimed at interested developers, but mainly provided information for users and the trade press. macOS 15 Sequoia, iOS 18, iPadOS 18 (with calculator app!), watchOS 11, visionOS 2, tvOS 18 and updates for audio accessories, such as the AirPods Pro, were presented. Extensive AI functions were announced for Mac, iPad and iPhone, but these will initially be released in beta versions in the fall and only in US English. Here are the week's articles for the complete overview:

Influencer and news content around the WWDC24 announcements

This year, more than in previous years, I noticed the amount of influencer material surrounding the WWDC coverage. YouTube stars who deal with Apple were apparently specifically invited to Apple Park and were able to speak to company officials, including CEO Tim Cook, in the Steve Jobs Theater. One of the interviews that resulted from this can be found on iJustine's channel:

Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) was a little less hyped and in line with Apple, but more grounded and focused on the real application of the presented "Apple Intelligence" features in an interview with Bloomberg Television. He is observing the developments and is looking forward to the new functions, especially the better Siri voice assistant with "Personal Context". It reminds him of the Knowledge Navigator visionsthat Apple had in the 80s. He says, however, that everything always looks great in the WWDC demonstration, but you have to form your own opinion and evaluate the benefits of the new systems individually:

No money is said to have flowed between Apple and OpenAI

Apple revealed on Monday that ChatGPT is implemented as a tool for text and image generation in some of the operating systems expected to be released in the fall. In view of the recent revelations that Google has paid the iPhone manufacturer billions over the years to appear as the default search engine in Safari, there was naturally corresponding speculation here too.

Who paid whom? Did Apple transfer money to OpenAI to license ChatGPT? Or did OpenAI pay Apple to be preferred? It seems that neither of these things happened. Apple provides OpenAI with a platform, while Apple receives commissions from subscriptions through the App Store - so both seem to want to profit from the collaboration over time (Which).

Rumor confirmed: Apple ID becomes Apple Account

In recent weeks and months, there have been repeated rumors that Apple wants to change the name of the “Apple ID” to “Apple Account”. In a recent press release Regarding the changes for certain Apple services from autumn 2024, this is now confirmed: “With the releases of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia and watchOS 18 [sic!, meaning watchOS 11] Apple ID will be renamed Apple Account to provide a consistent sign-in experience across all Apple services and devices based on users' existing login information."

Soulver says: Apple could have copied its own software

After the launch of the new calculator app for iPads with iPadOS 18, our colleagues at iPhone Ticker asked the app provider Soulver what they thought about it. Soulver offers its own, comprehensive calculator solution for Apple devices.

The developers would congratulate Apple on the new math note features and see the use of the Apple Pencil for these as an "impressive piece of engineering," they say. However, Apple should have implemented additional functions for better user-friendliness, which would have been possible with the Soulver style instead of the MathPad style. The underlying technology is available to Apple free of charge (Which).

Hacker gains access to Tile user data

Tile is one of Apple's biggest competitors in the Bluetooth tracker sector. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to AirTags, Tile is the answer. However, a hacker has now managed to break into the provider's internal system using the stolen login data of a former Tile employee. This enabled customer data such as names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers to be extracted. Location data does not appear to have been stolen, but location queries would have been possible using the tapped tool (Which).

YouTube tests server-side advertising

Referring to a tweet from the developers of the ad blocker SponsorBlock, iFun reported this week that YouTube is trying out a new way of inserting advertising into videos. This means that special advertising servers will no longer be used to display the advertisements and the running video will no longer be interrupted for the spots. Instead, the spots will be fed directly into the running video stream from the company's own servers. The way SponsorBlock and similar ad blockers currently work would prevent this. However, they could be adapted (Which).

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