Sir Apfelot newsreel week 30, 2020

In five months it will be Christmas, but first there will be the weekend - and with today's Friday the latest edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel. Again, I'm going to present you Apple and tech news that caught my eye over the week. Topics in calendar week 30 of 2020 include: three missions to Mars with different goals, power supply hack could melt smartphones, Apple wants to be climate-neutral by 2030, Apple Pencil could get its own color recognition with light sensors, and a few more. Did you notice anything else exciting? Then leave a comment;)

Included in the Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 30 in 2020: Three Martian missions, BadPower hack, Google Nest Hub with Netflix, Facebook Messenger, Apple Pencil with color sensors, and more!
Included in the Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 30 in 2020: Three Martian missions, BadPower hack, Google Nest Hub with Netflix, Facebook Messenger, Apple Pencil with color sensors, and more!

Three missions to Mars: weather probes, vehicles and a helicopter

After the launch of a rocket from the United Arab Emirates, which is supposed to bring a probe to Mars, the specialist magazine t3n has informed about this and other Mars missions berichtet. Because not only the mission started from Japan, which is supposed to provide information about the weather on the red planet, is being launched. Since Earth and Mars are currently close (like once every 26 months), two more Mars missions have been launched. In the post, one from China (started yesterday) and one from the USA (should start today) are written. For the Chinese departure to Mars, the Süddeutsche offers one detailed article. The three missions will also bring vehicles and even a helicopter (from NASA) to Mars.

Potential power supply hack: Smartphones can melt or burn

A possible hack of power supplies for smartphones has now been made public under the name "BadPower". Among other things Netzwelt has the topic picked up. During the attack, the software of the power supply units, which actually "negotiates" the maximum acceptable performance with the device to be charged, is manipulated. This means that too much power is used for the end device and battery and the devices overheat, the battery may start to burn. Fast chargers - also known as fast chargers - are primarily affected by this possibility of the hack. So far, 35 power supplies from eight manufacturers have been tested in the Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab in China. According to Netzwelt, a total of 18 of them are susceptible to the BadPower hack.

Google Nest Hub now also plays Netflix

The “Google Nest Hub” is one of the smart home solutions from the search engine giant Google. The device is a smart speaker with a 7-inch display. Like iFun shows, it can now also be used to watch Netflix content. The app and individual films or series can therefore be started by input on the touch screen or by voice command. For example, the voice command “OK Google, start Netflix” causes the entertainment app to open.

Adapted for CarPlay and iPad: ARD Audiothek App

The ARD Audiothek app has both live and on-demand content. From documentaries, reports and other knowledge to fairy tales, thrillers and podcasts, everything is included. The app is available, for example, free of charge for the iPhone and iPad in the corresponding App Store. Like app dangers currently shows, the app was also recently optimized for the Apple tablet and also for coupling with the smart car. The simplified control can now be used to select the clay pieces in the car via CarPlay. There are also other innovations that should make navigation and finding information easier.

[appbox app store id1224607890]

Touch ID and Face ID: Better protect Facebook Messenger chats on the iPhone

There is also one with app hazards Entry noticed, after which you can now make chats in Facebook Messenger more secure on the iPhone. To do this, they can be secured with the device's Touch ID or Face ID. You can even set up when this protection should take effect - one minute, 15 minutes or an hour after the last access. 

Climate neutral by 2030: Apple wants to make products and supply chain CO2 neutral

As Apple headlines in one of the new newsroom articles, the supply chain and thus the individual products of the technology giant are to be phased out by 2030 Cupertino Become CO2 or climate neutral. "The company is already climate neutral in terms of its global emissions and plans to reduce its total CO₂ footprint to zero 20 years earlier than the IPCC targets", is it [called. Of course, this means a certain pressure on the supplier companies, which Apple wants to support to a certain extent. You can find Apple's entire climate roadmap in this press release.

More Apple press releases this week

But there are more news in the Apple newsroom this week. For example, under the title “Apple, creative people and disability rights activists reflect over 30 years of the 'Americans with Disabilities Act'” - in the corresponding Entry Among other things, it is about the technical possibilities that Apple offers for disabled and handicapped people so that they can let their creativity run free. Different personalities are presented. 

Another announcement is titled "Driving the Future Forward: The 40-Year Mission of an Apple Distinguished Educator" - here is it about Dr. Carl Owen, who has been teaching his students to use the possibilities of technology for more than 40 years. For 25 years he has also been doing this as a so-called “Apple Distinguished Educator” (ADE). Learn more about Apple's ADE program at this point. 

Apple Pencil with color recognition for art, design, calibration and medicine

In order to further advance the possibilities of technology for creative people, for students and many others, Apple also seems to be working on a new version of the Apple Pencil. At least that's what t3n means in one Post . Because Apple recently holds a patent for a stylus that has built-in color sensors. This allows not only colors to be determined on the screen, but also in the real world and transferred to digital work. This can be particularly helpful for drawings in natural tones. But the technology is also conceivable for calibrating displays. In addition to art and design, the color-recognizing Apple Pencil can also be used in medicine and in other fields.

Instead of old iPhones: Apple is accepting Android devices in the USA

It is uncertain whether and when the expansion of the trade-in program will also come to Germany. But like the iPhone ticker, for example berichtet, in the USA, instead of old iPhones, Android smartphones can now be submitted to Apple for a price advantage and for recycling. For example, when buying online, in addition to iPhone models, smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy series or Google Pixel smartphones can be exchanged for a discount. With this, Apple probably not only wants to promote their recycling, but also above all to encourage Android users to switch to iOS. Let's see what success this will have.

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