Sir Apfelot newsreel week 4, 2021

Wow, the first month of the new year is over so quickly. With the Sir Apfelot newsreel this Friday we say goodbye to January. To celebrate the day, I will show you the Apple and tech news that particularly caught my eye in calendar week 4 of 2021. The following messages are included: Telegram with chat imports from other apps, SpaceX Starlink usage in Germany, the Reddit hype surrounding the GameStop share, news from the Apple Newsroom, new rumors about the new Nintendo Switch and more.

Weekend entertainment: 25 films for only € 0,99 on Prime Video

Cheap films on Amazon Prime Video, SpaceX Starlink in Germany, new Apple reports, details on iOS 14.4, Reddit and the GameStop share, as well as other news can be found in the Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 4 in 2021.
Cheap films on Amazon Prime Video, SpaceX Starlink in Germany, new Apple reports, details on iOS 14.4, Reddit and the GameStop share, as well as other news can be found in the Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 4 in 2021.

Will it be possible to import WhatsApp chats into Telegram?

Lately the blog was about Export WhatsApp chats. The conclusion was that it is currently not possible to transfer WhatsApp messages and groups to other messenger apps. Telegram now seems to want to change this, like MacRumors, among others shows. However, the function can only be used if the export function for chats is available in WhatsApp. Due to data protection problems, this is not the case in Germany. Here you would have to try out whether it is sufficient to change the country settings of the smartphone or whether further steps are necessary in order to be able to use the feature.

Dual SIM use with the iPhone 12: Still no 5G cellular network

Unlike in China, where two physical SIM cards can be used for dual SIM use of the iPhone 12 models, you have to use one physical and one eSIM in this country. However, this different hardware concept means that the ability to tap into 5G mobile communications is lost. The current iOS update to iOS 14.4 does not change anything, berichtet including the iPhone ticker. If in 2020 some retailers announced that the restriction would be removed “later in the year”, Apple could simply sit it out until the 2021 models of the Apple smartphone hit the market. Until then, a maximum of 4G LTE mobile communications is possible in dual SIM operation.

Which features does iOS 14.4 actually bring?

Speaking of the iPhone, let's just take a look at the current operating system update to iOS 14.4. This is, for example, in the specialist magazine t3n put under the microscope, Different to iOS 14.3 this update doesn't bring as many new features with it. An improvement is e.g. B. in the fact that smaller QR codes can now also be recognized and read by the camera. Work has also been done on better recognition of Bluetooth accessories such as headphones. There is also a warning if an original Apple camera was not installed during a repair on the iPhone 12 series. On the iPhone 11 there is such a warning for displays and batteries that are not original Apple parts.

Has Starlink Internet now arrived in Germany?

At t3n there is another one for me Entry noticed. "Satellite internet: first Starlink set seen in Germany" is the title of this one. A video is shown made by the user "Viv" (@flcnhvy) uploaded to twitter has been. It is a kind of unboxing of a Starlink receiving system. There is also a photo of the Starlink router on your account. If you scroll a little more through the profile, you get the impression that she has something to do with the Tesla company. It's not too far from there to SpaceX and the satellite internet. The t3n article also shows that there are still no official prices for Starlink in Germany and that Telekom is interested in a cooperation.

The GameStop Share Hype: Activism? Crime? Internet!

Some platforms on the Internet keep bringing people together who have the same positive or negative mood towards something. The information and exchange platform Reddit has a wide variety of channels and people from different areas of interest come together. In r / Wallstreetbets z. B. those who cannot stand speculation on the stock market. They were able to manipulate the price of GameStop shares in such a way that they rose by 1.500 percent in a short period of time, including Basic Thinking berichtet. Discord has already kicked the server used to coordinate the action, like t3n shows. Since this is illegal market manipulation, the users of r / Wallstreetbets must now expect prosecution.

News from the Apple Newsroom

If you want to stay informed about Apple press releases, I can recommend the Apple Newsroom. You can get the German version of it with this link. This week there were three new messages:

  • Dan Riccio starts a new chapter at Apple: After working on various Apple products since 1998 - including the first iMac and the current iPhones - Riccio takes on a new project that is not told what it is about. A completely new Apple product?
  • Apple reports results for the first quarter: Apple's first quarter of the current fiscal year is over. Once again, enormous sales figures were recorded. "The company posted quarterly sales of $ 111,4 billion, an all-time record and a year-on-year increase of 21 percent [...]"
  • Data protection day at Apple - more transparency and self-determination for users: Information on data protection when using Apple devices as well as the reference to the information source "A Day in the Life of Your Data", which is provided with infographics (here as an English PDF file)

Super Nintendo Switch: Rumor about the new console name

There are always rumors that Nintendo will be releasing a new version of the Nintendo Switch in the foreseeable future. The console, which has been aging since 2017, will then be upgraded with better performance and 4K graphics. There have been several rumors about the name. There was once talk of a “Nintendo Switch 2”, and currently the “Super Nintendo Switch”, like ntower shows. In an update of the post it says that it was only the name of the source and no inside information: D If you prefer to use the power of your Mac or PC before the new Nintendo console, you will find suitable controllers here in the blog:

Disney + children's profiles now without cartoon classics

Disney wants to do something to ensure that children do not come into contact too much with previously conveyed clichés, stereotypes and racisms. For this reason, some of the Disney Group's films, which are regarded as classics, have been removed from the children's profiles of the in-house streaming service Disney +. Like golem after its own test of the facts berichtet, this also applies in Germany. “Disney began a long time ago to display warnings in front of films with clichéd representations. The Disney cartoons Aristocats, The Jungle Book, Dumbo, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp are no longer shown in children's profiles, ”it says in detail.

Current films from 2018 to 2020 for only 99 cents

If you want to watch other and above all more recent films anyway, then simply take advantage of the current promotion from Amazon Prime Video. With this link you come to the title selection available to Prime members this weekend. The individual films are not awarded the other, sometimes double-digit rental prices, but only € 0,99 each. For example, among the 25 films are these titles:

  • Pokémon - Detective Pikachu (FSK 6)
  • The boy has to get some fresh air (FSK 6)
  • The King of Staten Island (FSK 12)
  • Follow Me (FSK 16)
  • Guns Akimbo (FSK 18)

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