Sir Apfelot newsreel week 52, 2021

It is the last day of the year and also the last Sir Apfelot newsreel that I can present to you in 2021. Since we are between the years and the calm and contemplation of the previous holidays continues, it will be a shorter edition again. But the new year will start again! For now, however, the Apple and tech news that caught my eye in calendar week 52 of this year. These topics are included: Making calls over 5G, consumer protection, insecure and stolen passwords, news about the iPhone, and more.

The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 52 in 2021 covers the following topics: VoNR for 5G telephony, more protection for consumers, insecure passwords and hacking attempts, iPhone 14 and eSIM, grievances at Foxconn, Workboy and Page Boy.
The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for calendar week 52 in 2021 covers the following topics: VoNR for 5G telephony, more protection for consumers, insecure passwords and hacking attempts, iPhone 14 and eSIM, grievances at Foxconn, Workboy and Page Boy.

Voice over New Radio: Telekom is testing 5G telephony

“Voice over New Radio” or VoNR for short is the name of the technology that is currently intended to enable Telekom to make calls using 5G mobile communications. As was the case with 4G mobile communications, which brought Voice over LTE (VoLTE for short) from 2015, this should result in improvements in call setup and audio quality. In addition, the connections established should be more stable. Details about the test as well as further information on the topic were among other things in one this week Articles from the Macer head.

More protection for consumers who conclude contracts

Golem has had one recently Articles with information on innovations that apply to contracts from 2022. In the future, platforms for online shopping will have a so-called "termination button". In addition, the notice periods for contracts are to be shortened - starting in March. After the minimum term, e.g. B. for mobile phone contracts, the notice period is reduced to one month. In addition to the improvements with regard to contracts, there are also changes to the one-way deposit. There are also new warranty rights for digital goods. And last but not least, the reversal of the burden of proof for defective goods is extended from 6 months to one year. You can find details in the linked source.

Insecure passwords: why are “123456” and “hello” used?

The end of December is always the time to look back over the year. In terms of digital, the lists of the most popular passwords are quite interesting. How to be in a Entry who can read the apple page, insecure passwords like “2021” and “hello” were also very popular in 123456. The password check that led to the list of popular passwords is based on a leak in access data that occurred in 2021. In addition to the ones already mentioned, “123456789” or “Schatz” are also popular. In addition to a much more secure password (here are instructions) you should also use two-factor authentication if it is offered somewhere.

LastPass master passwords hacked?

This week there was one at WinFuture Post who reported a vulnerability in LastPass. In the meantime there has been an update, also with a view to a statement from the developers of the password manager. This was in one Post published by AppleInsider. Where there was initially talk of a leak in the master passwords of LastPass users, it has now been appeased. There were security reports to individual users because potential attacks were discovered. The trigger could have been actors who used lists of email addresses and passwords from another data breach to try to see whether these could also be applied to LastPass.

Apple iPhone 14 - will there be a model without a SIM card?

Recently there were rumors that the Pro model of the iPhone for 2023 (iPhone 15 Pro) will not have a slot for a SIM card. Only an eSIM should be able to be used for the use of mobile communications. Well it says among other things in one Articles from MacNotes that the whole thing could already apply to the iPhone 14 (Pro) in 2022. Dispensing with a physical SIM card can bring some advantages: more space in the housing for other hardware, saving plastic waste with SIM cards and possibly better waterproofing of the smartphone. To activate an eSIM, however, it must first be connected to a WLAN network.

Apple wants to ensure better working conditions in India

In an Indian Foxconn plant, in which current iPhone models are assembled for Apple, there was recently food poisoning among hundreds of employees. This and other grievances led to protests, in the course of which, among other things, a motorway was paralyzed. Now Apple wants to build up pressure on the operators and is putting the iPhone factory "on probation", as it is for example. B. in a Entry from heise online means. You can find details on the matter in the linked source.

Working and using the internet on the ... Game Boy?

If you are interested in curiosities related to video games and consoles, then I can recommend the English-language YouTube channel “DidYouKnowGaming?”. I always like to look in there, especially when it comes to Nintendo topics like Pokémon, Game Boy, N64 and Switch. A year ago there was z. B. presented the WorkBoy, a keyboard with office programs for the first Game Boy (1989). A year later, on December 26.12.2021th, 1990, the Page Boy was presented on the channel. This should bring the Internet to the Game Boy Color at the end of the XNUMXs. It was developed together with Nintendo, but dropped again before it was suitable for the market. Does that sound interesting? Then take a look: workboy / Page boy.

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