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It's Christmas again in ten months. But until then you will get a lot of posts presented here in the blog. Of course, today's Friday includes a new Sir Apfelot newsreel! This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news I particularly noticed in calendar week 8 of 2023. Among other things, the following reports are included: the federal government is to delete the Facebook page, Swiss Post is considering new shipping models, fee-based verification hooks are now also available on Facebook and Instagram, iOS betas only for members of the developer program, rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro and more.

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 8 of 2023 you will find the following reports, among others: Federal government should delete Facebook fan page, Post wants to adjust delivery speed, verification hooks are now also subject to a fee on Facebook and Instagram, beta versions of iOS only for members of the developer Programs, more RAM in iPhone 15 Pro, and more.
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 8 of 2023 you will find the following reports, among others: Federal government should delete Facebook fan page, Post wants to adjust delivery speed, verification hooks are now also subject to a fee on Facebook and Instagram, beta versions of iOS only for members of the developer Programs, more RAM in iPhone 15 Pro, and more.

Lack of data protection: Federal government should close Facebook fan page

The Federal Data Protection Commissioner, Prof. Ulrich Kelber, has asked the federal government to close its Facebook fan page within a month. The reason: The operation of this site is not possible in accordance with data protection regulations. There is a corresponding one on the official website of the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI). press release. Among other things, Kelber is quoted here as follows: 

"I have long pointed out that the operation of a Facebook fan page is not possible in compliance with data protection. This is shown by our own investigations and the short report of the data protection conference. All authorities are responsible for adhering to the law in an exemplary manner. According to the results of my tests when operating a fan page, this is currently impossible due to the extensive processing of personal data of users […]” – More information in the linked source.

Swiss Post is considering different delivery speeds

If you do not have a Prime membership, Amazon will tend to send a package more slowly and deliver it with lower priority. Unless you pay extra because you really need the items you ordered. Swiss Post now seems to be interested in this model. Like iFun in a Entry indicates, Swiss Post seems to be a "Two class delivery' to consider. 

The linked source again refers to a longer one Articles the Berlin Morning Post. If you read everything in full, it becomes clear that not only should money be made, but that the measures are also a reaction to the changed volume of letters. Distributing the delivery over a longer period makes perfect sense. So you have to weigh up whether and how you want to combine a more balanced delivery with express and thus surcharge shipments.

According to Musk-Twitter: Meta wants to see money for verification hooks

The small blue badge with the white tick inside is a sign that a profile is verified on various social media platforms. This means that the person or institution whose name is given is actually responsible for the posts and comments made with the account. This is to prevent fakes. 

Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter no longer has free verification processes that check accounts. Rather, you can now simply buy "the hook" with a subscription. That also speaks to Mark Zuckerberg's meta corporation. A verification hook subscription was announced for Facebook and Instagram that, according to a Entry at 9to5Mac will cost $14,99 per month through the iOS apps. According to that official mail from Zuckerberg costs $11,99 a month over the web.

After 2FA changeover on Twitter: Authenticator fakes in the App Store

After the extremely expensive purchase of the Twitter platform, Elon Musk is apparently trying to make money from all sorts of features. As already pointed out on Tuesday, two-factor authentication is now also included. If you want to use the standard procedure of sending a code via SMS, you must now have a Blue subscription. Securing the Twitter account with on-board resources is no longer free, but can only be used by those who can and want to afford it. 

An alternative are authenticator apps, such as Google Authenticator (information on how to set it up in the linked article). But scammers also want a piece of the pie; and so they are flooding the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store with fake apps that can call for expensive subscriptions or cause other damage. Learn more at 9to5Mac (English) and the iPhone ticker (German). The one integrated in 9to5Mac is interesting Tweet, which shows the brazen approach of an app that wants to foist a subscription on you.

The Apple Watch and its patent infringements in the USA

Did you know that Apple is involved in various lawsuits that endanger the sale of Apple Watches in the US? Like MacRumors this week shown For example, the Californian company AliveCor is suing Apple because AliveCor patents are infringed with the Apple Watch's ECG function. At the same time, there are other lawsuits from AliveCor and Masimo against Apple. And Apple, in turn, has sued AliveCor for patent infringement. In the most recent case, the Biden government also rejected a request to overrule an ITC decision on patent infringement by Apple. If the decision is enforced in this way, there is a threat of an import and sales ban for future Apple Watch models with an ECG function in the USA. Apple plans to appeal.

No wonder the iPhone maker released a press release this week discussing the importance of the Apple Watch in heart health research. I got you this press release detailing three different studies using the smartwatch summarized at this point. I was wondering why such an announcement would come out of nowhere without announcing new features, a new watchOS update or new Apple Watch models. Now it's clear: Apple seems to be trying to emphasize the importance of its devices in order to get as many people (and decision-makers) as possible on its own site.

Beta versions of iOS can no longer be installed free of charge in the future

If you want to install future iOS versions on your iPhone out of a hobby, out of your own curiosity or because of professional research, you can no longer do this for free. Apple ties the installation of beta versions of new iOS systems to membership in the Developer Program, which is subject to a fee. There was one this week Entry at MacRumors. It's about the details Beta version of iOS 17. This operating system will most likely be released during theKeynote presented at WWDC23 in June and offered as an official upgrade in September. During the WWDC23 the first developer beta becomes available; but then only for paying program members.

Rumors about the iPhone 15 (Pro): up to 8 GB of memory for Pro models

Also at MacRumors this week there was a post rumored that Apple will be upgrading the memory of upcoming iPhone models. While the current iPhone 14 Pro has 6 GB of RAM, the iPhone 15 Pro is said to be able to use a full 8 GB of RAM. The non-Pro models (iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus) are said to have 6 GB of RAM. That would then also work with the distribution of the A-Chips d'accord - the new A17 Bionic Chip for the Pro models and the A16 Bionic Chip from 2022 for the Standard models. The latter would then have the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro, while the iPhone 15 Pro models mean an increase in performance compared to the previous year.

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