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In Destiny 2 the level is defined by the so-called power levels. The game's system hasn't changed since it was released in 2017. Since the player is facing some difficulties in moving forward in this system, Skycoach offers help: the Skycoach Leveling Services.

Explore strange worlds and defeat powerful enemies in Destiny 2, the epic online shooter for Xbox (Source:
Explore strange worlds and defeat powerful enemies in Destiny 2, the epic online shooter for Xbox (Source:

Power level in Destiny 2

Your Guardian's equipment (armor, weapons, etc.) determines his power level. This means that the higher it is, the more damage you can do to the enemy and the better you can protect yourself. The biggest goal is to participate in the endgame.

Classification of power levels

The first level that can be reached is the starting level from 1600. This is relatively quick and easy to achieve, especially by collecting Blue Drops, which are easy to find, and participating in public events.

The next level, the Powerful Cap, from 1800, is more difficult to achieve. You can complete various missions or dungeons that give Powerful or Pinnacle equipment. This takes a relatively long time because, on the one hand, the player has to live with the weekly resets and, on the other hand, the level of difficulty naturally increases.

The highest level is the Pinnacle Caps from 1810, where only Pinnacle Sources help.

For many activities the power level does not play a role, but if you want to take part in certain activities such as Nightfall: Legend (1830) or Trial of Osiris (1800), you cannot avoid a certain required power level rank.

Power Level Services

Getting to the next power level can be long and difficult. Sometimes it can mean hours of play to make even a little progress in the power level. That's why Skycoach recommends the power leveling service. The company is an expert in the MMO market and a specialist in power levels in Destiny 2.

With the bundles you can save a lot of time and money to level up your character.
With the bundles you can save a lot of time and money to level up your character.

Meaning of power level services

In Destiny 2, there are several ways to improve your power level, which depends on your equipment. The better equipped the Guardian is, the higher the power level. There are many ways to increase this: you can collect loot dropped by enemies, there are rewards for successful activities, or you can trade with vendors within the game.

It's usually a question of time as to how much you can/want to invest in power leveling.

If you have little free time, the best way to succeed is to take part in high-level activities such as the Nightfall Strike or raids.

If you have a little more time, you can take part in public events, for example. Here, however, the time it takes to get to the highest level is 5-7 weeks. Or you can forget about boredom and time wasters and use the Skycoach service.

The Skycoach Destiny 2 Boost service

To participate in endgame activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls or raids, power level is key. Skycoach offers the fastest way to get there. Since it is difficult and time-consuming for players in Destiny 2, Skycoach provides the same with its service. This includes, on the one hand, a precise time when the order will be executed, on the other hand, fair prices, the best professionals for your order and friendly support from the company's employees. The safety of the customer is the top priority here and, if you follow the reviews on Trustpilot, there is a high level of customer satisfaction.

Process of an order with Skycoach

Every customer should have an account with Skycoach. From there, he can easily track the order and contact the company's employees via chat.

They then look for the most suitable professional for the respective task. Since the company places high demands on the pro players, the staffing level is relatively thin, so there can sometimes be slight delays in completing the order. However, Skycoach assures us that every customer will be served and will certainly receive what they have ordered.

Offers from Skyfall

  1. Guardian Ranks
    This service is available within 1-2 hours. You get the selected triumph completed on your account, are entitled to all legendary and exotic loot that comes from completing the mission, as well as the corresponding experience points for artifacts and the season pass. The company also has the opportunity to fulfill customer-specific requests.
  2. Witch Queen 1350-1560 Power Leveling
    The duration here is 5-7 weeks. The requirements for Witch Queen must be met. You will be upgraded to 1560 power level, the Witch Queen mission will be completed, giving the customer access to all new Witch Queen content.

Customer Reviews

“Fantastic service. Fast and professional,” writes a customer on Trustpilot. Another speaks of exceptional service. “The employees are super nice and respond extremely quickly. The pro I worked with is really nice and gets things done quickly. I can only praise this company highly!”

In summary, one customer sums it up: “Fast, easy and cheap.”

Skycoach builds its positive reputation on its ranking of 4,8 on Trustpilot, with which the company impresses its customers. Leveling in Destiny 2 is, above all, a matter of trust, and the company counts on this to offer its customers a reliable service; hence the company motto: “We try hard”.

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