Smartphone sofa: my iPhone is now sitting on a cellphone beanbag!

Mobile phone beanbag handmade

Christmas time is really cool. You get gifts delivered without being asked, which you can also use! A package arrived yesterday, but I was only able to open it because I was away for the weekend. In the small box was a cell phone beanbag and a letter from mobildiscounter.dewho wish my smartphone a Merry Christmas and would like to give it a nice place to put its feet up. This is not a joke ... really was that in the letter. :-)

Mobile phone beanbag handmade
Here you can see the mobile phone beanbag with the 7-inch Kindle Fire (photos: Sir Apfelot).

I tried the little green (how do they know what color I like???) bag and put my Kindle Fire in it. What can I say: It gave a satisfied "Ahhhh" and put its feet up! No wonder, because according to the cover letter, the cell phone beanbags are lovingly handcrafted - you just have to feel good about them. Once the tablet or smartphone has made itself comfortable in the beanbag, the inclination of the display is perfect when you are sitting at the table and want to read something or watch a film. And it can be used flexibly: It's not too small even for my large iPad 3. I gave it a try because at first I thought it was a bit big for the beanbag, but I was wrong.

Smartphone beanbag with Kindle Fire
Devices from the iPhone 6 to the large iPad are no problem for the beanbag. Here is only the 7-inch Kindle Fire in the cell phone sofa.

The only point of criticism I still have about the beanbag: The underside would be perfect if it had a little anti-slip coating. If that were still the case, the mobile phone sofa could also be placed on inclined surfaces. But at some point I came up with a trick that I can use to apply an ABS coating to virtually any underside: I put a few thin strips of hot glue over it and let it dry. When it has gotten cold, the surface has a nice grip and does not slip away.

Kindle photo of the cell phone beanbagIncidentally, the photos were taken with the iPhone 6, which is why the Kindle Fire “sits” on the sofa. So that you can believe that my iPhone is also comfortable in it, I took a photo of the iPhone with the Kindle's front camera - forgive me for the quality of the photo. The Kindle Fire is not as optimized for photo taking. ;-)

Then thanks again to the team at and have a nice Christmas time to everyone!

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