Party and family games for the Nintendo Switch (Pick KW52)

This week is New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve, the winter is still long and the next holidays are already in sight. If there was a Nintendo Switch for Christmas or you already have one but saved up on the games last week, then you may still be missing the right activity for the coming period. No problem! Because in the following I have put together a few party and family games for the Nintendo Switch. You will also find a few links to other titles for the console at the end of this post.

These five games and other recommendations can be found below as party and family games for the Nintendo Switch.
These five games and other recommendations can be found below as party and family games for the Nintendo Switch.

Exciting games for the Nintendo Switch

For a varied game evening with friends or family Hasbro Game Night Well suited with Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Risk. While the thumbnails on the Amazon product page are only in English, users confirm in the question and answer area that the game can also be played in German. 

In addition to the digitally implemented board games, a real Nintendo classic for the whole family should not be missing: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Both locally and online, several players can race against each other in their own character / kart combination or compete in teams in an arena battle. 

It is also a classic Mario Party superstars. For those who are nostalgic, this title in the series offers five different game boards from the N64 era. There are also 100 different mini-games that can also be played individually. Long rounds or a game in between - both are possible here.

A game collection that I can also recommend to you is 51 World Games. The collection, which can be played entirely in German, includes games that are known in Germany (four in a row, solitaire, darts, Mensch ärger dich nicht, chess, etc.), as well as games that perhaps not everyone is familiar with. Billiards, a racetrack game, bowling and a fishing simulation are also included.

As a fifth suggestion I give you Splatoon 2 with on the way. In addition to a story mode, there is the possibility of competing against each other. The object of the game is to use color to your own advantage. Different levels and mechanics are available for this. In addition to the single player mode, there is the option of playing locally or online with seven other people at a time.

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • With Nintendo Switch, fans can enjoy the definitive version of "Mario Kart 8" when and where they want ...
  • In addition, a few new characters join the fun of driving: the Inkling boy and the Inkling girl from ...
  • In addition, the battle mode has been revised and can now also come up with balloon battle and bob-omb throw, with ...
Nintendo Mario Party Superstars - [Nintendo Switch]
  • party superstars
  • For Mario fans
  • Genre: party game
11,75 EUR
51 Worldwide Games - [Nintendo Switch]
  • With the free software 51 Worldwide Games: Local Multiplayer Guest Edition, up to four consoles can be ...
Splatoon 2 - [Nintendo Switch]
  • Nintendo Splatoon 2 Switch USK: 6
  • Contents: 1 pieces
  • power source type: hand operated

Recommended games and accessories for the Nintendo Switch

Since the release of the first Switch model in 2017, we've been giving you tips and recommendations on games and suitable accessories here in the blog. Just have a look at the following posts if you are looking for further incentives:

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