Solution for Audible error "Please connect to the internet to continue listening"

In the last few days I've had the problem that the Audible app on the iPhone keeps showing the message Please connect to the internet to continue listening displayed even when I wanted to listen to a purchased and downloaded audiobook. This was particularly annoying when I wanted to listen to one of the audio books to fall asleep. Because at night I always turn off the WiFi connection on the iPhone to save battery and because I don't want to get notifications about anything. Now I asked Audible support via chat what that was supposed to do. Apparently it's just a bug. The problem was then quickly solved.

TL;DR: Deleting and reinstalling the app helps against the error

Here is the solution to the Audible app error "Please connect to the internet to continue listening" on iOS on Apple iPhone. So you can listen to audio books offline again.
Here is the solution to the Audible app error "Please connect to the internet to continue listening" on iOS on Apple iPhone. So you can listen to audio books offline again.

Please connect to the internet to continue listening

The error always occurred when I switched off the WiFi connection on the iPhone and also deactivated the mobile data. The latter are only active for me when I'm on the road. Before bed, I turn all of that off and usually turn on an audiobook through the Audible iOS app. The timer function allows you to choose a suitable time to fall asleep.

However, as already described above, the message "Please connect to the Internet to continue listening" was repeatedly shown on the display. The remaining duration of the selected title was also set to 0 seconds. Since this has never happened in the four years of use so far, I had the suspicion that titles can now only be streamed or played locally with online coercion. But fortunately that is not the case.

Solution for the internet error in the Audible app on iOS

I started a support chat via the Audible help page and asked what was going on and whether the terms and conditions had changed or something similar. However, I have been assured that you can still listen to tracks downloaded offline. The error was due to a technical fault. I assume that this meant a bug, because the recommended solution was to reinstall the app.

So I have then deleted the app and newly downloaded from the App Store. After reinstalling it, I had to download an audio book again. Because the account library remains intact, but uninstalling the app also removes the downloads from the iPhone. With a fresh download in my luggage, I cut the internet connection and pressed play - the playback worked. Problem solved!

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6 thoughts on “Solution for Audible error “Please connect to the internet to continue listening””

  1. Thank you very much for solving this problem. I had the same error lately and I was afraid that real offline listening would no longer be possible!
    Drum: thank you very much!!

  2. Thank you John. It worked. But since a few hours I can no longer add the newly loaded books to the library. Error message: “Title not added to library. There was a problem with your request. Please try again in a few minutes." I will try the support. Question: where did you find a support chat function? Find only call or email. VG Ella

    1. Hello Ella,

      I haven't (luckily) encountered this error yet. The first thing I always try is to quit the app, restart the iPhone, reopen the app and see if that helps. Otherwise, of course, the Audible support chat can provide a quick solution if the problem is known there.

      I reached him via this page: There you scroll down – after you have logged in – and under the heading “Contact Audible customer service” first select a topic (subscription, my account, etc.). Then select a subtopic from the drop-down menu below. A possible combination would be the topic "Hearing" with the sub-topic "My Library". Finally, under the heading “How would you like to contact us?” choose from chat, phone and email.

      I hope you will be helped. Please let us know how the problem is solved.

      Best regards

  3. Thank you for the article John. It worked perfectly. And having this article appear in my search results with a concise, descriptive title helped a lot too. This was the first and only search result I clicked on.

    1. Hello Claudia,

      thanks for your feedback. When I have problems that I have had myself, I try to include my approach to the solution in the article. And that's when I ask myself, "What would I be looking for?" and “Which article headline would I most likely click on?”. Apparently this worked well here :D

      Have fun listening to the audiobook without any problems :)

      Best regards

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