Deal update: Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack on offer - again reduced by almost 100 EUR

Update 14.12.2018: The article here was actually for an offer Amazon made about a week ago. There was the "PSVR Mega Pack" for about 329 EUR, which was a bargain price. Now Amazon has reduced the set again to 229 EUR, which brought tears to my colleague's eyes, who bought all the included elements individually for 475 EUR six months ago. Since I find this price reduction remarkable, I would like to point it out again at this point. If you are planning to enter the PSVR world, you should strike here urgently – it will only be cheaper if a seller makes a typo in the price. :D Delivery is currently even before Christmas!

PS Virtual Reality Set
The PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack not only brings you the PSVR and all connections and cables for the PS 4, but also voucher codes for 5 of the best games currently available for this platform. So if you want to use your PlayStation 4 (Pro) to get started in the VR world over the winter, then go for it.

The PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack brings you the PSVR glasses, the PlayStation Camera and five of the best VR games for the PS4 at a budget price. A PlayStation 4 is not included in the package and you also have to buy the Move Controller separately. However, PlayStation VR can also be used with the regular PS4 controller. So if you already have a Sony console of the current generation, then this set is ideal for getting started in virtual game worlds.

TL; DR: You can buy the set here

The PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack from Sony brings you the virtual reality headset for the console as well as 5 of the best VR games in a bundle!
The PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack from Sony brings you the virtual reality headset for the console as well as 5 of the best VR games in a bundle!

PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack

The PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack currently costs 329,61 euros on Amazon and has been available again since yesterday afternoon. So if you are quick, you can still place an order, which is blessed with a delivery before Christmas;) If you are wondering whether the price is good and the set would be considered cheap, I would like you to comment on Holger on the way, which already helped me with this article: The best games for the PlayStation VR from Sony - my personal top list. Here is his assessment of the package:

In May I only paid 300 euros with VR World in it. Now there are also:
Skyrim VR -> currently costs 69,99 in the Playstation Store.
Doom VFR -> currently costs 29.99 in the Playstation Store.
WipeOut Omega -> currently costs 34.99 in the Playstation Store.
Astro Bot -> currently costs 39.99 in the Playstation Store.

So I would have paid a total of 475 at the price of May.  Just 199 euros for the normal bundle is a real bargain.

This is in the Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack

The scope of delivery includes connection cables, HDMI-Cables, USB cables, power cords and such things mainly contain these elements that will let you enter the world of VR games:

  • VR headset (including cable, processor unit, etc.)
  • Stereo headphones
  • PlayStation Camera
  • Voucher for PlayStation VR Worlds
  • Voucher for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
  • Voucher for Doom VFR
  • Voucher for Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
  • Voucher for WipEout Omega Collection


Why the set comes with FSK 18+

While Astro Bot is a really kid-friendly game and Skyrim and VR Worlds are not only aimed at adult audiences, something like DOOM is of course always an FSK title. So you can buy the set with confidence if you want to discover virtual reality together with your children - however, depending on your age, you shouldn't necessarily play all of the included titles with them;)

You can / should buy that (PS4 and Move Controller)

As already described above, this is an accessory set that is limited in scope. You can use the current console, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro view and buy with this link. You can find the PlayStation Move motion controllers (in the 2018 version) recommended for the VR experience with this link. According to the Amazon product page, they will be available from December 12, 2018; so arrive before Christmas. Slightly more expensive, but available directly these models. For shooter games, in which there is a lot of shooting, there are also the so-called Aim controller.

Your opinion on the PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack

What do you think of the PlayStation Virtual Reality Mega Pack for the PS4 (Pro)? Is that an incentive for you to get started with the VR experience with the console? Or are you waiting for an even cheaper price? Feel free to leave your opinion on the product, the individual games and the technology in general as a comment! Also with other great games, tips and tricks;)

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2 comments on “Deal update: Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack on offer – reduced again by almost 100 EUR”

  1. Karen Schneider

    Seems like an interesting offer. Thanks for the tip! I've been tempted to try VR for a long time. Heard a lot about it. But is that really as cool as everyone says? Or is it just a hype? I had actually considered the HTC Vive (pro?) (Or was highly recommended to me), but it is really extremely expensive compared to this price, and I also lack a gaming PC. Do I see it correctly that I only need a Playstation 4 console (already available) or does it have to be a Pro? And you write vouchers for the games. Does that mean I have to get it from the store or can I download it for free on the console?

    1. Hello Karin! Yes, the problem with the HTC Vive is, on the one hand, the setup, which is more complex than simply plugging in the Playstation and getting started, and on the other hand, it is also significantly more expensive. The PC that "creates" the VR games also has to do a lot and is correspondingly expensive.
      You can use the bundle with the PS4 or the PS4 Pro. You don't need more. If you like, you can still use the aim controller for some games - that's even more fun, but it's not absolutely necessary. The vouchers are for the store, so you can download the games directly.

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