Space Elevator – Web application for exploring astronomical heights

The idea of ​​an elevator that carries people and payload into space is over 100 years old. There are also several scientific studies into the possibility of realizing such a project and the materials required for it. The criticism of this, even if it were possible: the elevator cable would be an obstacle to satellites and space debris. There would also be too many interactions. But enough about that… The web application “Space Elevator” by Neal Agarwal and Cindy Nhi lets us take an elevator into space and learn fun facts at the same time.

Space Elevator – Experience a drawn space journey in the web browser

To get started, you should first orientate yourself a bit in the user interface. On the left we see a stick figure in an elevator car. This changes at certain points, so be careful! At the top right we find a temperature display that changes depending on the altitude. At first it gets very cold, then a little warmer again. But don't let that fool you, because air pressure also plays a role in well-being. If you now scroll up, a height display in meters (m) appears at the bottom.

However, the largest area of ​​the screen is taken up by the sky or space as well as the birds, airplanes, rockets, clouds, types of lightning and the like that can be found at the respective altitude. It also shows at what height a spacesuit would have to be put on. The pressure suit is particularly needed a little further up because tears and saliva would begin to boil there due to the low air pressure. But there is also evidence of Felix Baumgartner's jump and other events in the Earth's atmosphere - which is divided into the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.

Save Space Elevator as a web app in the macOS dock

If you don't just want to take the Space Elevator up once and learn something about the Earth's atmosphere, airplanes, space travel and natural phenomena, then you can save the page for quick access. In addition to reading lists, favorites and other storage in the Browser From macOS 14 Sonoma onwards, there is also the option to save a website as a web app on the Apple Mac. To do this, it is placed in the dock. To do this, simply click on in the menu bar filing -> Add to Dock… More here: Mac instructions – Store, use and delete the website as a web app in the dock.

Neal Agarwal offers other web applications and games

I already recommended Neal Agarwal's site to you in August 2022. At that time the web application was “Design the Next iPhone" new. With it you can assemble an iPhone according to your own ideas in a 3D environment. Multiple camera modules, button combinations and HDMI ports as well as Android logos can be added. In addition to this and the “Space Elevator” application, there are also others Something that went viral this year was: B. “The Password Game”. Give it a try if you like frustrating games :D

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