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My blog sir appleot enables companies to present their brand and products through sponsorship. You can reach your target group, communicate current product news and still have a long-term presence on the blog. In addition, influencer marketing is very effective and cost-effective, as it has hardly any wastage and with Sir Apfelot's readership you are already addressing an interested group of people who are technically savvy.

Media data (as of 09/2023)

  • approx. 447.000 users (unique visitors) per month
  • cApprox. 2.300 newsletter readers (dispatched weekly, approx. 50-60% open rate)

Procedure and costs

If there is interest in sponsoring, we will discuss with the customer how to write the relevant article. I usually introduce the company in a blog post, with the term “sponsor” in the title (headline) of the post to show that this is a paid post. This contribution will then remain online for one year. The placement can then be extended.

A text link to the company page is placed in the post. If requested, the sponsor's contribution will be linked on this page.

Possible content for sponsorship can be:

  • Presentation of the brand or the company for more visibility
  • Notice of new products
  • Communication of company news

Such sponsorship costs a one-time fee of EUR 750 net and then remains available on the blog for one year.


Are you interested and would you like to have your company, your brand or a specific product advertised on the blog? Then feel free to contact us - by e-mail or via the Contact form. You will then receive an answer promptly. - what is it actually?

This blog grew out of a passion for Apple products and systems, and has since grown into a staple for news, tips, tricks, how-tos, and answers to questions of all kinds. Comments that lead to a discourse, point out new topics or raise more detailed questions about a topic are welcome. In addition to technology Cupertino other technology such as drones, robots, smart home devices and offline products such as the game of the year, Lego or vacuum cleaners have become a topic. The undertone has always remained technical though, with a strong focus on Apple.

The first blog post went online in 2012, since then new guides, news, instructions, test reports, product recommendations and sometimes funny articles have been published. Currently there are an average of two new and daily researched articles on working days. These interest around 93.000 individual visitors per month and around 1.000 readers of the Sir Apfelot newsletter every week. Facebook and Twitter offer other ways to stay up to date. You can insert yourself into this series of information with a sponsorship, i.e. a purchased contribution.

Advertise on Become a sponsor and place your company, your product or your service in a prominent position with a link to your page!
Advertise on Become a sponsor and place your company, product or service with a link to your site in a prominent position!


Why advertise as a sponsor?

This Apple blog is no longer just about Apple devices such as Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and their operating systems from macOS to watchOS. Rather, it is a fairly open platform that deals with topics that are also peripherally related to Apple and the corresponding products, as well as technology, electronics and nerd topics in general. Here, manufacturers of technology, PR departments of electronics brands as well as dealers, authors, digitally operating providers of goods and services and many others will find an established, daily updated blog with a corresponding target group as a readership.

In the Sir Apfelot Blog you will find advice, instructions and reviews on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Studio.