Archiving: is an SSD hard drive suitable for data backup?

A solid-state disc, i.e. an SSD hard drive, is a storage medium for computers and laptops as well as their data backup, which results from the combination of memory chips and the corresponding electronic infrastructure. An SSD hard drive has several advantages: it is not as prone to shock as an HDD drive, it is a lot faster and many consider it to be durable. But is that true - is an SSD suitable for archiving data, for long-term data backup?

SSD hard drive for data backup and archiving of files
Drag the data from the HDD to an SSD hard drive for data backup and archiving? This is not a good idea in the long run; for short-term backups.

SSD hard drives are designed for performance

If you have ever switched from a system with an HDD to a system with an SSD, then you may have liked faster access to programs and files. It is also evident in corresponding tests that Solid-state disc drives perform better exhibit.

The memory chip hard drives are not so good in every respect - because the ability to write and erase quickly, overwriting and so on, increases the durability. Added to this is the fact that data is stored on the SSD in the form of loads. These can be lost over a long period of time, especially away from the power grid.

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Science and industry standards

The manufacturers of SSD disks, USB sticks and other flash memories have different standards and values ​​for the minimum shelf life of the products. Since the memories are becoming more and more compressed and NAND flash memory (single cell memory; has details Wiki) have long since become Multi Level Cell NAND things (MLC-NAND) and are constantly being developed, there is no longer any indication of value for durability or usability. In the past, an average value of 10 years was considered realistic, today ... who knows.

SSD hard drive for data backup? If so, then only for a short time!

If you throw your family photos, important digitized documents, and whatever else could be archived for a long, long time on a data carrier and then only want to touch it in an emergency, then an SSD hard drive should not be the means of choice. But if you are looking for a fast, reliable storage medium for a photo shoot, a video or film shoot or for a short backup, to and from which you can quickly pull data, then an SSD hard drive is suitable.

For the nerds among you

Maybe you are not satisfied with this article because of terms like Data retention time, JEDEC standard JESD218 and the technology behind the memory chips, precisely described to the nearest nanometer, was not mentioned ... Doesn't matter. If you want to know more, you can find the right links here:

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