Stand for MacBook Pro: Rain Design mStand

Rain Design mStand
Rain Design mStand
The Rain Design mStand is the ideal notebook stand for Apple MacBooks. It fits perfectly visually and functionally and offers the necessary security for expensive laptops. (Photo:

The first time after I got the MacBook Pro Retina as the main workstation, I had the feeling that working on the laptop is not really tragic for the cervical spine. I had dated on the side mstand from Rain Design read and considered it for that reason. The notebook stand lifts the MacBook Pro with its inclined support surface so that the display is about 17 cm higher than if the MacBook were on the desk. So I decided to try the stand and ordered it on the same day.

After the package had arrived and the mStand had found its place on the desk, I was faced with the problem that I could only type on the keyboard of the MacBook Pro with difficulty, since it was now on the stand and you can only feel very much on it could type awkward and unergonomic. So I had to do a second one Apple bluetooth keyboard with whom I now always type. The additional wireless mouse - in my case the one Magic Mouse from Apple - I had ordered in advance.

My evaluation and tests of other customers on the MacBook stand mStand

You now know what my workplace looks like, but is the mStand also a sensible purchase? From my point of view a clear “yes”. After only 30 minutes of work at the "new" workplace, I clearly noticed that my head was in a more relaxed position. If you really work several hours a day on a laptop that is lying on the table in front of you, you will certainly get more neck pain from day to day, because the posture with the look down simply leads to tension.

I don't want to be without the mStand from Rain Design and I can only say: The thing is also a real eye-catcher. It is made of solid aluminum and has rubber stoppers in a matching color in a few important places so that the MacBook does not get scratched. The surface of the aluminum fits exactly to the aluminum of the new Retina MacBook (and probably also to the other variants) and does not damage the design of the chic notebook in my opinion. :)

What do other users say about the mStand?

I always like to look at them before buying Customer ratings on Amazon at. And in this case they can hardly be topped. Except for a few incomprehensible outliers, the product received 5 stars. The very good workmanship and the beautiful design are also praised here. Above all, however, many customers point out that they had increasingly struggled with back pain or neck pain before using their laptop with this stand. After they put their laptop on the m stand, the situation has improved. Of course I also carry the MacBook around and work here and there without the mStand, but most of the time I sit in the office and you really should pay attention to ergonomic work.

It is also mentioned that although other laptop stands are cheaper, these often have the weakness that the MacBook is quite insecure on them. With the mStand, with the rubberized feet and the rubberized support, slipping is no longer possible. The MacBook is stable and secure here.

Another positive feature is the hole on the back of the mStand. This is intended to put cables through and thus creates a little more order on the table. The keyboard that I use is always under the mStand and when you no longer need it (there are even some after-work hours!), Then you simply slide it completely under the stand.

Where can I buy the Rain Design mStand?

I have the mStand at Shoped at Amazon. When I ordered it, it was available for almost 50 EUR, but maybe there is an offer here and there. Just take a look ...

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