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If the Apple operating system macOS lacks one thing on the Mac, it is comfortable window management. With Swish you get an app on your Mac, iMac or MacBook with which you can manage program windows using trackpad gestures. So if you work with an external or internal trackpad to replace the mouse or to expand its functionality, this is a potent solution. In addition to a free demo version, there is the full version for 5 euros and the option to use the app via the SetApp subscription to be used with dozens of other full versions. I also recommend comparing Magnet and to another Mac window manager.

With the Mac window manager Swish you can use trackpad gestures to arrange, maximize, minimize and manage application windows on different monitors. Image source: highlyopinionated.co
With the Mac window manager Swish you can use trackpad gestures to arrange, maximize, minimize and manage application windows on different monitors. Image source: highlyopinionated.co

Swish App - Trackpad gestures for managing windows in macOS

Especially those of you who have switched from a current Windows version to macOS (or who work in parallel with both systems) are familiar with the attachment functions of the Microsoft operating system. If you drag a window to an edge or corner, it is pinned there in split-screen fashion. With macOS on the Apple computer, this only works if you install an additional app such as Magnet. Take a look at the post linked above. Personally, I can only recommend this inexpensive tool.

However, if you don't want to manage the app window on the Mac screen with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts but want to use the trackpad, you can use Swish. Swish offers 28 gestures with which other functions can be used in addition to simply moving and adjusting windows. You can use it to arrange windows in a 2 × 2, a 2 × 3 or a 3 × 3 grid, use the "pixel-perfect" screen space and even do all of this in dark mode. Multi-monitor setups are automatically recognized and the functionality adjusted. The extensive but clearly arranged settings allow individual adjustments.

Swish Download as free demo, purchase or SetApp content

You can download the app to try it out and buy the Swish app for 5 euros on the official website for the app. However, if you (like me) SetAppsubscription, which contains dozens of large and small Mac apps in the full version, you can also use Swish from the same. Swish is one of the newer apps in the Productivity section of the software suite, which is growing all the time. Other categories of the full versions, which are available for a fixed price starting at $8,99 per month, are Creativity, Lifestyle, Developer Tools, Maintenance, Education, Mac Hacks, etc. With this link you can see all the details of the offer and get a 7-day trial version.

Which Mac window manager is right for you?

In the introduction you will find a linked article in which I introduce you to various window managers. Some are aimed at mouse fans, others at keyboard fans. Still others are made specifically for developers. One or two of the tools are also designed to be used with the mouse, keyboard and trackpad alike. Which tool for adjusting and arranging app windows do you like the most or which one can you recommend from your own experience? Feel free to leave a comment with your tip - also and especially of course if you can say something about the Swish app;)

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