Switch off your iPhone without touching it – with a key combination

Switch off iPhone without touch with key combination

There are cases in which you can no longer switch off your iPhone via the touch display. Be it because the display was damaged by a fall or because a software problem prevents operation. In these cases, you have to switch off the iPhone using a key combination. To do this, use the following buttons – as long as they are available on the corresponding iPhone model:

  • Home button: bottom center on the front
  • Volume up button: on the top left of the frame
  • Volume down button: on the bottom left of the frame
  • Stand-by button: on the top right of the frame or on old models on the right of the top frame

So that you have precise instructions on how it works with the different iPhone models, I have put together the corresponding key combinations here.

Here you can see where the various buttons are placed on a current iPhone model (Photo: Isaac Martin on UnsplashIsaac Martin/Unsplash).
Here you can see where the various buttons are placed on a current iPhone model. The models with Notch and Face ID come without the home button (Photo: Isaac Martin/Unsplash).

Turn off iPhone X, iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 8

If you're not sure what model you own, but you have an iPhone that unlocks with Face ID, then there's a good chance you have a model that includes the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or newer is. In this case, switching off using the buttons works as follows:

  1. Briefly press the volume up button (top left).
  2. Briefly press the volume down button (bottom left).
  3. Press and hold the standby button (right).

Turn off iPhone 7

If you have an iPhone 7, the following way works:

  1. Press and hold the lower left button (volume down button) and the right side button for a long time
  2. Release the keys when the white Apple logo appears

Turn off older models like iPhone 6S and iPhone SE 1

For all older models, such as the iPhone SE 1 and the iPhone 6S and those built before that, these instructions apply:

  1. Press and hold the home button and standby button at the same time
  2. Release when the white Apple logo appears

Questions about turning off without touch?

If you don't get any further with the instructions, please leave me a comment. I try to help and in most cases I find a solution to the problem together with the readers.

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4 Responses to “Turn off iPhone without touch – via key combination”

  1. Hello, I deleted two apps from iphone and iphone is now blocked at the logo since yesterday and won't boot anymore. The key combination (volume up, down, right button...) didn't help either.
    Anything else I can try?
    Thank you Cyrus

  2. Iphone with green vertical stripes after a fall.
    PIN cannot be entered.
    Will the data be lost if I turn off the phone?
    Unfortunately I can't connect it to I-Tunes

    1. If you turn it off, no data is usually lost. But you would have to repair the display so that you can enter the PIN again to get the data. I don't see any other way.

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