Cordless vacuum cleaners

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26 April 2022

Redkey F10 - Flexible cordless vacuum cleaner with 23.000 Pa (sponsor)

The Redkey F10 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide range of accessories for various uses. In addition to the large brush for the floor, which is equipped with a light for use under the furniture, […]
1 April 2022
Redroad V17 in the test report

Redroad V17 cordless hand vacuum cleaner in the test

A few weeks ago I received the Redroad V17 from the manufacturer for testing. In principle, this device is a battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner that can be used if you need to […]
23 March 2022

Redroad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner: Cheaper for a short time with battery cashback

Until March 27.03.2022th, 17 you can get the Redroad V15 cordless vacuum cleaner for 30 euros below the RRP, you also get XNUMX euros cashback when you buy an additional battery and you get a Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi for free. If you have a […]
16 March 2022

Redkey W12 - Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with battery operation (sponsor)

With a total weight of only 3,8 kg and a combined suction and wiping function, the Redkey W12 cordless vacuum cleaner wants to impress: vacuuming, damp wiping and drying the floor in one operation. The individual functions can be conveniently […]
11 January 2022
ILife Easine W100 cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the test

Easine W100 - cordless cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the test

The Easine W100 is in a device category that I didn't know before. It's basically a vacuum cleaner with the dust container and motor on the handle. However, he works perfectly […]
4 November 2021

Dreame V12 Pro - Cordless vacuum cleaner with € 35 discount on AliExpress

The Dreame V12 Pro is a cordless vacuum cleaner with an extra-powerful motor and various attachments that helps to clean floors, carpets and textiles. The battery with a nominal capacity of 2.700 mAh should have a running time of up to [...]
1 October 2021
Suction power Suction power Pa kPa AW Air Watt

What do the suction force values ​​Pa, kPa or AW mean for vacuum cleaners?

I often write test reports on vacuum robots, cordless vacuum cleaners or normal mains-operated cylinder vacuum cleaners. In this context, I usually also study the technical data of the vacuum cleaner and keep stumbling across the manufacturer's information on the [...]