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1 September 2022

Without mouse and trackpad: Use the dock with the keyboard

Linked apps and open program windows can be selected via the macOS dock. In addition, the Launchpad and the Trash can be opened via the Mac dock. But what if the mouse doesn’t work or […]
15 August 2022

Without a mouse and trackpad: Use the Mac menu and menu bar with the keyboard

The menu bar provides access to information and settings for the Mac, can use menus in the active app window and also switch off, restart or put the Apple computer to sleep. But what if the mouse doesn’t […]
1 January 2021

Mac keyboard shortcuts: Close all windows in a program at once

You probably know the Mac key combination to close an app window (cmd + W). And you probably end programs with a shortcut (cmd + Q). But what if you have all the windows of a program at once [...]
23 November 2020

Enter pointed and square brackets using the Mac keyboard

Entering various special characters on the Apple Mac under macOS is not that easy. Because, unlike on Windows keyboards, not all of them are drawn on the Apple keyboard. Using a Windows keyboard on a Mac also helps [...]
5 June 2020
Change brush size in Photoshop with keyboard shortcut

Change Photoshop brush size and hardness with mouse and keyboard shortcut

I'm not sure how long I've been using the right mouse button and the Tools options menu in Photoshop to adjust the size of the brushes, but it must be years. In […]
18 May 2020
Repair Photos Library on Mac

Repair Photos app library on Mac

At first I found the switch from iPhoto to the Photos app on the Mac to be relatively bumpy. Many sorting options and my old structure of the photo albums have been lost, but meanwhile Apple has improved over the years and meanwhile [...]
11 May 2020

ShortcutDetective - which app uses which key combination on the Mac?

If you like to use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, but also like to use apps and tools with appropriate access, the workflow can sometimes come to a standstill. The small tool ShortcutDetective finds out which software [...]
11 February 2020

When the Mac restarts: Restore keyboard shortcuts

On the Apple Mac, there are various key combinations which, when held down, execute a specific command when the system starts. For example, a shortcut can be used to enter recovery mode when booting. Another example brings a [...]
20 November 2019

Mac tip: Drag and drop high resolution photos from the Photos app

A reader recently drew my attention to the fact that his Mac compressed images that were dragged onto his desk from the Photos app. I myself noticed pictures that were outputted too small when I [...]
30 August 2019

Enter Unicode characters on macOS

Under Microsoft Windows, Unicode characters can simply be entered using Alt + character combination, under Apple macOS this is more difficult. If you want to activate the Unicode Hex input on the Mac, then you've come to the right place. In the following you will find a [...]